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BitConnect victim who lost $33,000 takes over Indonesian event

In an attempt to portray BitConnect victims filing lawsuits against the company as “crybaby ass motherfuckers“, top US investor Trevon James claimed investors elsewhere in the world are fine with collectively losing millions of dollars. None of the other countries that were in BitConnect, I don’t hear a peep out of them crying or anything. [Continue reading…]

Bitconnect Florida trial date set, prelim injunction sought in Kentucky

Over the past fortnight two class-action lawsuits have been filed against BitConnect and several top investor promoters. The first class-action, filed in Kentucky, is moving along with surprising speed.

BitConnect defendant claims victims are “crybaby ass motherfuckers”

Following the Florida class-action lawsuit filed against BitConnect and several top promoters, there’s been anticipation regarding how the named defendants will react. One of BitConnect’s former top YouTube promoters, Trevon James, held a livestream earlier today to get “some things off (his) chest”. What followed was almost an hour of denials and a barrage of indefensible [Continue reading…]

Temporary Restraining Order issued in second BitConnect class-action

As the public value of BCC fast approaches zero ($6.10 as I write this), more investors are having to come to terms with being scammed. Last week in Florida we saw the first investor class-action lawsuit filed against BitConnect and several top promoters. Now a second proposed class-action has been filed in Kentucky, and what’s [Continue reading…]

Top US BitConnect investor Glenn Arcaro threatens to sue critic

A week before it collapsed, Glenn Arcaro started scrubbing his social media profiles of any mention of BitConnect. Arcaro also shut down his Future Money website, which was instrumental in promoting BitConnect and recruiting new investors. After doing so Arcaro went into hiding and has not been seen or heard from in public since. He [Continue reading…]

BitConnect class-action lawsuit filed over $771,000 in losses

There’s been talk of a class-action lawsuit for a few days now, with one finally filed in the Southern District of Florida on January 24th. In the fifty-page lawsuit, BitConnect victims Charles Wildes, Fransico Doria, Aric Harols, Akiva Katz, James Gurry and Ronald Nelson seek to recover $771,000 in losses. They hope to do this [Continue reading…]

Top investor insists BitConnect not a Ponzi, discourages BCC selling

Trevon James is one of the top US BitConnect investors. Along with most of the other top US BitConnect investors, James primarily promoted BitConnect through a YouTube channel. At the time of publication James’ channel boasts 137,000 subscribers. Not surprisingly, following BitConnect’s collapse shills like James have been copping a lot of flak. [5:04] I’m [Continue reading…]

$1000 bounty offered for Glenn Arcaro and CryptoNick’s whereabouts

Glenn Arcaro is known primarily throughout the BitConnect investor community as the top US BitConnect investor. CryptoNick was a successful BitConnect investor, who primarily promoted the Ponzi scheme through his YouTube channel. In videos that have since been deleted, CryptoNick boasted of earning hundreds of thousands of dollars in BitConnect referral fees. That’s on top [Continue reading…]

BitConnect admins attempt to discourage investor complaints

In the wake of BitConnect’s collapse, BCC points have plummeted from around $225 to a low of about $5 each. This hasn’t gone unnoticed by the company’s owners, who in a news update today promised BCC to BCCX conversion support and to reopen the internal exchange.

BitConnect Reddit goes private, YouTube shill updates

In what appears to be an attempt to cover their tracks, admins of the popular BitConnect Reddit have set the discussion forum to private. Prior to the decision, discussion on the BitConnect Reddit raised the prospect of admins being held legally accountable for promotion of a Ponzi scheme.