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Attiora Review: Boris CEO Ponzi with ATRC token exit-scam

Attiora provides no credible company ownership or executive information on its website. Supposedly Attiora is headed by founder and CEO “Josef Moravec”: Moravec has an English accent. He doesn’t exist outside of Attiora marketing, making him a prime Boris CEO candidate. Attiora represents they are based out of Sydney, Australia. To that end Attiora marketing [Continue reading…]

Our Gas Club Review: Troy Mason still at it with gas pyramids

Our Gas Club’s website doesn’t directly provide company ownership or executive information. For that you have to specifically visit the “webinars” section, wherein it is disclosed Troy Mason is President and CEO of the company. BehindMLM first came across Mason back in 2013 with Gas Club of America. Gas Club of America was a simple [Continue reading…]

GoArbit execs flee to Dubai, GoFintech Group reboot

GoArbit founder Maximo Martinez has fled to Dubai. The Ponzi schemes relocation to the MLM scam capital of the world, coincides with GoFintech rebranding and GoToken.

LoveWinx Review: How’s your “tush play” going?

LoveWinx was founded in California in 2014. The company operates in the intimacy MLM niche. LoveWinx provides extremely limited corporate information on its website. Jaime Lamp is identified as LoveWinx’s President. Instead of providing a corporate bio however, LoveWinx attributes Lamp with a generic corporatey statement: There is a distinct lack of information pertaining to [Continue reading…]

Qtrade Review: Vanilla trading platform shrouded in secrecy

Qtrade fails to provide corporate ownership and executive information on its website. In an attempt to appear legitimate, Qtrade represents it is incorporated as Qtrade Limited in St. Vincent & the Grenadines. St. Vincent & the Grenadines is a dodgy jurisdiction in the Caribbean. MLM companies typically incorporate in dodgy jurisdictions to avoid regulators. Any [Continue reading…]

Gauss Global Review: Dubai Boris CEO Ponzi with GaussCoin

Gauss Global operates in the MLM cryptocurrency niche. The company claims to be a “Dubai-based company”. Dubai is the MLM scam capital of the world. Through limited extradition treaties and non-regulation of MLM related fraud, Dubai provides scammers a safe-haven. Any MLM company representing it is based out of Dubai immediately raises red flags. Heading [Continue reading…]

RockRaise Review: When one Boris CEO isn’t enough…

RockRaise provides no verifiable ownership or executive information on its website. In an attempt to appear legitimate, RockRaise provides a random “company registration number” on its website for “RockRaise SIA”. Under this RockRaise’s “General Manager” Axel Steen is listed. Steen is featured in RockRaise’s marketing material but doesn’t appear to exist outside of the company. [Continue reading…]

iKapitol Review: 5% to 15% a month bitcoin Ponzi scheme

iKapitol provides no ownership or executive information on its website. iKapitol’s website domain was privately registered on November 29th, 2021. In its marketing material, iKapitol claims to be “backed by Beat Markets incorporated in Spain”. Beat Markets is represented to be a company with finance experience, “with a presence in Europe and Latin America”. Does [Continue reading…]

Avazoo Review: Bogus billion dollar raffle pyramid scheme

Avazoo operates in the gambling MLM niche. The company is headed up by Chairman Hans Reinisch. Avazoo is proud to be led by Dr. Hans Reinisch, Avazoo’s Chairman of The Board. Dr. Reinisch has a proven track record of over 25 years, holding CEO positions worldwide in Europe, Australia, The Caribbean and the United States. In [Continue reading…]

EON Review: George Goodman’s “The Time Network” Ponzi

EON operates in the MLM cryptocurrency niche. The company is headed up by George Goodman. Goodman made his MLM debut in 2020 as President and CEO of Xifra. Xifra is a Ponzi scheme that markets 200% returns on investments of up to $100,000. Other than appear in a few promo videos, Goodman didn’t do much [Continue reading…]