proadzcycler-logoThere is no information on the ProAdzCycler website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The ProAdzCycler website domain (“”) was registered on the 4th of April 2015, however the domain registration it set to private.

Further research reveals the following written in the ProAdzCycler Terms & Conditions:


Under no circumstances should anything found on this site be considered or construed as an offer to sell securities or a solicitation to invest in Revers2click.

Although spelt incorrectly in the AdzProCycler T&C, Reverse2Click was a Ponzi scheme that advertised 125% ROI on $39 investments, paid with subsequently invested funds.

Launched in February of this year, Reverse2Click collapsed less than two weeks after launch.

Before the month was out, Reverse2Click investors on social media were claiming the same admin had also run HeavenPaid:

Guys to be honest heavenpaid admin is the owner of this site plus there emails ads and update are 100% similar to R2C.

Right now there pay selective withdraw there block members account that file dispute.

HeavenPaid was another Ponzi scheme launched in late 2014 (November). The scheme promised 130% ROIs on $29 investments and had collapsed around mid-December.

This fits in with ProAdzCycler claiming on their website that the company is being run by an “experienced admin team”. It’s also worth noting that all three opportunities are hosted with the same hosting company, Zama Host.

Zama Host are advertised as “a unit” of Maksa Web Solutions, a hosting company based out of Gujarat, India.

Meta keywords used to describe Zama Host include the company claiming it offers the “best HYIP Hosting”:


“HYIP” of course referring to “high-yield investment programs”, otherwise known as Ponzi schemes.

Whether or not Zama Host and Maksa Web Solutions themselves are behind ProAdzCycler is unclear, but at the very least the company has no qualms marketing directly to fraudulent investment schemes.

In any event, with two confirmed collapse Ponzi schemes under their belt and who knows what else before that, this “experienced admin team” are now trying their luck again with ProAdzCycler.

As always, if an MLM company is not openly upfront about who is running or owns it, think long and hard about joining and/or handing over any money.

The ProAdzCycler Product Line

ProAdzCycler has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market affiliate membership with the company itself.

The ProAdzCycler Compensation Plan

The ProAdzCycler compensation plan sees affiliates invest in “ad packs” and matrix cycler positions.

Ad Pack ROIs

ProAdzCycler affiliates can invest in $10 and $15 ad packs.

Each ad pack serves as an investment plan, with advertised ROIs of up to 8% daily.

Total ROIs offered depends on how much money is invested, with the $10 pack paying 125% and the $15 pack 135%.

Matrix Cyclers

ProAdzCycler offer affiliates positions in five matrix cyclers as follows:

  • Straight Line Matrix (unknown size) – positions cost $25 and pay out $900
  • 100K Matrix (3×8, 9840 positions to fill) – positions cost $35 and pay out $100,002
  • Free Matrix (5×3, 155 positions to fill) – positions cost 25 cents and pay out $17
  • Free Way Matrix (5×3, 155 positions to fill) – positions cost 50 cents and pay out $20
  • Pro Cycler Matrix (3×3, 39 positions to fill) positions cost $75 and pay out $1085

Referral Commissions

Referral commissions are paid out both on ad pack and matrix position investment as follows:

  • ad packs – 10% referral commission
  • 100K Matrix – 25 cents per position filled in the matrix paid to the immediate upline (recruiting affiliate)
  • Free Matrix – $1 cycle commission paid to immediate upline (recruiting affiliate)
  • Free Way Mtarix – $1 cycle commission paid to immediate upline (recruiting affiliate)
  • Pro Cycler Matrix – $50 cycle commission paid to immediate upline (recruiting affiliate)

Note the “cycle commissions” are paid when all positions in the matrix are filled.

Joining ProAdzCycler

Affiliate membership with ProAdzCycler is free, however an affiliate must invest in either a revenue-sharing or matrix position in order to earn commissions.

The cheapest position offered is that of a 25 cents matrix position in the 100K Matrix. As such, the defacto minimum cost of ProAdzCycler affiliate membership is 25 cents.


From the ProAdzCycler FAQ;

Is Pro Adz Cycler a HYIP, Ponzi, Pyramid Scheme, or Illegal Program?

Absolutely No, this is not an investment site nor is it illegal in any way. We are an advertisement company. Earnings are additional bonus to our members.

Not only are the admin(s) behind ProAdzCycler evidently serial scammers, they’re content to lie through their teeth about the nature of their scheme.

With nothing being marketed or sold to retail customers, ProAdzCycler simply combine a matrix cycler and revenue-sharing model into one money game Ponzi scheme.

New ProAdzCycler affiliates invest, and either by way of the matrix or revenue-sharing plans, those funds are used to pay off existing ProAdzCycler affiliates.

In addition to the business model, that ProAdzCycler are operating a Ponzi scheme is evident in their “no refunds” refund policy:

Can I get Refund?

Strictly no refunds will be made due to the nature of the business.

The nature of the business of course being that of a Ponzi scheme.

If ProAdzCycler were merely selling advertising as they contend, there’d be no issue in offering refunds for unused advertising credits (bundled with ad pack and matrix position investment).

Instead, what with ProAdzCycler using newly invested funds to pay off existing investors, that’s not possible.


As per terms of ALL pay systems we have listed it 3 times!


All purchases are final and NO refunds can be given under any circumstances.

There shall be NO refunds even on upon request.

These guys know exactly what type of scam they are running, and to that end request that visitors to the ProAdzCycler website

acknowledge that you are acting as an individual and not on behalf of any other entity or any authority.

Like that’s going to stop any regulatory agency from investigating the scheme.

As with all Ponzi schemes, including HeavenPaid and Reverse2Click before it, once new affiliate investment dries up ProAdzCycler will collapse.

HeavenPaid lasted barely a month and Reverse2Click a mere two weeks. Expect ProAdzCycler to collapse sooner rather than later.