mywealthpowersystem-logoMyWealthPowerSystem launched last month and identify John Blanchard as the company’s “owner and creator” on their website.

Carol and Greg Carr appear to be the supporting act, credited as “co creator and admin” and “admin” respectively.

My Wealth Power System was created with one goal in mind and that was to create a program where members can earn multiple income streams simultaneously.

john-blanchard-mywealthpowersystem-ownerIf you visit the MyWealthPowerSystem without an affiliate referral link, Blanchard (right) appears as the coded sponsor.

Blanchard’s location is given as Alberta, Canada, which is presumably where MyWealthPowerSystem is being run out of.

In late 2013 John Blanchard launched RWJ Marketing, a recruitment-driven matrix scheme. Blanchard also used the scheme to funnel participants into other questionable opportunities he was in at the time.

Carol Carr was also involved in RWJ Marketing, as part of the team managing the company’s social network properties.

Problems first surfaced in early January of 2014, with Blanchard threatening to terminate the account of any affiliates who made complaints or were deemed “negative”.

Do you want to keep bouncing around program to program and never getting anywhere? I have been there done it and done with it!

I already have some members that left us a few weeks ago and now are wanting to come back… WHY? Because the grass is not any greener on the other side and never will be!

RWJ Marketing is and laugh if you want to but we are a true retirement plan that overtime will make you more money then you ever thought possible.

After a series of changes to the RWJ Marketing compensation plan leading into March, Blanchard announced he was shutting down the scheme on March 22nd.

I don’t think I need to say much about our existing team build system except that it is not doing so well mainly because we have only a hand full of members promoting … for over 3000 members.

This does not work and come’s down to the same problem with all team build I ever owned or been a part of.

I understand why so many don’t promote and that is because it does not benefit them directly. I can understand that….it does get frustrating for someone that promotes their butts off just to benefit someone else.

Having said this I have created a new system that will encourage members to promote because it will directly benefit them.

This new system is the best of both world… It benefits the ones promoting and also help’s the members that have a hard time recruiting still build a business.

So RWJ Marketing will be gone and we will transfer our team build to the new system.

RWJ Marketing affiliates universally reacted negatively to the news, claiming that Blanchard had been focused on paying himself and his “original little family” of affiliates in the weeks leading up to the announcement.

Part of that family was Carol Carr, whose husband Greg was also an RWJ Marketing affiliate.

According to RWJ Marketing affiliates, even funds from their ewallet balances that had not yet been withdrawn were taken:

I have been informed by RWJ members that even funds that were being retained in their wallets in order to pay the regular fees prior to the changes have been taken.

Firstly they were converted to points, and now those points have been removed, and the money lost. One person told me that he had $260 in his wallet which he has lost.

Generally in a program, Admin respects that money in the wallets belongs to the member, not for him to do as he chooses.

Chatter on social media reveals that RWJ Marketing affiliates who dared to ask where their money was had their affiliate accounts terminated immediately.

Has anyone worked out how much John Stole? 3000 members x minimum $30 balance = $90,000.00 minimum, most people had much more than $30 and some as much as $200 plus all the missing matrix 7 and 8 money.

I asked support what happened to my money and Carol said John would get back to me but basically the money was used to pay in waiting members that signed before the point system started

Blanchard eventually went on to launch a new matrix-feeder he called “Easy Downline Club”, however that appears to have collapsed within a few weeks (April 2014).

Blanchard then tried to launch a third feeder scheme called Presidential Diamonds Club.

In an email sent to his affiliates on April 17th, Blanchard wrote:

I won’t get into all the details but EDC never got off the ground for the simple reason that a lot of members we’re working against us…

You will notice that a lot of them you won’t find in here and that will remain that way.

RWJ and EDC are both dead. The members that are in here at this moment are the members that showed us that they are serious about their business.

There will always be people that are negative and like to complain about everything but I assure you the Presidential Diamonds Club is not for them and I won’t even blink an eye before removing them from this team.

I will not let people try to ruin it for others that are serious.

Presidential Diamonds Club doesn’t seem to have lasted too long either. The site was still up as of February 2014 (the domain is now parked), however activity appears to have stalled around mid 2014.

Having finally ditched the Presidential Diamonds Club, Blanchard and the Carr’s are now back with MyWealthPowerSystem.

Read on for a full review of the MyWealthPowerSystem MLM business opportunity.

