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BitConnect web developer extradited from Abu Dhabi to India

A BitConnect web developer has been deported from Abu Dhabi at the behest of Indian authorities.

FBI sends agents to interrogate arrested Indian BitConnect suspect

Although it feels like US authorities are dragging their feet with respect to BitConnect, reports of India confirm the investigation is still very much active. The latest update we’ve got on the FBI’s BitConnect investigation is that two agents recently interrogated Saitsh Kumbhani.

Another BitConnect promoter arrested in India, 280 BTC & assets seized

Authorities in Surat, Gujurat arrested Rakesh Savani last Friday. Savani is identified as a “Asian region promoter” of BitConnect, the notorious MLM cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme.

Suspected BitConnect owner also behind RegalCoin

RegalCoin launched in late 2017, at the height of the BitConnect lending Ponzi craze. RegalCoin itself was unremarkable. In our September 2017 review, we noted it was just another BitConnect clone. Turns out this was true beyond the business model, following Indian authorities outing Divyesh Darji in connection to RegalCoin.

BitConnect 2.0: A Ponzi for crypto’s most gullible morons

I feel like BitConnect 2.0 isn’t something I should have to even cover, but here we are. Up until its latest repurposing, the BitConnect 2.0 website domain was used to promote fraudulent Tron DAPP Ponzi schemes (Tron3D being the last I believe). On or around May 17th the domain was repurposed with a BitConnect 2.0 [Continue reading…]

BitConnect link in Christchurch mosque terrorist attack

Earlier today a man describing himself as an “ordinary white man” opened fire on two New Zealand mosques. As I write this, forty-nine people are dead. The gunman has been identified as Australian citizen Brenton Tarrant. Not only did Tarrant livestream his attack, he also published a 73 page manifesto before his arrest. In the [Continue reading…]

FBI seeking out BitConnect victims

Lost money in BitConnect? Want to get back at Glenn Arcaro, Craig Grant, Trevon James, Crypto Nick, Ryan Hildreth and the rest of the BitConnect gang? Now’s your chance…

Court freezes Australian BitConnect scammer’s assets

An Australian court has frozen BitConnect Director John Bigatton’s assets. Bigatton is also prohibited from fleeing the country.

BitConnect scammers impersonate Texas Securities Board

Last month the Texas Securities Board published its Annual Enforcement Report. Following its publication, scammers have been using the report to reach out and target BitConnect victims.

Craig Grant hauled before Middle District Attorney’s Office of Florida?

A November 16th post on Craig Grant’s Steemit account suggests he’s been hauled before the Middle District Attorney’s Office of Florida.