Oman’s Ministry of Commerce has equated MLM to “pyramid marketing”.

As a result of the classification, Oman has issued a directive banning MLM nationwide.

The Ministry of Commerce outlawed MLM in Oman as per the Trade Law, Royal Decree No. 55/90.

As reported by TradeArabia;

Article (1) of the decision refers to network or pyramid marketing as any means by which providers, marketers or promoters of goods or services ask the consumer to select a list of other consumers to lure them into buying the goods or receive the services in exchange for benefits that the first consumer (recruiter) gets, and then build downline pyramids groups or networks with the purpose of accumulating wealth or gathering money from the largest number of subscribers to the network or the pyramid group.

Article (2) of the decision bans the use of any electronic or non-electronic network/pyramid marketing methodology to purchase, sell, exchange, publicise or promote any goods or services.

Article (3) imposes a fine of RO5,000 ($13,000) against any person who violates the provisions of this decision.

The fine will be doubled/multiplied in the event of further violations.

Oman is a a country of just under 5 million, situated on the Arabian Peninsula. It neighbors the UAE and Yemen.

Situated in UAE is Dubai, the MLM scam capital of the world.