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FBI seeking out BitConnect victims

Lost money in BitConnect? Want to get back at Glenn Arcaro, Craig Grant, Trevon James, Crypto Nick, Ryan Hildreth and the rest of the BitConnect gang? Now’s your chance…

Court freezes Australian BitConnect scammer’s assets

An Australian court has frozen BitConnect Director John Bigatton’s assets. Bigatton is also prohibited from fleeing the country.

BitConnect scammers impersonate Texas Securities Board

Last month the Texas Securities Board published its Annual Enforcement Report. Following its publication, scammers have been using the report to reach out and target BitConnect victims.

Craig Grant hauled before Middle District Attorney’s Office of Florida?

A November 16th post on Craig Grant’s Steemit account suggests he’s been hauled before the Middle District Attorney’s Office of Florida.

62 BitConnect facts from Craig Grant’s Glenn Arcaro data dump

Following on from our coverage two days ago of Craig Grant’s phonecall from the SEC, he’s since made some of evidence he provided to the SEC public. In two separate videos Craig Grant has revealed detailed chat logs between himself, Glenn Arcaro and Trevon James. The chat logs are from Facebook messenger and span early 2017 [Continue reading…]

Craig Grant receives BitConnect phone call from SEC

Top BitConnect promoter Craig Grant has confirmed he received a phone call from the SEC on September 26th.

BitConnect securites fraud cease and desist issued in North Dakota

Having evidently taken their sweet time about it, the North Dakota Securities Division issued BitConnect a cease and desist on September 19th.

Trevon James gagged by SEC on BitConnect subpoena appearance

Since his September 14th appearance before the SEC, Trevon James has been awfully quiet on social media. In his first YouTube video since the appearance, James has confirmed the SEC has gagged him from talking publicly about what was discussed.

US authorities seek to recover $5.6B from BitConnect scammers

The leading theory behind BitConnect is that it was run by Indian scammers looking to launder funds, following devaluation of specific banknotes in late 2016. This theory is increasingly looking probable, following a request to Indian authorities by their US counterparts.

Default entered against Trevon James in BitConnect class-action

Despite being served notice of a BitConnect class-action in which he’s a named defendant, Trevon James has failed to file a response. James, whose actual name is Trevon Brown, was initially served notice of the class-action on April 12th. He was then served again after a third amended complaint was filed. As of the date [Continue reading…]