net-paid-system-logoThere is no information on the Net Paid System review website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The Net Paid System website domain (“”) was registered on the 31st of August 2015, however the domain registration is set to private.

As always, if an MLM company is not openly upfront about who is running or owns it, think long and hard about joining and/or handing over any money.

The Net Paid System Product Line

Net Paid System has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market Net Paid System affiliate membership itself.

Bundled with Net Paid System affiliate membership is access to an ebook library.

The Net Paid System Compensation Plan

Commissions in Net Paid System are paid out via a 3×7 matrix.

A 3×7 matrix places an affiliate at the top of the matrix, with three positions directly under them (level 1):


The second level of the matrix is generated by splitting each level 1 positions into another three positions each.

In this manner all seven levels of the matrix are generated, for a total of 3279 positions.

Commissions are paid out as positions in the matrix are filled, either via the direct or indirect recruitment of new affiliates.

How much of a commission is paid out is determined by what level of the matrix a position is filled:

  • level 1 – $4 per position filled ($12 total)
  • level 2 – $3.50 per position filled ($31.50 total)
  • level 3 – $4 per position filled ($108 total)
  • level 4 – $3 per position filled ($243 total)
  • level 5 – $3.50 per position filled ($850.50 total)
  • level 6 – $4 per position filled ($2916 total)
  • level 7 – $3 per position filled ($6561 total)

In the event all 3279 positions in the matrix are filled, a $4000 “cycle bonus” is also paid out.

Additionally, Net Paid System affiliates are also paid a $2 recruitment commission per affiliate they personally recruit.

Joining Net Paid System

Affiliate membership with Net Paid System is $10.


From the Net Paid System FAQ:

Is this legal?

Yes, Netpaidsystem is 100% legal.

In return for your investment you are given access to the list of quality ebooks and software inside our member area.

So,any program that provides a product of any kind is legal.

The above is patently false, with the anonymous admin of Net Paid System clearly ignorant of product-based pyramid schemes.

Either that or they don’t care.

In Net Paid System, affiliates pay $10 for a position in the compensation plan, which pays out as new affiliates are recruited and also pay $10.

This is a chain-recruitment pyramid scheme, with whatever is attached to it being entirely irrelevant.

In this particular case it’s an ebook library, which is a hark back to the pyramid scheme scams of 2010 or so.

Whereas online pyramid schemes these days are typically much more complex, evidently the anonymous admin of Net Paid System is looking to relive the simplified glory days.

As with all pyramid schemes, once recruitment dies down so too will Net Paid System’s commission payouts.

Being a matrix-based system, this will manifest itself by way of the matrices not filling as fast as they once were, before stalling entirely.

At that point anyone who hasn’t filled a matrix such that their initial $10 “investment” is recouped, loses out.

Due to the nature of pyramid schemes, mathematically this is guaranteed to be the majority of participants.