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BitConnect admins attempt to discourage investor complaints

In the wake of BitConnect’s collapse, BCC points have plummeted from around $225 to a low of about $5 each. This hasn’t gone unnoticed by the company’s owners, who in a news update today promised BCC to BCCX conversion support and to reopen the internal exchange.

BitConnect Reddit goes private, YouTube shill updates

In what appears to be an attempt to cover their tracks, admins of the popular BitConnect Reddit have set the discussion forum to private. Prior to the decision, discussion on the BitConnect Reddit raised the prospect of admins being held legally accountable for promotion of a Ponzi scheme.

The most bizarre Ponzi marketing event you’ll ever see

Following the collapse of BitConnect, a common question on the mind of those who didn’t get sucked in is “how on Earth did this happen?” I’ve been wanting to cover BitConnect’s bizarre October event in the US for some time. I figure now is as good a time as any, and hopefully at the same [Continue reading…]

BitConnect Ponzi scheme collapses, $2.4 billion wiped in 10 days

In what is believed to easily be the largest MLM cryptocurrency Ponzi collapse, earlier today BitConnect announced they were terminating ROI payments.

Top US BitConnect investor Glenn Arcaro vanishes

As US authorities close in on the BitConnect Ponzi scheme, it appears the top US BitConnect affiliate investor has gone into hiding.

BitConnect securities fraud cease and desist issued in North Carolina

With just hours to go before the launch of BitConnectX, the next incarnation of the BitConnect Ponzi scheme, North Carolina has issued an emergency cease and desist against the company.

BitConnect abandon US affiliates, BitConnectX ICO blocked

The next phase of revenue generation for the BitConnectX Ponzi scheme was to launch BitConnectX as an ICO. Making absolutely no sense considering BitConnect already operates the BCC cryptocurrency, BitConnectX is widely seen as a last-ditch cash grab. Gullible affiliates are buying it though, with most investors willing to ignore warning signs and invest anyway.

The Merkle promotes BitConnect despite Texas cease and desist

The Merkle was founded in 2014 and covers ‘the latest crypto, finance, infosec and tech news‘. The Merkle has a dedicated cryptocurrency news section and also includes a variety of educational articles relating to Bitcoin, you can find anything from how to make money with bitcoin to how to create your own cryptocurrency. Learn about scams, [Continue reading…]

Top BitConnect investor instructs circumvention of Texas cease & desist

In addition to everyone in the MLM cryptocurrency niche being crypto experts these days, turns out they’re all legal experts too. Trevon James operates a YouTube channel boasting 129,000 subscribers. Within hours of news of the Texas Securities Board emergency cease and desist to BitConnect going live, James uploaded a video to his channel titled [Continue reading…]

BitConnect securities fraud cease and desist issued in Texas

While the SEC drags its feet, Texas continues to lead the charge against MLM cryptocurrency fraud in the US. The latest from the Texas Securities Board is an emergency cease desist issued against BitConnect.