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OneCoin’s nonsensical response to Italian pyramid scheme fine

When Italy’s Antitrust and Consumer Protection Authority (AGCM) banned promotion of OneCoin last year, OneCoin responded with pseudo-compliance nonsense. Not surprisingly, the AGCM took no notice and pressed ahead with their investigation. Eventually declaring OneCoin to be a “deceitful Ponzi scheme”, banning the company outright and last week, slapping it with a €2.5 million euro fine. [Continue reading…]

OneCoin warning issued by the Bank of Mauritius

In what appears to be a response to solicitation of investment into OneCoin across the country, the Bank of Mauritius has issued a public warning.

OneCoin cops 2.5 million euro pyramid scheme fine in Italy

The Italian Antitrust and Consumer Protection Authority has fined OneCoin 2.5 million euro for being a pyramid scheme.

Chris Principe’s motion for entry of default rejected (OneCoin)

Chris Principe’s defamation case against Tim Tayshun continues, with the latest seeing a motion for entry rejected and filed answer to Principe’s complaint. Less than twenty-four hours after the deadline to respond had passed, Chris Principe’s attorney filed for an entry of default with the Court Clerk.

OneCoin whitepaper author regrets getting involved, admits mistake

Remember Marcelo Garcia Casil? He’s the guy OneCoin hired to write a blockchain whitepaper back in May. Given it’d previously been all but confirmed OneCoin didn’t have a blockchain, Casil’s appointment generated significant interest. In the aftermath of the whitepaper announcement, Casil confirmed the work he did had nothing to do with OneCoin’s “existing IT”. This seemed [Continue reading…]

OneCoin sued in Germany, fail to obtain injunction

Hire a law firm to send out some extortion threats, tell your investors and sit back and watch them flood social media with claims websites all over the world are getting sued. Turns out in the real world, a Ponzi scheme wishing to silence reporting of financial fraud is a little more complicated.

OneCoin laundering funds through unregistered charity?

OneCoin’s association with an unregistered charity has caught the attention of the UK’s Charity Commission. According to the Charity Commission, As-Sabur Global is registered with Companies House but not the commission itself.

OneCoin delays public trading, abandons arrested Indian affiliates

When it was announced about a month ago that OneCoin founder Ruja Ignatova would be answering questions on a live webinar, it was assumed that probably wasn’t going to happen as advertised. Yesterday the webinar took place and featured Ignatova, CEO Pierre Arens and top earner Sebastian Greenwood. Frequently glancing at notes, the trio attempted [Continue reading…]

OneCoin issued cease and desist by Austrian FMA

After observing violations the Banking Act (Bankwesengesetz), the Austrian Financial Market Authority has issued OneCoin with a cease and desist. OneCoin stands accused of “carrying out (unauthorized) banking transactions” within Austria.

Ruja Ignatova charged with Ponzi fraud by Indian authorities

Just over a week ago Indian authorities in Mumbai filed a chargesheet against six OneCoin affiliates. The affiliates stand accused of promoting the OneCoin Ponzi scheme in India. To date officers from the Mumbai EOW have arrested twenty-three suspects in connection with the promotion of OneCoin across India. Following up on the original chargesheet filed [Continue reading…]