UnicornCycler fails to provide credible ownership or executive information on its website.

“Alex Goltsev from Poland” is credited as the company’s creator. I wasn’t able to establish whether Goltsev is an actual person.

UnicornCycler’s website domain (“unicorncycler.com”), was privately registered on November 20th, 2022.

As always, if an MLM company is not openly upfront about who is running or owns it, think long and hard about joining and/or handing over any money.

UnicornCycler’s Products

UnicornCycler has no retailable products or services.

Affiliates are only able to market UnicornCycler affiliate membership itself.

UnicornCycler’s Compensation Plan

UnicornCycler affiliates purchase subscriptions into a $2 a day matrix cycler.

  • 7 Days Sub Pack – pay $17 and get $14 in subscription payments
  • 15 Days Sub Pack – pay $15 and get $30 in subscription payments
  • 30 days Sub Pack – pay $65 and get $60 in subscription payments

Subscription payments are drained at a rate of $2, corresponding with the day length of the subscription.

Each daily $2 position purchase buys entry into the first tier of UnicornCycler’s matrix cycler.

Tier 1 is a 4×1 matrix, requiring four positions below to be filled in order to trigger a cycle.

Once a cycle is triggered, $2 is paid out and the position “cycles” into tier 2.

From here it’s the same process, with each tier cycle generating a new 4×1 matrix that must be filled:

  • Tier 2 – fill all four positions and receive $4, $2 is put towards daily subscription payments and cycle into Tier 3
  • Tier 3 – fill all four positions and receive $8 and cycle into Tier 4
  • Tier 4 – fill all four positions and receive $30

The total payment one $2 subscription position can earn is $42.

Recruitment Commissions

UnicornCycler affiliates who recruit affiliates earn the following payments and bonuses:

  • personally recruited affiliate cycles out of Tier 2 = $1 commission
  • personally recruited affiliate cycles out of Tier 3 = $2 commission
  • personally recruited affiliate cycles out of Tier 4 = $6 commission and $3 put towards daily subscription payments

Joining UnicornCycler

UnicornCycler affiliate membership appears to be free.

Full participation in the attached income opportunity requires a $17 to $65 Sub Pack purchase.

Once a UniCornCycler affiliate’s subscription balance has been drained, a new Sub Pack must be purchased to continue earning.

UnicornCycler Conclusion

UniCorn Cycler is a simple Ponzi cycler.

You sign up, hand over your money, recruit or wait for people to be recruited under you and, so long as recruitment continues, hope to steal subsequently invested funds.

Like all Ponzi schemes, UnicornCycler requires new investment in Sub Packs to put off a collapse.

Despite this obvious flaw, UniCorn Cycler claims;

Unlike other Cyclers that stall within 48hrs once the momentum dies! Unicorn Cycler is a long term Revolutionary and Unique Payplan that you will Ever Experience designed by an MLM genius.

UncornCycler will Never Stall. This is because the system is constantly being pushed every day by constant flow of positions from members
sub wallet. GENIUS!

New Positions are released by the system daily to push up older positions. You just keep on earning.

By splitting position investment into smaller $2 daily chunks, UnicornCycler only delays the inevitable.

Ponzi cyclers are closed-loop systems. What is paid in is paid out to earlier investors, and without constant recruitment of new suckers the scam falls apart.

Being a Ponzi cycler, UnicornCycler’s collapse will manifest by way of matrices beginning to stall. This will see those who’ve lost money in stalled matrices not renew their Sub Pack subscriptions.

This will result in new money being injected into the Ponzi drying up. When enough UnicornCycler matrices have stalled, an irreversible collapse is triggered.

Math guarantees the majority of participants in Ponzi cyclers lose money.