A Status Report filed in the BitConnect class-action alleges a number of defendants are hiding from the law.

Following an August 28th order to file a Status Report regarding service, the class plaintiffs did so on September 6th.

In the report it’s revealed service has not been executed on the following defendants:

  • BitConnect AMR Limited f.k.a BitConnect Public Limited;
  • BitConnect Interantional PLC;
  • BitConnect LTD;
  • BitConnect Trading LTD;
  • Nalin Kotadiya;
  • Suresh Gorasiya;
  • Mahendra Chaudhari;
  • Gautam Lathiya;
  • Dhaval Mavani;
  • Piyush Savaliya;
  • Ramdayal Purohit;
  • Ranjeet Saxena;
  • Sandip Balvantrai Naik;
  • Smit Sandiphbhai Naik;
  • Raj Sandiphbai Naik;
  • Satish Kumbhani;
  • Yuris Ptaseteya;
  • Nay Minh a.k.a Mr. Roberts;
  • Le Thi Thannnh Huy a.k.a Ms. Helen;
  • Santoso Wardah a.k.a. Mr. Santoso;
  • Divyesh Darji;
  • Jeson Talingting Bana-ay a.k.k Satao Nakamoto;
  • Jean-Simon Labreche;
  • Calen Powell a.k.a. Crypto Clover;
  • Thomas Allan Atherton;
  • Joshua Jeppesen;
  • Craig Grant; and
  • Nicholas Trovato a.k.a CryptoNick.

With respect to difficulty executing service on foreign defendants, the class-representative plaintiffs allege

many of the foreign defendants have fled their home countries to escape international and regional criminal authorities.

In light of the foregoing, Plaintiffs have had difficulties identifying current physical addresses that could be used to successfully effectuate service for such defendants.

Accordingly, Plaintiffs intend to file a motion for leave to effect alternative service on such defendants.

Plaintiffs anticipate seeking leave of Court to effectuate such service shortly after submitting their Second Amended Consolidated Class Action Complaint on September 13, 2019.

As to Joshua Jeppesen, Craig Grant and Nicholas Trovata (CryptoNick);

While each of these individuals is believed to be domiciled in the United States, Plaintiffs — despite diligent efforts, searches of multiple public records databases, and attempts to serve process at publicly-listed residences — have been unable to effectuate service and/or locate such defendants to date.

These defendants, much like the foreign defendants referenced above, are believed to have fled their homes to escape criminal prosecution.

Plaintiffs anticipate reissuing new summonses for JEPPESEN, GRANT and CRYPTONICK in connection with the filing of their forthcoming Second Amended Consolidated Class Action Complaint.

I don’t anticipate much in the way of news from the September 13th filing itself, but we’ll continue to monitor the case for updates.


Update 22nd September 2019 – Second amended complaint was filed on September 13th.

Named individual defendants are Glenn Arcaro, Jeson Talingting Bana-ay, Trevon Brown, Mahendra Chaudhari, Divyesh Darji, John Doe No. 1, John Doe Nos. 2-10, Suresh Gorasiya, Craig Grant, Ryan Hildreth, Le Thi Thannh Huy, Joshua Jeppesen, Nalin Kotadiya, Satish Kumbhani, Jean-Simon Labreche, Gautam Lathiya, Ryan Maasen, Dhaval Mavani, Nay Minh, Raj Sandipobhai Naik, Sandip Balvantrai Naik, Smit Sandiphbhai Naik, Calen Powell, Yuris Praseteya, Ramdayal Purohit, Piyush Savaliya, Ranjeet Saxena, Nicholas Trovato, Santoso Wardah and Tanner Fox.