Things are getting desperate over at 30 Day Success Formula. Since our review just shy of three weeks ago, the company has introduced a new $27,500 gifting tier.

30 Day Success Formula affiliates have also been banned from making those cringey “cash in the mail” videos.

No matter how you cut it though, 30 Day Success Formula is still an illegal cash gifting scheme.

When recruitment stalls in a gifting scheme, payments stop. And so you have the 30 Day Success Formula admins adding a higher tier.


They collect 33% of all funds deposited in. By introducing a higher tier they milk existing affiliates with the lure of $10,000 and $5000 gifting payments.

That’s over the previous $6000 and $1500 gifting tier caps.

A new 30 Day Success Formula capture page identifies Simon Petrowski as “co-owner and Director” of the company.

Petrowski claims to have

no special education, no special skills or special business background.

I’ve worked many odd jobs in my life (bartender, janitor, retail clerk) for many many, many years.

20 years ago I decided to try direct mail. It was great and very lucrative. After years of searching-I finally found something that worked!

Over the past 5 years, the offline direct mail industry has turned to trash though.

I saw a need for a solid, easy to understand program selling real products, and run in an ethical way. So I created the 30 Day Success Formula.

Is Petrowski an actual person? No idea. Beyond that crafted bio Petrowski doesn’t have a digital footprint.

What we do know is UPS might be cracking down on illegal 30 Day Success Formula payments, prompting Petrowski to switch stores.

The address in Box #1 will no longer be 2310 S. Green Bay Road in Racine. It will be:

6508 S 27TH STREET
SUITE 9-166

If UPS are indeed wising up to the scam, hopefully the new admin address gets shut down promptly too.

Other than that it appears to be the end game for 30 Day Success Formula. The money has been made by the admin and top recruiters. All that’s left is convincing those that have been scammed to keep quiet by continuing to dangle the income potential carrot.

You will be the envy of your neighbours. They’ll wonder how you and your family can afford such beautiful possessions and regular exotic holidays, even though you never seem to work.

They’ll wonder why you always look so refreshed, energized and bursting with energy.

Your former co-workers will want to know your secret, too.

They’ll be curious. They’ll be jealous. Who knows, some may even be upset with you.

Why? Because they’re still stuck in a job they hate, while YOU are doing something you love, enjoying a life of reward and deeper fulfillment.

And once they find out you’re making money scamming people through an illegal gifting scheme, hopefully they report you to the authorities too.