Myanmar, a nation in south-east Asia, has banned multilevel marketing completely.

On September 18th the Ministry of Commerce issued notification 46/2018, which prohibits operation and promotion of MLM companies in Myanmar.

Any MLM companies found operating in Myanmar after September 18th risk further action. Individuals running or promoting MLM companies risk a six month to three-year prison sentence and a fine of up to K500,000 ($315 USD).

Speaking to local media, Zayar Swe, Deputy Director of the Consumer Affairs Department, stated;

The department has received many complaints about the MLM. We could do nothing as we received no order to deal with these complaints.

Now the Consumer Affairs Department has been tasked with doing it.

The department will take legal action against MLM when it receives complaints.

Personally I’m not aware of any MLM companies with strong affiliate-bases in Myanmar.

Neighboring Thailand, Cambodia and Malaysia however are hotbeds for MLM cryptocurrency fraud, so perhaps that spurred the MoC into action.

MLM companies are unlikely to have actual business operations in Myanmar, leaving authorities only able to go after local promoters.

It seems the Ministry of Commerce has decided it’s easier to just ban the entire MLM industry.