mgh-global-vision-logoMGH Global Vision list two offices on their website, a “head office” in Thailand and a “corporate office” in India.

The email address used for both offices points to MGH Global Vision’s Indian domain, indicating that the business in likely being run out of India. The Thai office is likely to be only rented office space (I tried punching the supplied address into Google maps and, other than ascertaining the building is a hotel, wasn’t able to turn up anything concrete).

Heading up MGH Global is co-founder and Chairman, Hob Khadka. Interestingly enough in his LinkedIn profile, Khadka lists his location as Singapore.

Singapore appears on a list of Asian countries in a section titled “find us” on MGH’s website, however no further information is provided.

Khadka describes himself as ‘a highly dynamic & young visionary entrepreneur from the land of the Himalayas’, however MLM opportunities other than MGH are noticeably absent on his LinkedIn profile.

Despite this, Khadka refers to himself as ‘a highly respected International Networker and MLM Corporate Founder‘ on his personal website (“”).

One upcoming MLM opportunity I noticed Khadka was involved in is iBoss Global.


Claiming to be based out Texas, the company doesn’t appear to have fully launched yet – but credits Khadka as its founder and Chairman on the website. Khadka himself has been heavily promoting the company on both his Facebook and Twitter feeds over the past month or so.

What the launch of iBoss Global will mean for MGH Global going forward is unclear.

Read on for a full review of the MGH Global Vision MLM business opportunity.

The MGH Global Vision Product Line

mgh-global-vision-product-lineMGH Global Vision operate in the health and wellness MLM niche. The company offers up a somewhat eclectic product offering:

  • Natulife Organic Green Tea – “made from the finest handpicked tea leaves, grown in the refreshing clean air at the foothills of the Nepalese Himalayas”
  • Bio Magnetic Bracelet – “proven anti neo plastic properties to reduce risk of cancer
  • Scaler Energy Pendant – no product information provided
  • Wheat Grass Dietary – “a kind of grass which has therapeutic and healing properties”
  • MGH Power Bank – mobile battery powered power-source
  • Gamat Maxx Super Food – “super food with more than 60 nutrients”
  • Quantum MST Pendant – no product description provided
  • Radisafe Mobile Chip – no product description provided
  • Neon Energy Drink – “combines a natural glow, great flavor and healthy ingredients”

Unfortunately MGH Global Vision do not provide retail pricing for any of their products on their website.

The MGH Global Vision Compensation Plan

The MGH Global Vision compensation plan revolves around affiliates purchasing packages and recruiting affiliates who do the same.

There are four packages MGH affiliates are able to purchase:

  • ECO Package – $65
  • GIC Package – $130
  • Education Package – $300
  • GIC Gold Package – $390

Recruitment Commissions

An MGH Global Vision affiliate is able to earn 10% of the package price purchases made by affiliates they personally recruit.

In order to qualify for this commission, an affiliate must first earn $6200 in binary commissions.

Residual Binary Commissions

Residual commissions in MGH are paid out using a binary compensation structure.

A binary compensation structure places an affiliate at the top of a binary team, with two positions directly under them:


In turn, these two positions branch out into another two positions and so on and so forth down a theoretical infinite number of levels.

Positions in the binary represent recruited affiliates, either recruited directly or via the recruitment efforts of an affiliate’s up and downlines.

The two initial positions in the binary form the start of two sides, left and right, with sales volume from affiliates purchasing packages tracked between both sides.

Binary commissions are paid out using a 1:1 pairing ratio, paying out 10% each time $2600 is accumulated on both sides of the binary.

This equates to a $260 commission, which can be earned up to ten times in a single week ($2600).

Note that any unpaired sales volume is carried over.

Matrix Commissions

The MGH Global Vision compensation doesn’t provide any specifics on these, but does provide the following explanation:

Qualify only once for three board progression in gaining sequence and then revolve indefinitely between Millionaire and Billionaire board on an indefinite basis.

There are three matrices (“boards”) named, Dreamer, Millionaire and Billionaire.

How big the matrices are is unclear, however upon filling the Dreamer matrix pays $400, the Millionaire $6000 and the Billionaire $30,000.

