perpetual-quik-start-logoPerpetual Quik Start launched in mid to late 2014, with the company’s Anti-Spam policy listing Clinton Clark and Margaret Albright as the owners:

This Anti-Spam Policy Notice governs the use of the web page at and its associated services, web pages, domains and sub-domains, which are owned and operated by Safe Ad Zone, Clinton Clark, Margaret Albright (“Owners”).

Despite the mention of “Safe Ad Zone” in the paragraph above, the rest of the agreement refers to Perpetual Quik Start.

Further research reveals Safe Ad Zone to be some sort of filtering concept. As per the Safe Ad Zone website;

We are the Designed to Filter OUT Ponzi Schemes, Money Games and Mathematically Illogical Program, Projects Websites and Systems.

Getting back to Perpetual Quick Start, the company’s website domain (“”) was registered on the 9th of July 2014.

Margaret Albright is listed as the domain owner, with an address in the US state of Wisconsin also provided.

The Perpetual Quik Start website domain uses the name-servers of Albright’s personal website (“”).

margaret-albright-perpetual-quik-start-adminOn her site, Albright (right) claims to be

a real person who really makes a living online.

I don’t cheat or steal or lie to make my money. I honestly help people in a sincere manner that keeps me happy, keeps you happy and pleases God.

eBay was the first real money I ever made on the internet. It was a lot of work though and very time consuming.

I sold stuff on eBay for a couple years and made enough money that I actually did quit my day job.

The problem was, I gave up a full time job for another full time job. I was looking for a little more free time.

That problem lead Albright to launch sites like Perpetual Quik Start.


Update 30th June 2015 – Margaret Albright has been in touch, and despite her name appearing on the Perpetual Quik Start domain registration and site’s spam policy as an “owner”, claims she is not running the scheme.

I was in business with Clinton Clark for about a year. That ended in March of 2014. The fact that my name is still on his sites does not make me an owner, it simply means he did not remove my name.

Perpetual QUIK Start domain name is registered to me because I bought the name and built the site for Clinton. I do not own that site.

/end update


Other opportunities advertised on Albright’s website include:

  • The 7 Day Success Plan (formerly “The 7K Team System) – $12.99 a month recruitment scheme
  • Success Quik – multi-tier $10-$5000 recruitment scheme
  • Referraler – a “downline building program”
  • PTC Advantage – another downline builder site and
  • Escalating Biz – yet another downline builder site

Most of the above opportunities exist to funnel those who sign up into third-party opportunities.

Is Perpetual Quik Start any different?

Read on for a full review of the Perpetual Quik Start MLM business opportunity.

The Perpetual Quik Start Product Line

Perpetual Quik Start has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market affiliate membership with the opportunity itself.

Once signed up for $14.95, Perpetual Quik Start affiliates receive “unlimited banner and text ad impressions”.

There is no advertising present on the Perpetual Quik Start website, so where this advertising is shown is unclear.

The Perpetual Quik Start Compensation Plan

Each Perpetual Quik Start affiliate pays $14.95 to join the company and receive a position in a 2×2 matrix.

A 2×2 matrix places an affiliate at the top of the matrix, with two positions directly under them (level 1):


The second level of the matrix is generated by splitting the two level 1 positions into two new positions each, for a total of six positions.

Commissions are paid once positions in the matrix are filled, with positions filled via subsequent recruitment of Prepetual Quik Start affiliates.

Each filled 2×2 matrix pays out a $39 commission and enters a Perpetual Quik Start affiliate into a new 2×2 matrix.

From here the process repeats itself, with another filled matrix generating another $39 commission and re-entry into a new matrix.

Joining Perpetual Quik Start

Affiliate membership with Perpetual Quik Start is $14.95.


With nothing being marketed or sold to retail customers, Perpetual Quick Start is little more than a recruitment-driven matrix cycler.

This is likely a reflection of the opportunities Margaret Albright has attached to her various downline builders over the years.

Mathematically Perpetual Quik Start isn’t even a “good” matrix cycler, with $89.70 entering the scheme each filled matrix and only $39 paid out.

There’s a bit of overlap due to the nature of matrix-based compensation plans, but still. That’s a fair bit of missing money per position purchased.

One thing to keep in mind is that due to recycles being free (what happens when the first matrix is filled), the smallish cycle commission might be a way to perpetuate payments on subsequent cycles.

Each first matrix pumps $14.95 into Perpetual Quik Start, with subsequent cycles generating no revenue themselves but still contributing to $39 cycle commissions

That money has to come from somewhere…

As with all pyramid schemes, once recruitment of new Perpetual Quik Start affiliates dries up, so too will the cycle commissions paid out.

Being a matrix-based scheme, a collapse will begin to manifest itself by gradual longer and longer cycle times.

Eventually as recruitment grinds to a halt the cycle times will blow out longer and longer, until eventually a collapse is triggered.

At that point anyone who hasn’t cycled out of a matrix at least once loses out, with Albright keeping funds attached to any positions trapped in stalled matrices.