RyseUp operates in the mobile app MLM niche. The company is based out of Germany and headed up by CEO Carsten Marx.

Ryse Up operates in the US through RyseUp Americas Inc., a Wyoming shell company. For some reason RyseUp also seems to have a legal presence in the Netherlands (could tie into its wearable product manufacturing).

Carsten Marx has a marketing background and, as per his LinkedIn profile, an MLM executive history starting with Tahitian Noni in 2000.

Between August 2000 and December 2003 Marx was a Managing Director of Tahitian Noni.

Tahitian Noni was a supplement MLM that launched in 1996. The company would go on to become Morinda in 2012.

Between October 2007 and May 2008 Marx was a Sales Manager at Indirect Sales. I’m not familiar with this company but it sounds like a German company.

Marx returned to MLM in October 2012 as Business Development Manager for StemTech, another nutritional supplement company.

Marx left StemTech in July 2015. StemTech would go on to declare bankruptcy in 2017.

Next up we have what appear to be two shortish term contracts with

  1. Rain International – Regional Sales Manager from March 2016 to November 2017; and
  2. LifeVantage – Vice President Europe from August 2018 to July 2019

That brings us to Healy World, a German “informational field” MLM company that Marx served as:

  • Director of International Development from July 2019 to September 2019; and
  • Chief Operating Officer from October 2019 to December 2020

Two other named executives on RyseUp’s website also have ties to Healy. From their respective LinkedIn profiles;

  • Klaus-Dieter Hofmann is RyseUp’s Chief Financial Officer, he was Healy World’s Chairman of the Supervisory Board between May 2018 and May 2020
  • Stefanie Waehlert is RyseUp’s Chief Experience Officer, she was Healy World’s “interim COO” sometime between January 2017 and March 2020 (presumably before Marx signed on as COO in October 2019)

After a few years at Healy World, Carsten Marx went on to launch RyseUp as a Managing Director and CEO in May 2022.

For all intents and purposes RyseUp is essentially a clone of Healy World’s MLM offering. We’ll get more into that in the conclusion of this review.

Read on for a full review of RyseUp’s MLM opportunity.

RyseUp’s Products

RyseUp markets a $599 wearable they refer to as a PEMF+ (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field plus) device. This is a term RyseUp made up.

RyseUp claims its wearable device is “made in the Netherlands”.

Upon purchasing RyseUp’s wearable, users are directed to an app where they can purchase frequency subscriptions.

  • Physical Wellbeing Basics (physical wellbeing general, back and vitality) – $12.90 a month, $7.90 a month annually or $399 lifetime
  • Physical Wellbeing General (weight, sleep, digestion, regularity, brain, neurotransmitter, regeneration, energy and breathing) – $8.90 a month, $5.90 a month annually or $199 lifetime
  • Back (lower back, midback, shoulders, spine, skeletal, neck and head discomfort) – $8.90 a month, $5.90 a month annually or $199 lifetime
  • Vitality (vitality 40+, vitality 50+, vitality 60+, vitality 70+ and vitality 80+) – $8.90 a month, $5.90 a month annually or $199 lifetime
  • Physical Wellbeing Specifics (beauty, nutrition and sleep) – $12.90 a month, $7.90 a month annually or $399 lifetime
  • Beauty (skin, inner beauty, glow, hair and nails) – $8.90 a month, $5.90 a month annually or $199 lifetime
  • Nutrition (green foods, micronutrients, tradition chinese herbs, ayurvedic remedies and superfoods) – $8.90 a month, $5.90 a month annually or $199 lifetime

  • Sleep (sleep, sleep disturbances, sleep dream state, emotions and sleep, sleep disorders, blissful sleep and deep sleep) – $8.90 a month, $5.90 a month annually or $199 lifetime
  • Sports (sports general, endurance and recovery) – $12.90 a month, $7.90 a month annually or $399 lifetime
  • Sports General (warm up, stretching, focus, performance physical, performance mental, cooldown, regeneration power, coordination, flow and strength) – $8.90 a month, $5.90 a month annually or $199 lifetime

  • Endurance (oxygenation, muscles, hormones, mental focus, circulation, breathing and recovery) – $8.90 a month, $5.90 a month annually or $199 lifetime
  • Recovery (recovery, regeneration, muscular, cellular support and nerve system) – $8.90 a month, $5.90 a month annually or $199 lifetime
  • Mental Wellbeing (emotions, mental state, nature frequency bath and relationships) – $12.90 a month, $7.90 a month annually or $399 lifetime
  • Emotions (love, emotions general, stress, anxiety, joyfulness (bliss), safety and equilibrium) – $8.90 a month, $5.90 a month annually or $199 lifetime

