Mined operates in the education package MLM niche.

The company launched on July 24th. Promotion of Mined however dates back to at least April 2021.

Mined’s primary website domain (“mined.world”), was privately registered on March 4th, 2021.

Mined fails to provide any information about who owns or runs the company on its website.

Further research reveals the company was founded by Daniel Cueva Rodriguez.

Cueva is based out of Peru and prior to founding Mined, was an IM Mastery Academy promoter.

Based on his social media activity, Cueva stopped promoting IM Mastery Academy mid to late 2020.

Mined primarily targets Spanish speaking countries, particularly across Central and South America.

Read on for a full review of Mined’s MLM opportunity.

Mined’s Products

Mined sell access to Mined Academy, an educational platform covering trading and e-commerce.

The trading side of Mined Academy provides access to written and video material, as well as live streams and trading tool software.

“Teachers” behind the material are presented on Mined’s website:

I was able to verify all but two of Mined’s teachers are former IM Mastery promoters. The other two might be a case of language-barriers getting in the way.

Mined’s ecommerce training seems to focus on dropshipping.

Mined Academy trading and ecommerce subscriptions are sold separately for $35 one-time plus

  • M30 – $100 a month
  • M90 – $200 every three months
  • M360 – $800 annually

Both trading and ecommerce memberships are available at a discount for $35 plus

  • M30 – $150 a month
  • M90 – $320 every three months
  • M360 – $1360 annually

Mined’s Compensation Plan

Mined do not provide a copy of their compensation plan on their website.

As such the following analysis has been put together from various Mined marketing presentations in Spanish.

In a nutshell, Mined’s compensation plan revolves around generating subscription fee volume.

This comes from both retail customers and recruited affiliates paying monthly subscription fees.

Mined Affiliate Ranks

There are ten affiliate ranks within Mined’s compensation plan.

Mined offers three ways to qualify for each rank, requiring recruitment of either two affiliates (2 teams), three affiliates (3 teams) or four affiliates (4 teams).

  • GEN350 – generate 1200 GV in downline membership fee volume across two teams, 400 GV across three teams or 300 GV across four teams
  • GEN1000 – generate 4800 GV in downline membership fee volume, 1700 GV across two three teams or 1000 GV across four teams
  • GEN3000 – generate 22,000 GV in downline membership fee volume, 6500 GV across two three teams or 3700 GV across four teams
  • GEN5000 – generate 43,500 GV in downline membership fee volume, 13,900 GV across two three teams or 6200 GV across four teams
  • GEN10K – generate 75,000 GV in downline membership fee volume, 26,000 GV across two three teams or 10,000 GV across four teams
  • GEN30K – generate 225,000 GV in downline membership fee volume, 90,000 GV across two three teams or 35,000 GV across four teams
  • GEN60K – generate 600,000 GV in downline membership fee volume, 190,000 GV across two three teams or 80,000 GV across four teams
  • GEN100K – generate 950,000 GV in downline membership fee volume, 320,000 GV across two three teams or 125,000 GV across four teams
  • GEN300K – generate 3,500,000 GV in downline membership fee volume, 1,200,000 GV across two three teams or 500,000 GV across four teams
  • GEN1M – generate 14,500,000 GV in downline membership fee volume, 5,000,000 GV across two three teams or 2,000,000 GV across four teams

GV stands for “Group Volume” and is sales volume generated by the purchase of subscriptions.

$1 spent on membership fees equates to 1 GV.


Mined affiliates earn monthly commissions based on rank:

  • qualify at GEN350 and receive $350 a month
  • qualify at GEN1000 and receive $1000 a month
  • qualify at GEN3000 and receive $3000 a month
  • qualify at GEN5000 and receive $5000 a month
  • qualify at GEN10K and receive $10,000 a month
  • qualify at GEN30K and receive $30,000 a month
  • qualify at GEN60K and receive $60,000 a month
  • qualify at GEN100K and receive $100,000 a month
  • qualify at GEN300K and receive $300,000 a month
  • qualify at GEN1M and receive $1,000,000 a month

Note that while commissions are calculated based on previous monthly volume, commissions themselves are paid fortnightly.

Joining Mined

Mined affiliate membership is $9.99 a month.

Mined Conclusion

When I began researching Mined and saw they were promoting a trading education platform, I immediately picked up on the IM Mastery vibes.

Slick advertising. Way too much put into presentation and no actual substance.

Once I had the name of who was behind it, the first thing I did was see if they’d been an IM Mastery promoter. Sure enough…

Although it has some extras with the ecommerce dropshipping content, Mined is essentially IM Mastery but hyper focused on Spanish speakers.

This makes sense as, at least from what I can tell, all of the people involved are from Peru and other South American countries.

Where things fall apart is the reason Daniel Cueva and friends stopped promoting IM Mastery Academy.

Like Mined, IM Mastery Academy hangs its hat on those who pay for their content being able to “trade with confidence”.

Cueva and friends were with IM Mastery Academy dating back to at least 2018. So where are the trading results?

Shouldn’t these guys be millionaire trading geniuses by now? Instead we have them shilling trading advice, presumably made up entirely of what they learned (or didn’t learn?) at IM Mastery Academy.

Take for example Mined trading teacher Luis Pasco, cousin of founder Daniel Cueva.

In October 2019 Pasco posted this to his Facebook page;

Almost 8 months ago I started studying Trading.

A whole new world to me in which I had no previous experience. Before I used to see these graphics and I didn’t understand anything, for me it was Chinese.

However, thanks to my cousin and life partner @danielcuevarodriguez I opened my mind to this world (which before I not only knew but judged without knowledge) and decided to start studying with IM Academy.

The first 5 months I spent copying, awesome that one can win thanks to the knowledge of other professional traders while learning with this academy.

The past 3 months I got more studious, and thanks to what I’m learning I don’t just understand but I can also analyze and be profitable by myself 😁😁.

And so I want to thank the 3 IM academy educators with whom I have followed this learning process (it’s almost 100 so there’s still a lot to learn).

Starting with my cousin @gvcueva, Latino Trader of the year, thanks to his constant study, work and effort and the results they gave him made me understand that this was real for everyone who strives like him.

Cool. So three years later where’s the money? Where are the verifiable trading results?

Why should I pay Mined for training education if Mined can’t prove each and every one of its teachers financially benefited tremendously from IM Mastery’s trading material?

BehindMLM reviewed IM Mastery Academy (formerly iMarketsLive) in December 2019.

Taken from the review, see if this sounds familiar;

Another aspect to consider is that iMarketsLive has been around since 2013. The company has had six years to generate trading success stories – yet I couldn’t find one referenced on IM Mastery Academy’s website.

An external search revealed some testimonials, but as far as I can tell these are all from affiliates.

Shouldn’t IM Mastery Academy, following on from iMarketsLive, be swimming in retail customer trading success stories by now?

That of course assumes IM Mastery Academies algorithms and what not actually work long-term.

Based on the lack of ranting and raving from satisfied retail customers, I have my doubts.

It seems Daniel Cueva and friends realized the money to be made is in selling training, not from the actual trading itself. And so here we are.

Given the gaping due-diligence holes that will likely scare off any sensible retail customer, the vast majority of Mined packages will be held by affiliates.

This will of course make it a pyramid scheme. I maintain that is how IM Mastery Academy operated in 2019 and still operates today.

No doubt if asked, Cueva and friends would be able to verify based on their own IM Mastery Academy business experience.

The bottom line?

If anyone is selling you a trading package (or ecommerce for that matter), ask to see long-term results. If they can’t provide any, run.