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Preliminary injunction granted against Ryan Maasen (BitConnect)

A preliminary injunction has been granted Ryan Maasen in the filed Kentucky BitConnect class-action lawsuit.

Seventh BitConnect lawsuit filed in California ($110,000 in losses)

A seventh lawsuit has been filed against BitConnect and several of its top promoters. Baltazar Avalos filed his class-action lawsuit on February 22nd in California’s northern district. Named as defendants in the suit are BitConnect, Joshua Jeppesen, Glenn Arcaro, Trevon Brown (aka Trevon James), Ryan Hildreth, Craig Grant, Nicholas Trovato (aka CryptoNick) and Ryan Maasen.

Sixth BitConnect lawsuit filed in Florida

A sixth lawsuit has been filed against BitConnect and its top promoters. Patrick Argiro presents himself as a plaintiff in the February 22nd Florida complaint. In the complaint Argiro alleges BitConnect scammed thousands of Floridians and hundreds of thousands of Americans out of millions and millions of dollars. Named defendants in the suit are BitConnect, [Continue reading…]

TRO denied in broadest BitConnect Florida class-action

In contrast to the granting of a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) against BitConnect in the Kentucky class-action, a Judge has denied essentially the same motion in Florida.

Fifth BitConnect class-action lawsuit filed in Florida

We’re still yet to see anything official from authorities, but in the meantime another BitConnect class-action suit has been filed in Florida.

BitConnect TRO extended till February 27th (Kentucky)

The Temporary Restraining Order previously granted in the BitConnect class-action Kentucky lawsuit, has been extended until February 27th.

BitConnect defendant Ryan Maasen hides behind religion

As one of BitConnect’s top promoters, Ryan Maasen profited handsomely by investing in and convincing others to invest in the BitConnect Ponzi scheme. As I understand it, Maasen boasted about paying off his house and buying a new car as a result of his BitConnect promotional efforts. When BitConnect collapsed, Maasen was one of the [Continue reading…]

TRO sought against BitConnect and YouTube promoter defendants

The widest reaching lawsuit against BitConnect thus far is the first Florida class-action. Filed on January 24th, the initial class-action complaint sought to hold BitConnect, Glenn Arcaro, Nicholas “CryptoNick” Trovato, Ryan Hildreth, Trevon James and Craig Grant liable for $771,000 in BitConnect investor losses. On January 30th an amended complaint was filed, adding Ryan Maasen [Continue reading…]

BitConnect dumped from primary exchange, Davor circles the gurgler

It used to be when a Ponzi collapsed that was the end of it. With cryptocurrency we’ve now got this drawn out period where post-collapse, those scammed desperately either try to offload their plummeting in value points or hold their points in the hope that, for no evident reason, they’ll go back up in value [Continue reading…]

Fourth BitConnect class-action lawsuit filed in Minnesota

The latest litigation filed against BitConnect marks the fourth class-action filed against the company in two weeks. In the latest lawsuit, filed in Minnesota on January 31st, Plaintiff Patricia Mengesha seeks to hold BitConnect International PLC, BitConnect LTD and BitConnect Trading liable for ‘financial losses suffered from an inline investment scam‘.