XtreamFX Global Academy fails to provide ownership and/or executive information on its website.

Instead, XtreamFX Global Academy’s website is populated with stock photos and videos.

XtreamFX Global Academy’s website domain (“xtreamfx.global”), was first registered in 2020. The private registration was last updated on February 7th, 2022.

XtreamFX Global Academy is incorporated as XtreamFX Global LLC in Wyoming.

As to when XtreamFX Global Academy launched, the company’s official private FaceBook group was created on December 31st, 2020.

Admins of XtreamFX Global Academy’s official FaceBook group are Tanny Delia Gonzalez, Ragan Lynch, Travis Trice, Jacob Faheem Mickle, Quiana McConnell, Linda Rogers-Brown, Julie M Trice, Rodney Christopher Burris and Seven Hues.

Xtream Global Academy co-founders I was able to confirm are Jacob Mickle and Adrian Sloan.

Jacob Mickle and Adrian Sloan are former Tradera pyramid scheme promoters.

In a lawsuit against payment processor iPayout, filed after Tradera collapsed, Mickle and Sloan disclosed they were

high-level distributor(s) with Tradera who, until approximately a week ago, earned substantial monies in commissions from their downline and other marketing efforts.

Ragan Lynch (as Ragan Lynch Simmons) was also a Plaintiff in the lawsuit. Mickle and Sloan were in Lynch’s Tradera downline.

I suspect Lynch (right) is also an XtreamFX Global co-founder.

Filed in December 2020 (the same month XtreamFX Global Academy launched), the lawsuit was confidentially settled following arbitration in March 2021.

Read on for a full review of XtreamFX Global Academy’s MLM opportunity.

XtreamFX Global Academy’s Products

XtreamFX Global Academy sells forex education monthly membership subscriptions:

  • FX Student – $99 and then $99 a month (forex education, forex trade ideas, live training and video academy)
  • Dual Student – $199 and then $199 a month (adds HFX education and trading ideas)
  • Trio Student – $179 and then $179 a month (adds NADEX exchange education and trading ideas)
  • US30 Academy – $199 and then $199 a month (adds “ultimate guided education and trade ideas”, “trade secrets and strategies” and an assessment based forex education course)

No specific details on any of the above services are provided on XtreamFX Global Academy’s website.

XtreamFX Global Academy affiliate membership provides access to a discount shopping platform. This appears to be tied to subscription fee payment.

XtreamFX Global Academy’s Compensation Plan

XtreamFX Global Academy affiliates earn on the sale of subscriptions to retail subscribers and recruited affiliates.

XtreamFX Global’s compensation plan revolves around a 3 by infinity matrix.

This places an affiliate at the top of the matrix, with three positions directly under them:

These three positions form the first level of the matrix. The second and subsequent levels of the matrix are generated by splitting these three positions into another three positions each.

Typically an MLM matrix is capped but XtreamFX Global Academy’s matrix has no cap. This makes it more of a binary hybrid (three legs instead of two).

Positions in an XtreamFX Global matrix are filled via direct and indirect subscription sales and recruitment.

XtreamFX Global Affiliate Ranks

There are thirteen affiliate ranks within XtreamFX Global’s compensation plan.

Along with their respective qualification criteria, they are as follows:

  1. Affiliate – sign up as an XtreamFX Global affiliate
  2. Tradesman – recruit and maintain 3 affiliates
  3. Apprentice – maintain 3 personally recruited affiliates and have a total downline of ten affiliates (split 4/4/2 minimum across the matrix)
  4. XFX Silver – maintain 3 personally recruited affiliates and have a total downline of 25 affiliates (split 10/10/5 minimum across the matrix)
  5. XFX Gold – maintain 3 personally recruited affiliates and have a total downline of 75 affiliates (split 30/30/15 minimum across the matrix)
  6. XFX Diamond – maintain 3 personally recruited affiliates and have a total downline of 250 affiliates (split 100/100/50 minimum across the matrix)
  7. XFX Platinum – maintain 3 personally recruited affiliates and have a total downline of 500 affiliates (split 200/200/100 minimum across the matrix)
  8. Monarch – maintain 3 personally recruited affiliates and have a total downline of 1000 affiliates (split 400/400/200 minimum across the matrix)
  9. XFX Emperor/Empress – maintain 3 personally recruited affiliates and have a total downline of 2500 affiliates (split 1000/1000/500 minimum across the matrix)
  10. XFX Legend – maintain 3 personally recruited affiliates and have a total downline of 5000 affiliates (split 2000/2000/500 minimum across the matrix)
  11. Imperial 200K – maintain 3 personally recruited affiliates and have a total downline of 15,000 affiliates (split 6000/6000/3000 minimum across the matrix)
  12. Imperial 500K – maintain 3 personally recruited affiliates and have a total downline of 40,000 affiliates (split 16,000/16,000/8000 minimum across the matrix)
  13. XFX Icon – maintain 3 personally recruited affiliates and have a total downline of 75,000 affiliates (split 30,000/30,000/15,000 minimum across the matrix)

Note that recruited affiliates must be up to date with fee payments to count towards rank qualification.

Recruitment and Retail Commissions

XtreamFX Global affiliates earn $2 per position filled in their matrix.