The MyWealthPowerSystem Product Line

MyWealthPowerSystem has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market affiliate membership to the company itself.

Once signed up, MyWealthPowerSystem affiliates can then purchase positions in the company’s compensation plan.

Bundled with these positions is access to what appears to be web hosting and access to a classified ads website.

The MyWealthPowerSystem Compensation Plan

The MyWealthPowerSystem compensation plan combines a matrix cycler with a company-wide matrix for residual commissions.

Matrix Cycler

MyWealthPowerSystem offer affiliates positions in a six-tier matrix cycler.

These are a series of 4×1 matrices, with each position requiring four positions below it to be filled.

After these positions are filled, the position at the top “cycles” out and a commission is paid.

For some reason the cost of positions in the matrix cycler are not provided in the MyWealthPowerSystem compensation plan, however one would assume affiliates who sign up for $39 are provided at least one position.

Here are the six-tiers MyWealthPowerSystem use in their matrix cycler:

  • Bronze – pays out $10 and entry into a Silver matrix
  • Silver – pays out $25 and entry into a Gold matrix
  • Gold – pays out $100 and entry into a Platinum matrix
  • Platinum – pays out $200 and entry into a Diamond matrix
  • Diamond – pays out $300 and entry into a Titanium matrix
  • Titanium – pays out $2000 and re-entry into another Titanium matrix

Referral commissions are paid when personally recruited affiliates cycle out of any of the six matrices as follows:

  • Bronze – $5
  • Silver – $10
  • Gold – $25
  • Platinum – $50
  • Diamond – $100
  • Titanium – $250

Residual Commissions

Residual commissions in MyWealthPowerSystem are paid out via a company-wide 5×5 matrix.

This matrix has five positions on level 1 which in turn branch out into another five levels each:


This makes up level 2 of the matrix, with these positions again branching out to make up the third level of the matrix.

This process repeats itself twice over again to make up the fourth and fifth levels of the matrix.

Commissions are paid out as positions in the matrix are filled, with positions filled via recruitment of new affiliates who pay a $39 fee.

How much of a commission is paid out is determined by what level of the matrix a newly filled position is placed:

  • level 1 – $5 per filled position
  • levels 2 to 4 – $4 per filled position
  • level 5 – $7 per filled position

Note that these are ongoing monthly commissions, subject to all affiliates in a matrix paying their $29 a month affiliate fee.

Recruitment Commissions

On top of the recruitment-based matrix commissions outlined above, MyWealthPowerSystem affiliates are also paid a direct $5 commission per affiliate they sign up at the $39 level.

This commission is paid monthly, as long as the recruited affiliate continues to pay their monthly $29 affiliate fee.

Joining MyWealthPowerSystem

Affiliate membership with MyWealthPowerSystem is $39 and then $29 a month thereafter.


With MyWealthPowerSystem John Blanchard is obviously trying to capture some of the initial momentum he gained with RWJ Marketing.

In keeping with the use of his opportunities to feed people into similar opportunities Blanchard has signed up with, MyWealthPowerSystem is being used as a feeder for Four Corners Alliance.

Taken from the MyWealthPowerSystem FAQ:

I understand You are operating a 4 Corners Team Build

Yes, MWPS do have a very large 4 Corners Alliance Group team build

Four Corners Alliance is yet another matrix-based scheme, seeing affiliates pay fees in order to qualify to receive commissions when they recruit others who do the same.

As with all recruitment-driven schemes, RWJ Marketing collapsed under its own weight, with MyWealthPowerSystem doomed to the same fate.


Because it employs a similar matrix-based compensation plan. Affiliates sign up and are given a position in the cycler and company-wide matrix.

Then, as new affiliates join the scheme, they get paid.

This continues on for as long as everyone pays their $29 a month fee. But eventually those at the bottom of the scheme are going to find they can’t recruit anybody new.

When that happens, they stop paying their monthly fee and those above them stop getting paid.

They stop paying their fee and as this effect trickles up the MyWealthPowerSystem affiliate genealogy, eventually a company-wide collapse is triggered.

At that point you only need look at the history of RWJ Marketing to see what will happen.

As per MyWealthPowerSystem’s FAQ:

Can I get a Refund

No, we have a strict No Refund Policy

John Blanchard does a runner with your money and goes on to launch something new. That he calls is MyWealthPowerSystem is not a coincidence.

There are three prior examples staring you right in the face at the beginning of this review. Does anyone really think a fourth time is going to be any different?