While Huascar Lopez missed his end-of-year deadline to catch up on withdrawals, CashFX Group is now fully caught up on all pending requests.

Unfortunately this probably isn’t what investors had in mind.

In a communication sent out to affiliates sometime over the past 24 hours, CashFX Group advised it was “going to cancel any multiple withdrawal requests”.

Seeing as CashFX Group has unpaid withdrawal requests dating back to October, there’s a good chance every affiliate owed money has put in multiple requests.

Once their pending requests are wiped, affiliates have been instructed to submit one withdrawal request.

Rather than admit this is yet another tactic to buy time, CashFX Group claims it deleted withdrawal requests because of processor issues.

Surely three months and counting is enough to pay some withdrawal requests out.

Or did Huascar and the gang blow so much in the months leading up to Christmas there’s again nothing left?

Pending CashFX Group’s next withdrawal delay excuse (3.5 months and counting), stay tuned…