  • Mental State (relaxation, regeneration, peace, mental energy, inner child, happiness, passion, gratitude, generosity and compassion) – $8.90 a month, $5.90 a month annually or $199 lifetime
  • Nature Frequency Bath (mountains, waterfall and trees) – $8.90 a month, $5.90 a month annually or $199 lifetime
  • Relationships (connection, harmony, acceptance, love and care) – $8.90 a month, $5.90 a month annually or $199 lifetime
  • Body & Mind Basics (spiritual development, spiritual practice and yoga) – $12.90 a month, $7.90 a month annually or $399 lifetime
  • Spiritual Development (positive living, eternal nature, guidance, spiritual contact, pure aura, free mind, spiritual awakening and sanctuary of peace) – $8.90 a month, $5.90 a month annually or $199 lifetime
  • Spiritual Practice (gounding, crystals, reverie light, daily rituals, mindfulness, power nap, blissful sleep, deep sleep, lucid dreaming, astral projection, energy express, deep meditation, stillness, breathing and zen focus) – $8.90 a month, $5.90 a month annually or $199 lifetime
  • Yoga (all yoga, hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga, slow flow yoga, power yoga, kundalini, flowstate and breathing) – $8.90 a month, $5.90 a month annually or $199 lifetime
  • Body & Mind Specials (meditation academy, chakras, pure happiness) – $12.90 a month, $7.90 a month annually or $399 lifetime
  • Meditation Academy (guided meditation, love meditation, self-love meditation, tantric meditation, abundance meditation, self confidence meditation, proactivity meditation, wind chimes meditation, motisales taxion meditation, morning meditation, afternoon meditation, evening meditation, group meditation and happiness meditation) – $8.890 a month, $5.90 a month annually or $199 lifetime
  • Chakras (base root chakra (Muladhara), sacral chakra (Svadhishthana), solar plexus chakra (manipura), heart chakra (anahata), throat chakra (vishuddha), third eye chakra (ajna), crown chakra (sahasrara) and chakra complete) – $8.90 a month, $5.90 a month annually or $199 lifetime
  • Pure Happiness (positivity, creativity, brain, concentration, love meditation, self-love meditation, tantric stimulation and happiness) – $8.90 a month, $5.90 a month annually or $199 lifestyle

  • Astrology & Astronomy (zodiac signs and planets) – $12.90 a month, $7.90 a month annually or $399 lifetime
  • Zodiac Signs (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisces) – $8.90 a month, $5.90 a month annually or $199 lifetime
  • Planets (Earth, Moon (full), Sun, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) – $8.90 a month, $5.90 a month annually or $199 lifetime
  • Personal Development (business, personal growth and wealth) – $12.90 a month, $7.90 a month annually or $399 lifetime

  • Business (good fortune, focus, clarity of mind, decisiveness, concentration, self-confidence and inspiration success) – $8.90 a month, $5.90 a month annually or $199 lifetime
  • Personal Growth (inner child, optimism, self-acceptance, procrastination, flow state, deep focus, concentration creativity and power) – $8.90 a month, $5.90 annually or $199 lifetime
  • Wealth (attraction, success, health, spiritual wealth and abundance) – $8.90 a month, $5.90 a month annually or $199 lifetime
  • Home & Living (energy shield, balance, environment and pets) – $12.90 a month, $7.90 a month annually or $399 lifetime
  • Energy Shield (5G, 5G Sentry Europe (all bands), 5G frequency bands super sentry (all countries), 5G sentry 2020, electrosmog sentry, Hartmann and Curry lines) – $8.90 a month, $5.90 a month annually or $199 lifetime

  • Balance (aura cleansing, spiritual, earth resonate 2023, Schumann resonance, Earth: magnetic field environmental sensitivities, Schumann resonance 2023, all plants) – $8.90 a month, $5.90 a month annually or $199 lifetime

  • Environment (bedrooms, hoppy room, living room, garden, office, house general) – $8.90 a month, $5.90 a month annually or $199 lifetime
  • Pets (dogs, cats, birds, rodents and fish) – $8.90 a month, $5.90 a month annually or $199 lifetime

  • Botanica (herbs, essential oils and flower benefits) – $12.90 a month, $7.90 annually or $399 lifetime
  • Herbs (fresh herbs, herbs for wellness, traditional Chinese herbs and CBD) – $8.90 a month, $5.90 a month annually or $199 lifetime
  • Essential Oils (essential oils complete, angelica, basil, frankincense, galbanum, German chamomile, helichrysum, idaho, tansy, lavender, melissa lemon balm, myrrh, peppermint, ravintsara, rose pure and sandalwood) – $8.90 a month, $5.90 a month annually or $199 lifetime
  • Flower Benefits (agrimony, aspen, beech, centaury, cerato, cherry-plum, chestnut bud, chicory, clematis, crab apple, elm, gentian, gorce, heather, holly, honeysuckle, hornbeam, larch, mimulus, mustard, oak, olive, pine, red chestnut, rock rose, rock water, scleranthus, star of bethlehem, sweet chestnut, vervain, vine, walnut, water violet, white chestnut, wild oat, wild rose and willow) – $8.90 a month, $5.90 a month annually or $199 lifetime

Note that RyseUp’s subscriptions are also available at discounted two-month and six-month price points.

RyseUp wearable users manage and transfer subscribed to frequencies to and from their device via a provided app.

RyseUp’s Compensation Plan

RyseUp does not provide compensation plan details on its website.

The following analysis of RyseUp’s compensation plan has been put together from various affiliate marketing materials.

