The SEC has tracked BitConnect defendant Craig Grant to a hideout in Jamaica.

In an October 8th request for an amended summons, the SEC reveals Grant’s hideout address:

Interestingly enough this isn’t Grant’s family home, as featured in his YouTube farming videos.

It appears to be a housing estate in the south-west of Spanish Town, about 30 km west of Kingston.

Grant’s family home hideout is believed to be in central Jamaica, somewhere in the mountains around Christiana.

Based on Jacaranda Homes’ marketing, the houses in its development are fairly new. Whether Grant bought the identified property or is just staying there is unclear.

In any event, the court issued the requested modified summons later on October 8th.

The SEC has yet to confirm whether service of the summons has been executed.

Craig Grant’s last YouTube video is dated October 9th, one day after the summons was issued.