Sachin Mohite was an MLM affiliate based out of Mumbai, India.

After recruiting three locals into his MLM venture, who together invested Rs 3.9 million ($58,256 USD), Mohite went missing.

His body was eventually recovered from the Surya river in neighboring Palghar.

The case remained cold, until police received a tip-off about a murder by Satyakumar Panigrahi.

Upon investigating they discovered the victim was Mohite, leading to the arrest of Satyakumar Panigrahi alias Dhirenkumar Pillai (37), Sandeep Kumbhar (39), Kapil Jadhav (32), Mallya Jagvandu alias Babu (33) and Akhlaq Khan alias Chand (44).

On going through the call detail records of Panigrahi’s cellphone, the police came to know that he had been in touch with the other accused and their mobiles were switched off since some days.

When the police picked up the accused and grilled them separately, two of them broke down and confessed to Mohite’s murder.

The accused said Mohite had taken a soft loan of Rs 39 lakh from Pillai, Kumbhar and Khan.

“When the trio came to know that Mohite had gone bankrupt and would not pay back their money, they called him to a hotel at Mira Road and beat him up.” he said.

When Mohite fell unconscious and died, they got scared. They then dumped the body in the river.

The investigation continues, with Mid-Day reporting the accused have been remanded to custody until February 17th.

The name of the MLM company Mohite was promoting has not been disclosed.