For someone looking at getting into MLM marketing, the biggest decision they are going to make is deciding which MLM business to join.

When contemplating various businesses there’s one factor that’s often overlooked but I believe is more important then business profits, company member numbers or even the products or services you’ll be marketing.

Forget all the external factors and focus on yourself: Are you going to feel comfortable marketing this MLM business?

Identifying if a MLM business opportunity is for you

The first step in deciding if an MLM business opportunity is for you is in knowing the business inside out. Push any income promises or dollar signs well out of your head.

Don’t listen to the nonsense claims often spouted by the PR department of the company in question or believing everything your potential upline or other distributors or associates tell you carte blanche.

Look at exactly what people in the business do day to day. Will you be marketing a product and if so what exactly does that entail?

How are most distributors or associates in the company marketing?

Is there room for you to join the existing market and carve out your own business or is the market opportunity already saturated?

If someone tells you they only work four hours a week but fail to factor in everything else they do to make their business work, then you need to do better and factor it in from the start. If after all the work they’ve put in are they getting a decent enough return to make it worthwhile?

Answer all of these questions and you should be left with a pretty good idea of whether or not you’re going to be comfortable marketing your prospective mlm business.

Seeing if you’re comfortable with what you’ve learnt

After you’ve ascertained the answers to the above questions posed the next step is quite simple: now that you know what you know, will you feel comfortable telling people what you’re doing?

Whilst I don’t recommend marketing to family and friends a good starting point to test your own comfortability with your prospective MLM business is to think about how they’d react if you told them what you were doing.

Then think about strangers, or more accurately potential customers or business associates. If I’m at a bar and someone tells me their an insurance sales person I’m probably going to roll my eyes and switch off. That’s the standard reaction you’re probably going to get when you tell people you’re involved in an MLM company.

What you need to be sure of is whether or not your comfortably passionate about the company or not. Sure the insurance salesperson knows his or her job bores most people to tears but they are passionate and comfortable about it; they don’t have any qualms about telling people directly what they do for a living.

Some people will tell you to simply discard any negativity and go for it, this usually means telling people what you do in a round about manner. I’m a firm believer if you’re passionate and comfortable with an idea you shouldn’t have to discard it.

You should be able to tell people what you do directly, address any negativity and conquer it. If you don’t have the answers to questions people are raising go back and check your sources till you do.

Don’t settle for spindoctored commentary and answers either, if people involved with or the mlm company itself can’t give you straight answers to your concerns then pay attention. Whatever you do don’t fall for the ‘listen do you want in or not? This is a very exclusive opportunity’ tactic that some people will try to pull on you.

Keep pushing until you’re not only satisfied but comfortable with the information you uncover. If you can’t get to that place then it might be time to start thinking about walking. If people in the business or the business itself can’t make you feel comfortable and confident, what are you going to do when you’re explaining the business to other people?

Once you’ve got all your cards on the table and are able to answer anything thrown at you with confidence and you feel entirely comfortable about doing it, then you might just have found the MLM opportunity for you.