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Devide Review: Profit points Ponzi hiding behind brand marketing

Devide provides no information on their website about who owns or runs the business. The Devide website domain (“”) was first registered in 2011. The domain registration was last updated in May, 2018. This is probably around the time the current owners took possession of it. Further research into Devide reveals a since-deleted “Word From [Continue reading…]

Countdown4Freedom Review: What is going on with Holton Buggs?

Countdown4Freedom fails to provide any information on who owns or runs the business on its website. The only clue is a quote from Holton Buggs at the footer of an email capture page, accessed if a visitor to the site clicks a button. Further research reveals Buggs credited as founder (and presumably owner/co-owner) of Countdown4Freedom. [Continue reading…]

4Life Review: Preferred customers = affiliates?

4Life operate in the nutritional supplement MLM niche. The company launched in 1998 and is based out of Utah in the US. Heading up 4Life are husband and wife co-founders, David and Bianca Lisonbee. Danny Lee serves as 4Life’s CEO and President. Way back in 1985 David Lisonbee co-founded Nature’s Labs, which was later renamed [Continue reading…]

iClub Biz Review 2.0: ICB Trader white label unregistered securities

Back when BehindMLM reviewed iClub Biz in 2013, the company combined membership recruitment with travel and nutritional supplements. Six years on and iClub Biz’s website traffic is dead, suggesting there’s not that much going on. Nonetheless I was approached for a review update by a reader, owing to some new trading product iClub Biz is [Continue reading…]

Impact101 Review: Eight-tier Ponzi “donations” cycler

Impact101 bills itself as ‘a totally new initiative of QRGL Marketing Inc.‘ The company is a global leader in the IT space with a worldwide team, worldwide servers and long-serving relationships with other key international IT companies. Frank Servedio, and Hans Looman, have been successfully combining their respective skills since they started QRGL Marketing Inc. [Continue reading…]

Neora Review: Nerium rebrands with new product formulas

In early January Nerium announced it would be rebranding itself as Neora. The announcement was certainly strange, considering Nerium is an established brand with a seven-year history. For their part, Nerium claims it rebranded because it is no longer focused on an ingredient in its flagship product. When Nerium International launched in 2011, the company [Continue reading…]

StreamReward Review: Three-tier adcredit Ponzi scheme

StreamReward operates in the advertising MLM niche. The company provides a corporate address in the UK on its website, however further research reveals this to be shared office space. None of the executives presented on the StreamReward website have any digital footprints. Additionally the photos used to represent the executives are poorly cropped and placed [Continue reading…]

Virtual Currency International Review: PS4 consoles = $1.3 mill ROI?

Virtual Currency International operate in the cryptocurrency MLM niche. The company is headed up by founders Eugen Rosenmeier and Vladimir Galabov. Prior to founding Virtual Currency International, both Rosenmeier and Galabov were promoting cryptocurrency scams. Up until mid last year, Eugen Rosenmeier (aka Eugen Krause) was promoting CryptoGold. CryptoGold affiliates invested up to $3500 in [Continue reading…]

LurraLife Review: O2 Worldwide rebooted with additional supplements

LurraLife launched last month and operates in the nutritional supplement MLM niche. The company was founded by Dan Putnam and operates out of Utah in the US. Last we heard Putnam was busy running Eyeline Trading. Although maybe he’s moved on, following Eyeline Trading’s collapse a few weeks ago. Prior to Eyeline Trading last year, [Continue reading…]

LifeVantage Review 2.0: Pseudo-compliance masks lack of retail focus

About a month ago a reader informed me that our LifeVantage review was out of date. BehindMLM reviewed LifeVantage in late 2015. Primary concerns raised in the review were a lack of retail focus and mandatory affiliate autoship. Upon reading our review, the reader claimed I needed “to update your information as there have been [Continue reading…]