The MLM blogosphere is populated by a handful of individuals who, either directly or indirectly keep regular contact and bring you their respective coverage of the happenings in the MLM industry.

It’s a wide-spread of viewpoints but together I think we do a pretty decent job of covering what needs to be covered. I can’t speak for other MLM blog owners in the niche but I do make the effort to check in with several MLM blogs every few days, mostly to minimise me missing something I might have otherwise, and of course for general research.

It’s always great to want to know something for an article and find another respected MLM blogger has already done the ground work and covered it.

When I do use another blogger’s information, I’m always sure to reference my source which, as is typical in the blogging world, includes a link back to the source material and full acknowledgement.

With the MLM blog niche being relatively small (I’m not talking about marketing blogs, which number in the thousands), I’m happy to say that the authors in it do a pretty good job of crediting eachother.

I even go so far as to nuke comments from readers that use uncredited source material that I’m confident came from another MLM blogger.

With all that in mind, it was disappointing to read a report over at Ted Nuyten’s Business For Home Blog this morning. A report that was mostly just straight up copy and pasted from an article I’d only just recently written here.

The article in question covers the recent closure of GoFunRewards in the US and appears on Business For Home under the title “Go Fun Places Shut Down”.

As I read through it I had a strong sense of dejavu and flipping back over to my own blog confirmed why.

I pretty much wrote what I was reading over at Nuyten’s blog.

Here’s a capture of the GoFunPlaces Shut Down article, as it currently appears on Business For Home:


With some minor editorial changes (the link to Kevin Thompson’s website and starting the article with “As of May 2012”), the exact same copy was published by myself here on BehindMLM a full day earlier.

No acknowledgement of where Ted Nuyten copy and pasted the text in his article is given, with readers given the impression that Nuyten wrote the article himself.

It is noted that back in February 2013 Ted Nuyten signed up as an affiliate for Empower Network:


Perhaps recruiting people into the gifting scheme has taken away more time from his blogging responsibilities than Nuyten anticipated, but that’s no excuse to drop the ball and start copy and pasting other people’s work verbatim.

I don’t mind people using my articles as a reference and whilst there are several autoblogs I’m aware of that scrape my RSS feed and republish it, they at least do link back to the source material.

Business For Home isn’t one of those blogs however, with Nuyten charging readers up to $4.95 a month or a once-off $77 fee for “Inner Circle” subscription access to his blog.

Lift your game Ted and please tell me this was just a once-off editorial mistake. As a fellow MLM blogger you owe me that much, and if not to me then at least to your readers.


Update 4th May 2013 – In a comment published below, Ted writes that it was indeed an editorial mistake that has now been rectified.

No harm no foul.