Multi Stream Funnel provide no information on their website about who owns or runs the company.

In fact, at the time of publication, the Multi Stream website domain is little more than an email capture page.

The Multi Stream Funnel website domain (“”) was first registered on December 16th, 2015. The registration was recently updated on December 22nd, 2016.

Ryan Carlson is listed as the owner, with a residential address in the US state of Nevada also provided.

There is a Ryan Carlson in Utah involved in MLM, but I wasn’t sure it was the same guy until I came across Multi Stream Funnel promotional material on his Facebook wall.

Other MLM opportunities Carlson has recently promoted include TVC Matrix (recruitment) and Speed Feeder (Ponzi cycler).

Why the Multi Stream Funnel website domain is registered with a Nevada address when Carlson is based out of Utah is unclear.

Read on for a full review of the Multi Stream Funnel MLM opportunity.

Multi Stream Funnel Products

Multi Stream Funnel has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market Multi Stream Funnel affiliate membership itself.

Bundled with Multi Stream Funnel affiliate membership is access to a lead generation platform.

The Multi Stream Funnel Compensation Plan

Multi Stream Funnel affiliates pay $20 a month and get paid a $1 commission when they recruit others who do the same.

Residual commissions are based on a 1-up model, paid out via a unilevel compensation structure.

A unilevel compensation structure places an affiliate at the top of a unilevel team, with every personally recruited affiliate placed directly under them (level 1):

If any level 1 affiliates recruit new affiliates, they are placed on level 2 of the original affiliate’s unilevel team.

If any level 2 affiliates recruit new affiliates, they are placed on level 3 and so on and so forth down a theoretical infinite number of levels.

Commissions are paid out at a flat rate of $20 a month, as long as personally recruited affiliates continue to pay their monthly affiliate fee.

A Multi Stream affiliate passes up the second recruitment commission they earn to the affiliate who recruited them. This includes a downline the recruited affiliate might later go on to build.

In turn, recruited affiliates must also pass up their second recruited affiliate. In this manner every Multi Stream Funnel affiliate passes up their second recruitment commission to the affiliate who recruited them.

Residual commissions can also be paid when non-paid affiliates recruit new affiliates who sign up for $20.

A Multi Stream Funnel affiliate must be paying $20 a month to qualify for $20 a month commissions. If they cease paying the fee their earned $20 commissions pass up to the first fee-paying upline affiliate.

Joining Multi Stream Income

Multi Stream Income affiliate membership is $20 a month.

A free option also exists, however free Multi Stream Income affiliates can’t participate in the MLM side of the business.


Multi Stream Income combines cash gifting with pyramid recruitment.

Affiliates sign up and pay $20 a month to another Multi Stream Income affiliate (typically the affiliate who recruited them if they themselves are paying $20 a month).

Affiliates paying affiliates in MLM is cash gifting.

The pyramid side of Multi Stream Income sees affiliate recruitment required in order to generate commissions. If you don’t recruit $20 fee-paying affiliates, you’re not getting paid.

The lead generation platform is neither here nor there, serving only as pseudo-compliance to cash gifting and pyramid recruitment.

If the platform was available for sale at a retail level that could provide legitimacy, but only if retail customers (non-affiliates) were actually purchasing it. In a gifting/recruitment scheme, this is unlikely.

The $1 direct recruitment commissions ruins the math of the Multi Stream Income business model, however I suspect Ryan Carlson is covering the commission out of his own commissions.

Pass-up schemes primarily benefit the admins running them, as their position(s) sit atop the company-wide pass-up chain.

As with all subscription-based gifting schemes, once affiliate recruitment dies affiliates at the bottom of the Multi Stream Funnel company-wide unilevel team will find themselves paying $20 a month but not earning.

Eventually they’ll stop paying their monthly affiliate fee, which means affiliates above them stop getting paid.

Over time this effect trickles up the company-wide affiliate genealogy, eventually triggering a collapse.

At that point Multi Stream Funnel affiliates who haven’t recovered their monthly fees via recruitment lose out. Mathematics guarantees this will be the majority of affiliates.