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BOI employees won’t have to testify at OneCoin trial

As per an agreement reached between the DOJ and Bank of Ireland, several employees will no longer testify at Mark Scott’s OneCoin trial.

BOI employees screw DOJ on OneCoin testimony

One of the objections Mark Scott raised against the DOJ providing witness testimony via CCTV was the timing. Mr. Scott and his counsel cannot take a multiday trip to Ireland (which Mr. Scott too would be entitled to attend) while also preparing for a trial the Government has consistently sought to delay. In an October [Continue reading…]

Vietnamese OneCoin scammer arrested in Thailand

A top Vietnamese OneCoin promoter has been arrested attempting to leave Thailand.

DOJ able to use OneCoin insider attorney communications

On September 25th a court order gave OneCoin insiders the courtesy of asserting communications with their attorneys were privileged. The insiders had ten days to file their assertions. An October 9th order reveals none of them did, meaning the DOJ now has full access to a treasure trove of OneCoin insider communications.

Bank fraud added to Mark Scott’s OneCoin indictment

A superseding indictment has added one count of Conspiracy to Commit Bank Fraud against Mark Scott.

Mark Scott likely to have bank employees testify against him

The DOJ has requested permission to present several witnesses at Mark S. Scott’s trial via CCTV. Attached to the filing is a special agent declaration, which reveals insight into evidence the DOJ will present against Scott.

Why Mark Scott wants post-arrest OneCoin interview suppressed

After his arrest on suspicion of helping OneCoin launder hundreds of millions of dollars, Mark S. Scott sat down with FBI agents for an interview. Scott alleges he was denied an attorney during the interview. He’s subsequently asked the court to suppress anything he said during it as evidence. On September 27th the DOJ clapped [Continue reading…]

US court agrees evidence shows OneCoin money laundering

As bits and pieces of the US DOJ case against OneCoin and its executives are unsealed, we’re getting a clearer picture of where the case is at. In a recent filing concerning potentially privileged information, a previously sealed order has revealed the New York court’s position on the DOJ’s evidence.

DOJ seeks access to potentially privileged OneCoin evidence

Pursuant to a sealed July 23rd order, the DOJ is seeking access to potentially privileged evidence.

London Police drop OneCoin investigation, defer to DOJ

After three years the City of London Police have revealed they’ve dropped their OneCoin investigation. The revelation was made in what appears to be a public request for a case review.