The Future Trade has received a securities fraud warning from Belgium’s Financial Services & Markets Authority.

As per the FSMA’s September 21st warning;

The Future Trade is not … authorized to offer financial services and products in Belgium.

Moreover, the system proposed by The Future Trade exhibits features characteristic of a pyramid scheme.

For all these reasons, the FSMA strongly advises against responding to any offers made by The Future Trade.

The Future Trade is a Ponzi scheme that launched back in 2020. The first iteration was fronted by American actors, in a marketing video believed to be shot in the US.

The Future Trade is believed to have collapsed in early 2021. It was rebooted around mid 2021 with Russian actors.

At time of publication SimilarWeb ranks Belgium as the third largest source of traffic to The Future Trade’s website (14%).

The top two sources of The Future Trade website traffic are currently Vietnam (58%) and the UAE (17%).