I feel like BitConnect 2.0 isn’t something I should have to even cover, but here we are.

Up until its latest repurposing, the BitConnect 2.0 website domain was used to promote fraudulent Tron DAPP Ponzi schemes (Tron3D being the last I believe).

On or around May 17th the domain was repurposed with a BitConnect 2.0 launch timer.

Details of BitConnect 2.0 haven’t been made public but one can safely assume it’s going to be yet another Ponzi.

It’s unlikely those involved in the original BitConnect are behind the reboot, as they’ve either been arrested or are in hiding.

If I had to guess, BitConnect 2.0 is one or more investors who made money in the original scam.

A Tweet feed on the BitConnect 2.0 website states “Bitconnect2.0 meets #ethereum”. This suggests the coin itself might be a low-effort ERC-20 shitcoin.

Perusal of the BitConnect 2.0 website source-code reveals the featured BitConnect logo is hosted on CoinSquare.

Whether there’s any link between BitConnect 2.0 and CoinSquare is unclear.

What is clear is that the whole lending Ponzi niche is dead. Not one of the lending scamcoins from the 2017 MLM underbelly fad survived.

A newly launched lending Ponzi in 2019? That’s likely to flop harder than Craig Grant’s self-esteem when he realized he’d have to go back to bounce houses.

At the time of publication Alexa pegs Vietnam as the only significant source of traffic to the BitConnect 2.0 website.

That means either someone in Vietnam is running the scam, or there’s a bunch of people there who learned nothing from the BitConnect collapse.

According to the website timer, BitConnect 2.0 is scheduled to launch on July 1st.


Update 25th May 2019 – It seems BitConnect 2.0 has already been abandoned.

At the time of publication the BitConnect 2.0 website has been replaced with advertising banners.


Update 28th May 2019 – YouTuber “That Martini Guy” has put together convincing evidence outing Jurgen Wolf as the man behind BitConnect 2.0.

Wolf was a BitConnect scammer until 2017, when he was purportedly kicked out of the company.

Wolf’s outing coincides with BitConnect 2.0 being abandoned. Since being outed, Wolf has also deleted all of his social media profiles.


Update 6th May 2024 – That Martini Guy has wiped his YouTube channel. As such the link to the referenced video in the above update has been disabled.