Carnelian12 has collapsed.

Investors in the Ponzi scheme are claiming non-payment of withdrawals since late May.

Carnelian12 acknowledged initial withdrawal delays on May 28th. Affiliates also soon learned that if they had an open withdrawal request, they were blocked from initiating new requests.


Carnelian12 initially waved away investor concern with “security measures” brought on by “rapid expansion”.

Some of you may have already noticed a movement within the online investment industry with a few big actors delivering various statements and reporting payout delays explanations or other technical issues.

The way most of these platforms support their fiscal infrastructure is by cooperating with licensed payment gate merchants that will require KYC, trading reports, local licenses, or other proofs of their business activity. Not to mention that there are only a few partners that can sustain a high volume of daily operations.

If any sizable platform goes beyond a certain number of users with a total value transacted over $1M daily, they must follow a list of company verification procedures, unless they want to get their funds put on hold by the merchant itself, which can happen any time and will place any platform in a bad position.

We’ve been accepting well over $1M daily with absolutely zero KYC for our users and we want to keep it this way.

Last Friday we had to perform two essential steps. The first one is to review all payouts manually and restore all compromised 2FA or access shared directly to copycats.

The second is to deploy a contract with this new partner to avoid hitting a ceiling with transactions at the crucial development phase. We have now achieved a stable bandwidth of $10M+ daily.

Despite sounding like they’d rectified the fictional excuse they’d come up with, Carnelian12 withdrawals remained stuck in “in work” limbo.

This prompted a second update from Carnelian12 on June 2nd;

As it depends on the blockchain network speed itself, the “In Work” status may stay for up to 12 hours after your initial timer is over.

When you see the “In Work” report, simply let it stay for as long as it needs.

Respect the community, and do not go too hard on the client support, do not double request an update.

Avoid sharing your attention to trouble minds or social media terrorists. The System will immediately prosecute blackmailing attempts from bad actors across the web.

On June 5th, Carnelian12 claimed it “cleared up the “in work” queue”. In light of catching up, Carnelian12 claimed withdrawals would resume on Monday, June 12th.

As the June 12th deadline approached, Carnelian12 credited affiliate backoffices with a 12% bonus.

Our team had to deploy all forces to face the scaling, thus we had to hold some operations at a pending status and client support for a brief moment.

We’ve credited a compensational 12% reward to all users with pending payouts, thus C12 community can move forward and finish the vital upgrade on weekends, as we will adjust the system and resume normal operations on Monday.

Monday came and went and Carnelian12 withdrawals remain disabled. There have been no further updates from the company.

It should be noted that throughout Carnelian12’s withdrawal troubles, deposits have remained trouble-free. This is typical in MLM Ponzi scheme exit-scams.

Carnelian12 investors were lured into the Ponzi scheme on the promise of a 12% daily ROI.

Carnelian12 is incorporated through a Hong Kong shell company. The Central Bank of Russia issued also a Carnelian12 pyramid fraud warning in early May.

Between these two details it’s likely Carnelian12 was run by Chinese and/or Russian scammers.

As tracked by SimilarWeb, in May 2023 Carnelian12’s two primary website domains received a combined ~2.1 million visits.

The majority of Carnelian12’s website traffic originated from the US, Brazil, South Africa, Russia and Germany.

Total Carnelian victim numbers and how much they’ve lost remains unknown.