Positions can be filled by retail subscribers or recruited affiliates, both direct and indirect.

How many levels of the matrix recruitment commissions are earned on is determined by the following criteria:

  • no recruitment or referrals – earn $2 per matrix position filled down eight levels
  • sell one subscription or recruit one affiliate – earn $2 per matrix position filled down nine levels
  • sell two subscriptions and/or recruit two affiliates – earn $2 per matrix position filled down ten levels
  • sell three subscriptions and/or recruit three affiliates- earn $2 per matrix position filled down eleven levels
  • recruit three affiliates – earn $2 per matrix position filled down twelve levels
  • recruit ten affiliates – earn $2 per matrix position filled down fourteen levels

Note that retail subscriptions and recruited affiliates must continue to pay fees to count towards the above criteria.

Residual Commissions

XtreamFX Global residual commissions are tied to rank:

  • Apprentices earn $125 a week
  • XFX Silvers earn $250 a week
  • XFX Golds earn $500 a week
  • XFX Diamonds earn $1250 a week
  • XFX Platinums earn $2500 a week
  • Monarchs earn $5000 a week
  • XFX Emperors’/Empresses’ earn $12,500 a week
  • XFX Legends’ earn $25,000 a week
  • Imperials earn $200,000 a week
  • Imperial 500Ks earn $125,000 a week
  • XFX Icons earn $250,000 a week

Joining XtreamFX Global Academy

XtreamFX Global Academy does not disclose affiliate membership costs on their website or in their compensation plan.

Nonetheless, here are XtreamFX Global Academy’s affiliate membership tiers:

  • Affiliate – $99 and then $99 a month plus $69 annually after first year (appears to include FX Student)
  • Affiliate Plus – $299 and then $129 a month (appears to include Dual Student)
  • Affiliate Pro – $499 and then $149 a month (appears to include US30 Academy)

XtreamFX Global Academy Conclusion

XtreamFX Global Academy is essentially a continuation of Tradera, run by top earners in the collapsed pyramid scheme.

Compensation wise the only difference is the $2 matrix commissions and increased rank requirements, which corresponds to increased commissions over Tradera.

Otherwise the models are the same, attached to the same forex education style products.

Two things XtreamFX Global does add are a discount shopping platform and “profit sharing” token.

Details on the latter appear to add potential securities fraud to XtreamFX Global Academy:

When the Common-Unity grows, so does your Buying Power. With every XFX IBO subscription and renewal, you will receive more XtreamFX Common-Unity tokens.

Grow your income passively or trade your XtreamFX Common-Unity Tokens for BTC.

XtreamFX Global Academy’s token investment scheme is only available on higher tier affiliate subscriptions.

What’s missing from disclosures is the internal value of XtreamFX Global Academy’s token. If affiliates are able to cash out more than they’ve invested into the tokens, that would constitute both securities fraud and a Ponzi scheme (wire fraud).

Failing which, like Tradera, XtreamFX Global’s forex offering is just a ruse to hide pyramid recruitment behind.

Retail is possible but there’s no direct incentive or requirement to focus on it. Instead it’s far more profitable to sign up as an affiliate, pay fees and recruit others who do the same.

In fact recruitment is mandatory if you want to max out XtreamFX Global Academy’s compensation plan.

This is from the conclusion of BehindMLM’s Tradera review:

What Tradera ultimately comes down to is whether paying $99 every 28 days is profitable.

Suggesting it isn’t, is Tradera’s three-day refund policy.

“Tradera offers a three-day, satisfaction guarantee on all initial fees paid to the company. All subsequent fees are nonrefundable.”

You aren’t going to make back your $99 in three days, and extrapolating three days of forex signals to twenty-eight days is silly.

So what’s the point?

By the time you’ve worked out whether or not Tradera’s signals are actually worth anything, you’re not getting a refund either way.

If Tradera wanted to stand by their income opportunity, they could either increase the refund period or offer signals for free (trial membership).

Give people a taste of the trade alerts for two weeks or even a month. If they’re profitable, why wouldn’t they sign up for $99?

Touching back on Tradera’s disclosure failures, in addition to regulatory compliance, this is important because if things go south – someone needs to be held accountable.

Considering how quickly an MLM forex signals opportunity can go south, accountability is important.

On that basis alone I’d be weary of signing up to Tradera. If you’re hell-bent on it though, definitely try the retail Client subscription for 28 days first.

Alternatively if someone has pitched you Tradera, ask for proof the company’s signals have turned a profit over the past twenty-eight days.

If they can’t provide you with that, approach with caution.

XtreamFX Global Academy’s “no refunds” refund policy is even worse:

All transactions conducted are final. Previously completed payments are non-refundable.

In addition to asking for proof of trading signal profitability, I’d also be asking your potential XtreamFX Global Academy upline how many active retail subscriptions they have.

If any, then weight that with their active recruited affiliates.

You’re looking for an even spread, which didn’t happen in Tradera and isn’t likely to be happening in XtreamFX Global.

Tradera was a pyramid scheme. XstreamFX Global Academy is run by top earners in that pyramid scheme.

Only said top earners and their Tradera downline (insiders) are going to make any money. This comes at the expense of everyone else paying fees.