Within an hour or so of our NRGY smart-contract Ponzi review going live, Duane Noble showed up in the comments below to aggressively defend it.

This seemed kind of odd, as Duane seemed to take NRGY being correctly identified as a Ponzi scheme personally.

Anyway, courtesy of Chris Hawk Jones, mystery solved.

In a recent NRGY promotional video hosted by serial Ponzi promoter Vitaliy Dubinin, Jones revealed;

[7:10] I was working with my business partner, who’s on here right now, Duane (Noble).

And we were working on another project. We were working on, uh, a really cool trading platform that allows people to trade using simulated funds.

And we started building there, and that’s how I met Alan.

The company Jones is referring to is Brank. Based on Jones’ comments it appears Brank may have been abandoned.

“Alan” refers to Alan Friedland (right) who, along with Jones, was credited by one Brank affiliate as a company “partner”.

[7:28] And Alan is, I call him the rocket scientist behind NRGY, behind this coin, behind this financial platform that you’re gonna learn about.

[7:38] This was Alan’s brainchild and Duane (Noble) was piggy-backing with that and working with him real close.

So I started to enter the picture and here we are today.

So there you have it. NRGY is owned by Alan Friedland and is a spinoff from some of the team behind Brank (could be all of them, hasn’t been disclosed).

Alan Friedland is based out of Florida in the US. Neither Friedland, his company  or NRGY is registered with the SEC.

And if you’re wondering why the need for secrecy, Friendland has a history with US regulators.

In April 2020 the CFTC sued Friedland for running Fintech Investment Group and Compcoin.

As alleged by the CFTC, Friedland launched compcoin and attached it to a trading bot opportunity.

Naturally the trading bot, named “ART”, didn’t exist.

Instead of gaining access to ART’s high success rate at predicting USD/EUR forex trades and high rate of return from the trades as promised, purchasers of Compcoin were left with a valueless asset.

Indeed, Compcoin was eventually delisted by all digital asset exchanges and is now worthless.

With that in mind, have a read of how Duane Noble describes the first planned NRGY app;

[21:20] Our first app is coming out, it’s an algorithm that connects to people’s TD Ameritrade account and it trades stocks automatically.

[22:14] It’s gonna be called TradeGenie.

NRGY and TradeGenie sounds an awful lot like Compcoin and ART no?

Through Fintech Investment Group and Compcoin, Friedland stands accused of stealing $1.6 million from investors.

The CFTC’s case against Friedland is ongoing, with a trial tentatively scheduled for November 1st, 2021.

And no Duane, we won’t be removing this article either.


Update 16th March 2021 – Pursuant to the revelation Alan Friedland is behind NRGY, BehindMLM has examined his CFTC fraud case.

It’s worth a read for anyone looking to invest in the NRGY smart-contract Ponzi.