In response to a lawsuit filed against them by WorldVentures, Ariix has come out swinging.

The company has brought to the court’s attention WorldVentures’ pyramid scheme ban in Norway and tax evasion investigations in South Africa, Cyprus, China and Taiwan.

Ariix claims that WorldVentures is currently experiencing a “myriad legal and financial difficulties” and ongoing “serious cash crunch” that has resulted in commissions going unpaid.

All of this has resulted in a “serious business decline” and “global loss of confidence” in the company, which Ariix attributes to WorldVentures’ “own operational failures”.

The WorldVentures Parties’ institutional ineptness has demonstrated the weakness of their owners and management team.

Ultimately, this downward spiral is causing even more WV Representatives and employees to abandon the WorldVentures Parties.

Ariix counterclaim was filed following allegations of unfair competition by WorldVentures.

In a nutshell, WorldVentures alleges MaVie and Ariix benefited from use of their “confidential and proprietary information and trade secrets”.

Ariix points out they

have no contractual relationship with the WorldVentures Parties whatsoever.

They are under no restrictions with respect to recruiting, hiring, or meeting with any of the WorldVentures Parties’ representatives or employees.

The WorldVentures Parties even agree that the ARIIX Parties are free to compete in the travel industry.

As quoted earlier, Ariix feels they’re being inappropriately scapegoated as WorldVentures allegedly implodes.

The WorldVentures Parties have expended hundreds of thousands of dollars to sue the ARIIX Parties and others, claiming that they have tortiously interfered with the WorldVentures Parties’ agreements with the WV Representatives (the “Representative Agreement”).

This, the WorldVentures Parties allege, is because the ARIIX Parties are encouraging WV Representatives to solicit other WV Representatives to leave the WorldVentures Parties and join Defendant Advanced Wellness’s business as representatives.

Notably, the WorldVentures Parties barely mention these Representative Agreements in their Complaint, let alone attach or identify them, or even describe the alleged provisions with which the ARIIX Parties are allegedly interfering.

As part of their lawsuit, WorldVentures had sought an injunction against Ariix.

Based, in part, on WorldVentures having ‘no knowledge or evidence that the ARIIX Parties had actually engaged in any wrongdoing‘, the injunction was denied.

To the meat of their counterclaim, Ariix alleges that WorldVentures’ affiliate policies and procedures  (which forms the basis of their lawsuit) is ‘unreasonable, ambiguous, invalid, and unenforceable under’ Texas law.

To that end Ariix are countersuing WorldVentures for violations of Texas Business & Commerce Code.

Ariix have also asked for

  • declaratory judgment that, as per Texas law, WorldVentures’ affiliate policies and procedures are unenforceable;
  • WorldVentures’ claims against them be dismissed with prejudice; and
  • judgment for damages and legal costs.

Stay tuned…