Altera Global has been labelled a “suspected scam” by New Zealand’s FInancial Markets Authority.

As per the FMA’s January 26th alert;

We recommend caution when dealing with Altera Global Limited.

Altera Global is offering financial products and services but isn’t registered on the Financial Service Providers Register.

Altera Global is a Boris CEO Ponzi scheme that represents it is based out of New Zealand.

By failing to register its securities offering with the FMA, Altera Global would be operating illegally in New Zealand.

The FMA goes on to confirm that, in fact, Altera Global has no physical ties to New Zealand.

Altera Global also claims to be located at the Vero Centre, 48 Shortland Street, Auckland; however, we have had confirmation that no entity of that name has ever operated from that address.

Like most Boris CEO Ponzi schemes, Altera Global is suspected of being run by Russian scammers.