US Business World LLC provides no information on its website about who owns or runs the business.

The US Business World LLC website domain (“”) was first registered in 2015.

The domain registration was last updated on September 12th, 2018.

Bhupinder Singh is listed as the owner, through an address in Idaho. Further research reveals the supplied address is actually that of a hotel.

If you go to the “packages” section of US Business World LLC’s website, you’ll notice “JD Coin” bundled with them.

JD Coin is presented as a separate company with its own website, however it’s obvious the two companies are linked.

JD Coin’s website domain (“”) was registered on January 17th, 2018.

Jhon Banga is listed as the owner, through the same Idaho hotel address.

According to Banga’s LinkedIn profile he owns Nampa Inn and Suites, the hotel address used for both US Business World and JD Coin.

Banga’s LinkedIn profile also cites him as a “Managing Partner” of JD Coin.

US Business World LLC’s marketing material cites “Arthur Tailor” as CEO of the company.

I couldn’t find any additional information on Tailor and am therefore unsure if he actually exists.

Despite Jhon Banga’s Idaho connection, US Business World LLC and JD Coin otherwise appear strongly tied to India.

Most of the US Business World marketing out there is in Hindi. Alexa also pegs the majority of traffic to the company’s website out of India too (74%).

For all intents and purposes US Business World and JD Coin appear to be Indian companies run by Indians.

Read on for a full review of the US Business World LLC MLM opportunity.

US Business World LLC Products

US Business World LLC details what appears to be three retail product packages on its website.

The packages are for web hosting and cost $500 (five pages), $1000 (ten pages) and $2500 (unlimited pages).

Each package comes with a domain, hosting and various other website tools. Ongoing hosting costs are not disclosed.

On his LinkedIn profile, Bhupinder Singh Saggu cites himself as a Managing Director of WebSolutions India.

According to WebSolutions India’s website, they’re a

full service digital agency that build award winning websites and deliver results driven digital marketing strategies.

One would assume US Business World LLC’s web services are provided through WebSolutions India.

Affiliate packages detailed on US Business World LLC’s website combine JD Coin points and English language courses.

The courses are provided by Scenictionary, a company that shares the same address as Jhon Banga’s Nampa Inn and Suites.

Banga cites himself as a partner in Scenictionary Education LLC on his LinkedIn profile. Bhupinder Singh cites himself as the company’s Chairman.

The US Business World LLC Compensation Plan

Although it’s referenced on both the US Business World LLC and JD Coin websites, neither company provides a copy of their compensation plan.

I don’t typically put together a review if I can’t source a compensation plan, but in this instance I was able to confirm US Business World LLC is an MLM opportunity.

The above suggests US Business World LLC uses a unilevel compensation structure.

Through this structure, commissions on the sale of US Business World LLC are presumably paid out on an undisclosed number of unilevel team levels.

Whether or not there are any additional commissions and bonuses paid is unknown.

Joining US Business World LLC

US Business World LLC affiliate membership is tied to investment in JD Coins.

  • Bronze Package – invest $150 and receive $150 worth of JD Coins plus a 10% bonus
  • Silver Package – invest $300 and receive $300 worth of JD Coins plus a 15% bonus
  • Gold Package – invest $700 and receive $700 worth of JD Coins plus a 20% bonus
  • Platinum Package – invest $1500 and receive $1500 worth of JD Coins plus a 25% bonus

Various Scenictionary English courses are also bundled with the above investment packages.


By itself there’s no legal ramifications for selling web hosting services through an MLM compensation structure.

US Business World LLC’s regulatory problems begin with their JD Coin investment packages.

In typical MLM crypto pseudo-compliance fashion, JD Coins are represented as being “free”.

US Business World LLC affiliates are supposedly paying for Scenictionary courses *winkwink nudgenudge*.

Outside of direct investment, JD Coins are currently being flogged to affiliates for 19 cents a coin.

This is literally just a value plucked out of thin air. JD Coin is generated by US Business World LLC at little to no cost.

JDC is not publicly tradeable and holds no value outside of the US Business World LLC MLM opportunity.

The end-game appears to be your typical MLM ICO pump and dump.

At some point US Business World LLC will get JDC listed on some dodgy exchange.

Due to marketing hype, that’ll cause a listing hype pump.

During this pump Jhon Banga and Bhupinder Singh will cash out as much JDC as they can.

After the pump comes the inevitable dump, leaving US Business World LLC affiliate investors bag-holding JDC as it approaches zero value.

This pump and dump scenario has played out time and time again in the MLM crypto niche.

What’s of significance is Jhon Banga’s ties to the US.

By virtue of it being called US Business World LLC, the company goes to significant effort to represent it is a US-based entity.

We can establish US Business World is offering securities by examining their marketing.

In the internal value screenshot above, one can see that one three million JDC have been sold or September 30th rolls around, JDC’s internal value will increase to 28 cents.

Thus a US Business World LLC affiliate can invest, do nothing and watch their invested in JDC points passively increase in value.

The ultimate goal being to eventually cash out more than has been invested.

US Business World LLC orchestrates this, through their attached MLM opportunity, operation of JD Coin and processing of withdrawals (no public trading).

In the US MLM companies that offer passive investment opportunities are classified as a securities offering.

To legally offer a security in the US a company must be registered with the SEC.

A search of the SEC’s Edgar database reveals neither US Business World LLC, Jhon Banga or Bhupinder Singh are registered to offer securities.

This means that on a base level, US Business World LLC and JD Coin are operating illegally in the US.

Secondary regulatory concerns exist if the majority of packages sold are of the JD Coin variety, as opposed to the retail web services packages.

If this were the case, US Business World LLC would also be operating as a pyramid scheme.

And let’s be honest, that’s a very real possibility. I want to say certainty but I’ll give US Business World LLC the doubt on that one.

With that in mind do note that WebSolutions India’s website Alexa ranking is 14.1 million. Which for a business of any kind, is as good as dead.

Ultimately whether JDC pumps and dumps or the SEC takes action, the end-result for affiliates is the same.

In order for the owners and early US Business World LLC investors to make money, those they convince to sign up have to lose it.


Update 9th January 2022 – US Business World has dumped JD Coin and rebooted with Voz Coin.