Referral Commissions

RyseUp pays referral commissions via a unilevel compensation structure.

A unilevel compensation structure places an affiliate at the top of a unilevel team, with every personally recruited affiliate placed directly under them (level 1):

If any level 1 affiliates recruit new affiliates, they are placed on level 2 of the original affiliate’s unilevel team.

If any level 2 affiliates recruit new affiliates, they are placed on level 3 and so on and so forth down a theoretical infinite number of levels.

RyseUp caps payable unilevel team levels at four. Referral commissions are paid as a percentage of RyseUp wearable and subscription fees generated across these five levels as follows:

  • level 1 (retail sales and personally recruited affiliates) – 20%
  • level 2 – 10%
  • levels 3 and 4 – 5%

Cash Bonuses

RyseUp affiliate marketing cites “cash bonuses”.

Some people generate more personal sales, or as group volume. This gives a great extra bonus to thank you for all your efforts.

This sounds like a bonus based on personal and group sales volume (assumed to be monthly). I wasn’t able to find specifics.

Global Sales Pool

Influencer and Master Influencer ranked RyseUp affiliates qualify for a share or shares in a Global Sales Pool.

Specific qualification criteria and details of the pool itself are not provided.

Joining RyseUp

Basic RyseUp affiliate membership is $49 annually.

RyseUp affiliates can also sign up with “Pioneer Packages”:

  • Explorer Package – $499 (includes RyseUp wearable device)
  • Trailblazer Package – $699 (includes RyseUp wearable device and $500 subscription voucher)
  • Hero Package – $999 (includes RyseUp wearable device and lifetime subscription)

RyseUp Conclusion

Similarities between Healy World and RyseUp are pretty obvious;

That’s not to say Healy World has any added legitimacy over RyseUp, they’re both egregious grifts targeting gullible morons.

If you’re looking to get rinsed, a RyseUp device and full lifetime subscription suite will set you back $10,758.

Whereas Healy World claimed its device generated “informational fields”, RyseUp has gone with PEMF+, or pulsed electromagnetic field plus.

To their credit, RyseUp are upfront about PEMF+ being a load of nonsense.

[PEMF+ is] a technology developed and registered by RyseUp.

RyseUp frequencies and devices have been designed as wellness devices and programs to provide a low-level energetics experience of the interaction between the RyseUp devices and programs as they resonate with the biofield.

Although many have enjoyed a wellness experience with RyseUp—promoting rest and relaxation, meditation, and other moderating energetic experiences—it must be stressed that this area of energetics still is theoretical and should not be relied upon to replace consultation with your physician or other wellness practitioner.

RyseUp devices are not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent disease, disease-like or other medical conditions.

That’s all you pretty much need to know but seeing as this is BehindMLM we’ll press on.

RyseUp claims its wearable broadcasts frequencies through “a single copper coil.” Oh, and it’s also

a wellness support device … aligned with the philosophies and practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Because y’know, nothing screams traditional Chinese medicine like “battery powered electronics”.

I suspect if one were to crack open a RyseUp wearable you’d find an off the shelf circuit board (Raspberry Pi?), attached to a copper coil and battery.

Copper coils are nothing new and cost a few bucks. They are commonly used in speakers for “frequency division”.

RyseUp don’t provide battery information for their wearable. Given its small size though, whatever is going on inside the device has to be pretty basic.

Does that mean RyseUp’s frequency subscription claims are bogus? Not on its own.

In an attempt to insinuate legitimacy, RyseUp point to an uncited “recent study of the “biofield.” Nothing specific to RyseUp’s wearable is provided. That’s because there are no peer-reviewed studies and RyseUp themselves admit they’re selling an unproven “theory”.

Considering Healy World has been around in one form or another since 2017, that’s seven years and counting without any proof to support frequency device marketing claims.

Moving on the MLM side of RyseUp; It’s a pretty basic compensation plan that, because RyseUp’s wearable and frequency marketing claims are self-admitted theoretical baloney, lends itself to the majority of subscribers being affiliates.

If that’s the case then RyseUp would be operating as a pyramid scheme.

I didn’t hypothesise as much in BehindMLM’s Healy World review but that appears to have been a pyramid scheme that ran its course.

I don’t know what happened a few months ago, wherein Healy World’s website traffic tripled between March and April, but it plummeted back down again 77% between April and May (source: SimilarWeb)

Ryse Up is essentially being marketed as a reboot grift, aimed at the same people who fell for Healy.

The long and the short of it is if health, wealth, wellness and all the other stuff RyseUp pitches was as simple as loading some frequencies onto a wearable, (insert unproven theory here) and profit, the idea would have caught on by now. Or at the very least been subject to credible research.

There is no credible research because all Healy World and RyseUp have ever pitched is feelgood nonsense directed at lazy people.

If anyone pitches you on RyseUp, ask them for verifiable proof. Note that anecdotal stories are not a substitute for verifiable proof.

“My neighbour slapped on a RyseUp wearable and won the lottery the next day!” etc. is meaningless.

Upon establishing that there is no forthcoming verifiable proof regarding RyseUp’s wearable and subscriptions, run.