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OneCoin scam warning issued in New Zealand

New Zealand’s Financial Markets Authority is claiming OneCoin has “the characteristics of a scam”. The FMA issued a consumer warning against OneCoin following information received regarding

OneCoin tells Norway it has no information on local affiliates

One of the recurring themes in OneCoin circles is a lack of transparency. What’s left of the company rarely communicates with what’s left of its affiliate investor-base. And when announcements are made, they inevitably lead to more questions, most of which go unanswered. The good news is it’s not just affiliate investors being kept in [Continue reading…]

OneCoin’s Sebastian Greenwood arrested, extradited to US

The regulatory noose around Ruja Ignatova’s neck has tightened even further, following the arrest of Sebastian Greenwood. We all seem to have slept on the news, which was reported in a throwaway paragraph by the Bangkok Post on November 5th.

OneCoin scammer fined another 1800 EUR in Germany

A resident of the town of Meissen has been ordered to compensate victims he lured into the OneCoin Ponzi scheme. This is the second civil case the man has lost, on top of a criminal case filed by Bielefeld Prosecutors.

OneCoin & Orientum legality warning issued in Thailand

Thailand’s SEC has issued an investor warning against OneCoin and Orientum. No digital asset issuer is permitted. No one has filed an application for a license and (details of their business) model with the SEC, so (we are) warn(ing) investors to be cautious. According to the regulator neither company has registered to offer securities in Thailand, [Continue reading…]

Ruja Ignatova a suspect in ongoing German OneCoin investigation

Despite all sorts of nonsensical reports coming out of the OneCoin affiliate-base, the German criminal investigation into OneCoin is still very much active.

OneCoin convinces German court to release €3 mill in stolen funds

In what will probably be looked back on as a judicial mistake, OneCoin has wrangled €3 million EUR in Ponzi funds from German prosecutors.

“Avoid OneCoin”, urges Prime Minister of Samoa

Samoan Prime Minister Tuilaepa Aiono Sailele Malielegaoi is wary of attempts to promote OneCoin locally. So much so that for a second time he’s personally issued a warning against OneCoin investment.

Mark S. Scott’s $2.5 million OneCoin money laundering bond details

Mark S. Scott, the US-based lawyer who allegedly assisted OneCoin with laundering $400 million in stolen funds, has had his $2.5 million bond signed off on and paid.

OneCoin scammer indicted on $400 million money laundering charge

After seemingly little no progress on the regulatory front for some time, a key OneCoin insider has been indicted on a money laundering charge in the US.