As a point of policy, BehindMLM’s contact form categorically states anything to do with “reputation management enquiries/demands” and “SEO” will be ignored.

Unfortunately that doesn’t stop shady operators from falsely marketing they can get BehindMLM content removed.

Today we’re covering marketing lies from Mike Munter and Matt Peters.

Earlier today a YouTube video titled “BehindMLM Removal Is Guaranteed In A Couple Weeks” came across my desk.

Seeing as we don’t remove content and this wasn’t an obvious AI robodub scam, I thought I’d take a look.

The video was uploaded to Affordable Reputation Management, a channel owned by Mike Munter.

Munter appears to own a company by the same name:

In the video Munter speaks with Matt Peters, founder of SearchManipulator.

Unknownst to me, apparently Peters “has a guy” who “has an in” with BehindMLM.

So, if you reach out to BehindMLM they won’t publicly say they will remove things. But I think one of our removal guys has an in with them.

We personally don’t but our removal guy we do business with, one of them, he had success with getting it removed.

It took about two weeks to do and twelve months later no issues it stayed off there. True to their word.

Right. So none of that ever happened. And what’s worse, Peters trips up on his lies later in the video.

Munter: And is this a removal or a deindex?

Peters: It’s a deindex.

“De-indexing” refers to search engines removing content from search results.

In the case of BehindMLM, scammers routinely file fraudulent take-down notices in an attempt to suppress consumer awareness.  Another method used is manipulation of search results.

One instance of scammers attempting to suppress BehindMLM’s content was cited in a federal securities fraud lawsuit filed by the SEC.

I can’t speak to Peters’ shady business practices but point is de-indexing happens on a search engine, and most times without any input from site owners. Nothing is removed from the website itself.

Munter also falsely ties BehindMLM’s recently introduced contribution button to content removal.

When you first open up this site … they ask for a donation. Which is odd to me.

Seems like the real source of income is people paying them to remove content.

In the interests of transparency, BehindMLM’s contributions button was fully disclosed as part of our continued coverage of the GSPartners Ponzi scheme (now GSPro).

As I write this there are 9,274 published articles on BehindMLM. I’ve personally written and published all of them, without the assistance of AI (here’s what I think of using AI to generate content).

I can count how many articles I’ve voluntarily removed on one hand, representing, at best, 0.0005% of BehindMLM’s published content.

One example that comes to mind were scammers who sent convincing emails via spoofed corporate addresses (this was about a decade ago).

Another followed lengthy discussion with a reader and, after better understanding Austrian criminal law, I decided it was too difficult to track anonymous defendants. One article was removed in which I incorrectly cited a defendant who was still at large.

Point is these were editorial decisions. And that’s the only reason content has ever been removed from BehindMLM.

Anyone claiming to be able to remove content from BehindMLM is trying to scam you.

I can’t say whether Affordable Reputation Management and SearchManipulator are outright scams. As far as any claims pertaining to removal of BehindMLM content though, it never happened.