and3-matrix-logoWith the recruitment driven matrix + useless products MLM model all but tired and busted, it seems admins that launch these scams are doing less and less to try to make them legit.

Still, there’s usually some small effort to at least try to convince people that recruiting members to earn commissions is not dodgy. But then every so often an opportunity comes along where the admin doesn’t even bother.

Read on for a full review of the And3-Matrix MLM opportunity.

The Company

There is no information on the And3-Matrix website about who is running or owns the company.

The domain registration for however lists a registrant as hosting company ‘’, operating out of Telsiai in Lithuania.

The And3-Matrix Product Line

And3-Matrix has no retail product offering so members instead have to market membership and the income opportunity membership provides instead.

Products are attached to the purchase of membership to And3-Matrix but not surprisingly, the company doesn’t go into specifics:

Get $100.00’s Worth Items

You will get these Items absolutely free instantly when you join.

The usual deal with these sorts of offers is a bunch of Private Label Rights material or useless ebooks sourced cheaply.

The And3-Matrix Compensation Plan

The And3-Matrix compensation plan revolves around a 9×5 matrix. With you at the top of this matrix 5 legs branch out forming your level 1. Each of these nine legs then branches out into another nine legs (level 2) and so on and so forth down five levels for a total of 66,429 members positions.

As you recruit new members into And3-Matrix, the company will pay you a monthly commission on each member, depending on where that member sits on your matrix:

  • Level 1 – 30 cents a member (9 members, $2.70 total)
  • Level 2 – 20 cents a member (81 members, $16.20 total)
  • Level 3 – 15 cents a member (729 members, $109.35 total)
  • Level 4 – 15 cents a member (6,561 members, $984.15 total)
  • Level 5 – 30 cents a member (59,049 members, $17,714.70 total)

Joining And3-Matrix

Joining And3-Matrix requires a one time membership fee payment of $2. There is mention of the upgrade to ‘gold membership’ for an extra 40 cents, but the company does not explain what the difference between gold membership is.

With such a low joining fee I imagine it’s not much.


The core premise of And3-Matrix can be found on the company’s website itself:

You will receive payment for each person who signs up below you. Just introduce your few friends to us and earn money when they join our team.

Or in layman’s terms, just another recruitment dependent scam waiting to go belly up.

A quick look at the sourcecode reveals that the And3-Matrix website is powered by something called the ‘FDS Matrix’. I don’t know much about this FDS Matrix backend software but some guy was selling FDS Matrix with a “lifetime license” in late 2011 for as little as $20 a pop.

If I didn’t know any better, I’d guess Simkevicius purchased one of these licenses, slapped together a website with some products nobody cares about and figured he’d try his luck running his own low-cost entry recruitment scam.

Folks, you’re probably going to want to avoid And3-Matrix at all costs (no pun intended).