TPP Success (also known as Hulian International and TPP Global) provide no information on their website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The TPP Success website extols “the secret of the Chinese millionaires”. Beyond that, it is little more than an email capture page.

The TPP Success website domain (“”) was registered on the 20th of May 2016, however the domain registration is set to private.

As always, if an MLM company is not openly upfront about who is running or owns it, think long and hard about joining and/or handing over any money.

The TPP Success Product Line

TPP Success has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market TPP Success affiliate membership itself.

The TPP Success Compensation Plan

The TPP Success compensation plan sees affiliates invest $110 to $6600 in EDA points.

  • 1 Star – $110
  • 2 Star – $330
  • 3 Star – $660
  • 4 Star – $1100
  • 5 Star – $3300
  • 6 Star – $6600

TPP Success marketing material claims the value of an EDA point increases by 1 cent everytime someone invests. The current EDA point value is not disclosed on the TPP Success website.

EDA points have no value outside of TPP Success.

When a TPP Success affiliate invests, 53% of funds are used to purchase EDA points at the current rate. The remaining 47% is placed into a “sustainability fund”.

Once the value of EDA points hits 40 cents, the company “splits” the points. This means each affiliate’s point balance is doubled, while the value of an individual EDA point is reset back to 20 cents.

The process then repeats itself until the value of EDA points hits 40 cents and another split is triggered.

Each package investment is good for seven splits, after which an affiliate must reinvest in another package to keep their account active.

TPP Success affiliates make money by cashing out EDA points, at whatever the current rate is set by the company.

TPP Success charge a 10% fee on withdrawals and affiliates are required to reinvest 30% of any funds withdrawn.

TPP Success affiliates earn recruitment and referral commission when recruited affiliates invest via a binary compensation structure.

At the time of publication however, I was unable to find any specifics on TPP Success’ binary commissions.

Joining TPP Success

TPP Success affiliate membership is tied to investment in one of the following &&NUMBER&& packages:

  • 1 Star – $110
  • 2 Star – $330
  • 3 Star – $660
  • 4 Star – $1100
  • 5 Star – $3300
  • 6 Star – $6600


The latest from the Ponzi points MLM niche sees TPP Success try to tie “Chinese success” to financial fraud.

If you seriously think wealthy Chinese generated their wealth by participating in Ponzi points schemes, best of luck to you in life and try not to take your inevitable losses to hard.

TPP Success neither markets or sells anything to retail customers. The sole revenue stream for the company is affiliate investment, with this used to pay off existing investors when they decide to cash out.

Despite the split mechanism through which TPP Success promise all manner of things (“double your money!” etc.), the reality on the backend is they cannot create money from thin air.

The Achilles’ heel of all Ponzi points schemes is that, no matter what point balance is in your backoffice, if new investment doesn’t keep up with the rate of withdrawals, your point balance is monopoly money.

It doesn’t exist and you can’t withdraw it.

Given recruitment of new investors slowing down is inevitable in all Ponzi schemes, this is an inescapable problem.

Sooner or later TPP Success, like every Ponzi scheme before it, will run out of money to pay out and collapse. Typically only early investors are able to withdraw funds, with the majority of investors taking a loss.

tpp-success-logoSuch is the reality behind TPP Success’ “invest $100 and withdraw $13,568!” marketing pitches.

Given the Ponzi points MLM niche is rather populated at the moment, don’t expect TPP Success to last beyond the first round of investment packages hitting seven splits.

Once initial withdrawal requests are paid out to TPP Success’ anonymous owners and early investors, there’ll be nothing left to pay anybody else.