Silwana Global appears to have launched last year as Silwana Diamond.

Silwana Diamond will create the largest platform for farmers and buyers from all over the world, enabling them to easily communicate with each other, and have fruitful transactions and trading of local and international commodities.

This way; the brokers will be cut and their commissions in turn will benefit you directly.

Around mid 2020 Silwana Diamond was ditched for Silwana Global. The name-change coincided with the introduction of GogolCoin.

Today Silwana Global operates from “” (registered April 2020).

Heading up Silwana Global and GogolCoin is founder and CEO Feras Abu-Hdaib (right).

As of January 2021, Abu-Hdaib is based out of Dubai in the UAE.

Possibly due to language-barriers, I was unable to put together an MLM history on Abu-Hdaib. From what I was able to piece together though, Silwana Global appears to be his first MLM venture.

Read on for a full review of Silwana Global’s MLM opportunity.

Silwana Global’s Products

Silwana Global has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market Silwana Global affiliate membership itself.

Silwana Global’s Compensation Plan

Silwana Global affiliates invest in GogolCoin. Commissions are paid when they recruit others who do the same.

The minimum investment amount Silwana Global accepts is €500 EUR:

I believe the highest initial investment amount caps out at €50,000 EUR.

Referral Commissions

Silwana Global pays referral commissions via a 3xx matrix.

A 3xx matrix starts off with three positions on the first level:

The second level of the matrix is generated by splitting these three positions into another three positions each.

Levels three and deeper are created in the same manner, with each new level housing three times as many positions as the previous level.

Positions in the matrix are filled via direct and indirect recruitment of Silwana Global affiliates.

Commissions are paid out as a percentage of funds invested across each level of the matrix.

  • level 1 – 7% to 10% (variance not explained)
  • level 2 – 5%
  • level 3 – 2.5%
  • level 4 – 1.25%
  • level 5 – 0.625%

Commissions are paid beyond five levels, equal to half a percentage as the previous level.

Level 6, for example, pays half of 0.625% or 0.312%.

This is represented as continuing down a theoretical infinity number of levels. Practically speaking you’re not looking at much as percentages approach zero a few levels beyond ten or so.

Joining Silwana Global

Silwana Global affiliate membership is tied to a minimum €500 EUR investment in GogolCoins.

Any additional affiliate membership costs or required investments are not disclosed.


Whatever Silwana Diamond’s original investment plan was flopped. And so we now have another cookie-cutter MLM crypto pump and dump scheme.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, seeing as Feras Abu-Hdaib has been crypto bro’ing it up on social media for a few years.

First and foremost Silwana Global is offering a passive investment opportunity.

The only reason anyone is investing in GogolCoin is the usual “moon lambo” BS, i.e. an expectation of cashing out more than they invested.

In Silwana Global’s marketing the company represents it has a presence across the world:

Silwana Global isn’t registered to offer securities in any of these jurisdictions, meaning the company is committing securities fraud and operating illegally.

One thing to note is that Silwana Global is primarily concentrated across the Middle East.

Middle East authorities aren’t known for being active with respect to MLM securities fraud regulation.

The MLM side of Silwana Global is pyramid scheme territory, with commissions tied to investment by recruited affiliates.

As to GogolCoin, I get the feeling someone was trying to infer a phonetic connection to Google.

Either that or it’s “gogglecoin”, which for sounding stupid is no better.

GogolCoin has its own website up over at “”.

GogolCoin is the usual solution without a problem crypto nonsense. Something about a “CSH Project” smart home app because y’know, it’s not like we don’t have smart home apps already.

Digital Smart Homes, which runs on cryptocurrency, is a system that meets a variety of needs and solves the problems and hardships faced by property owners.

Using our system, the owner will have the ability to remotely manage all aspects of the property (or properties) he or she owns.

Clear as mud? Great, now hand over your money.

Already likely full of bagholders who got scammed in the failed Silwana Diamond scheme, by investing your basically transferring their losses onto yourself.

GogolCoin will either fizzle out or go pump and dump on some dodgy exchange. For now, whatever GogolCoin is being exchanged for internally is not disclosed.

In any event, be it an internal crash or pump and ump, the majority of Silwana Global affiliates will lose money.