The SEC filed suit against top BitConnect promoter Craig Grant back in May.

Rather than defend himself, Grant fled the US for Jamaica.

Grant fleeing the US as a result of the SEC’s filed lawsuit was confirmed in a motion filed by the SEC on August 16th.

The Commission staff believes that shortly after the Commission commenced this action, Grant relocated to Jamaica, at an address and for a duration currently unknown.

In their motion the SEC requests an extension of time to serve Grant.

In support of their motion, the SEC states;

The Commission filed its Complaint on May 28, 2021.

On June 1, 2021, Commission staff emailed the Summons and Complaint, and related filings in this proceeding, to two email addresses for Grant, one of which … Grant had previously used to communicate with the Commission staff during the investigation that preceded the filing of the Complaint.

An exhibit accompanying the SEC’s motion shows Grant sharing communication between himself, Treyvon James and UK BitConnect scammer “Roy Murphy”.

The SEC’s motion continues;

Although the Commission received a reply from the other email address claiming it was the wrong address, the Commission received no reply, or delivery error message, from the Grant Email

In addition to emails, the SEC sent Grant summons documents by mail. The documents were delivered and have not been returned to date.

On June 3, 2021, the Commission also engaged a process server to serve Grant at his home address in Kissimmee, Florida.

The process server attempted service on June 4, and was met at the door by a woman who stated that she was Grant’s former girlfriend.

She also told the process server that two days earlier, Grant had gone to California with the FBI, and that Grant was currently in Jamaica.

Seems kind of odd that if Grant was picked up by the FBI, that they’d just let him waltz off to Jamaica.

Whether Grant and his girlfriend Yuliana Avalos have actually broken up is unclear.

Grant continues to upload videos of Avalos working their Florida bounce house business to YouTube:

Avalos can be seen working with employees. Prior to Grant fleeing for Jamaica he and Avalos worked the business together.

The last bounce house video featuring Grant and Avalos working together was uploaded on June 6th, 2021.

On June 9th Grant uploaded a video showing him eating at Sushi2 in San Diego, California.

The next video Craig Grant would appear in was filmed in Jamaica and uploaded on August 2nd.

Since then Grant has uploaded a series of videos detailing renovations to his new living space.

In one video, dated August 10th, Grant films whilst carrying on a conversation with Avalos.

The footage suggests the couple haven’t broken up and are frequently in contact via video call.

I initially thought this might be a case of lying to federal agents, which is illegal. Reading back though it seems Avalos lied to a process server.

Whether the SEC has since questioned Avalos as to Grant’s whereabouts is unclear.

In one video Grant can be seen in his new space, outside of which a Volkswagen sedan is parked bearing the license plate “3446 JX”.

Grant can be seen driving the same vehicle in another video.

On August 19th Grant uploaded a video titled “Tropical Storm in Jamaica – August 19, 2021”.

In the video Grant stands on what I believe is Main Street, Christiana. Christiana is a town in Manchester Parish.

I believe Grant is staying within short driving distance in this area.

Looking forward, the SEC

has recently engaged the services of an independent investigative firm to locate Grant’s Jamaica address, so that the Commission can effect service of him.

To that end the SEC requested a November extension to effect service on Grant.

On August 17th the court granted the SEC’s motion, giving the regulator until November 24th.

In the event the SEC can’t locate Grant and serve him personally, service will be effected via alternative means.


Update 8th December 2021 – Craig Grant has deleted all videos referencing Jamaica from his YouTube channel.

As such I’ve had to remove two previously accessible links to referenced videos in this article.

Grant deleting Jamaica videos follows the news US authorities are likely looking to indict him on BitConnect related fraud charges.