As per typical matrix compensation plans, positions in these matrices are filled by recruited affiliates purchasing packages. Once a matrix is full the top positions cycles out into a higher matrix, at which point the filling process repeats.

At $30,000 paid out at the Billionaire board level, one would assume the size of the boards MGH Global Vision use to be quite large.

Note that affiliates who purchase ECO Packages can only cycle out of the Dreamer and Millionaire matrix. If they wish to cycle out into a Billionaire matrix they need to purchase a more expensive package.

Country Pool Bonus

The Country Pool Bonus is made up of 2% of MGH Global Vision’s company-wide sales (split geographically in the countries MGH operates in).

MGH affiliates qualify for a share in the monthly pool by cycling at least once out of a Millionaire Board into a Billionaire Board.

Global Pool Bonus

The Global Pool Bonus is made up of 1% of MGH Global Vision’s company-wide package sales.

MGH affiliates can qualify for a share in the monthly pool by recruiting at least five affiliates who have cycled out of a Millionaire Board into a Billionaire Board.

Education Bonus

If an MGH Global Vision affiliate recruits two affiliates, they qualify for a $15 a month payment for 60 months ($900).

Five Year Monthly Bonus

If an MGH Global Vision affiliate earns $26,000 in binary commissions or recruits five affiliates who together each earn $6200 in binary commissions, they qualify for the Five Year Monthly Bonus.

The Five Year Monthly Bonus pays out $350 a month for 60 months ($21,000).

Awards and Rewards & Retirement Plan

Additional “awards and rewards” and a retirement plan are mentioned in the MGH Global Vision compensation plan, however no specific information is provided.

Joining MGH Global Vision

Affiliate membership to MGH Global Vision is tied to the purchase of a package:

  • ECO Package – $65
  • GIC Package – $130
  • Education Package – $300
  • GIC Gold Package – $390

The main difference between the amount spent on affiliate membership is commission eligibility via MGH’s matrix commissions.


With nothing being sold to retail customers and all commissions centered around the recruitment of affiliates and their purchase of packages (membership), MGH Global Vision falls squarely in pyramid scheme territory.

Affiliates buy in, with the more spent qualifying them for higher commissions (matrix boards), and are then recruited directly and residually based on their recruiting efforts and that of those they recruit or recruited them.

No product prices are provided on the MGH Global Vision website, leading me to believe they are only offered through affiliate membership to the opportunity itself.

And as for the products themselves, several have questionable claims of being able to treat cancer and a range of other diseases.

The “bio magnetic bracelet” in particular is a serious offender:

Bio-magnetic Power Bracelet that has proven anti neo plastic properties to reduce risk of cancer.

These are designed in strict accordance with international guidelines and made in state of the art facilities by using high end technologies.

It is shown to relieve backache as well as dysmenorrheal pain. It has beneficial effect on high blood sugar levels in diabetics and high blood pressure in hypertensive patients. It is very useful in reducing raised levels of cholesterol in circulation and improves metabolism.

We ensure rigid norms of quality in agreement with set standards of industry and offer these at very reasonable prices to our clients.

Benefits Of Bio Magnetic Bracelets:

-Relieves joint and muscle pain

-Protects from mobile radiations and other types of radiations

-All eviates back ache and period pai

-Increases energy level

-Soothes arthritis pain

-Lowers the level of cholesterol

-Increases body metabolism and blood circulation

-Control diabetes and high blood pressure

That’s an FDA regulatory wet-dream right there. And several of MGH Global Vision’s other products aren’t much better:

Wheat Grass Dietary

Helps fight various diseases: Though there isn’t much scientific evidence but there are unpublished studies that show wheatgrass juice can fight tumors without the usual toxicity of the drugs. Also aids in the treatment of cancer, arthritis, insomnia, asthma, menstrual problems etc.”

This is super nature food for the future, suitable for anti-ageing also for cancer, low immunity and all.


Gamat Maxx Super Food

This is super nature food for the future, suitable for anti-ageing also for cancer, low immunity and all.

Currently MGH Global Vision doesn’t appear to be operating in the US, but if Hob Khadka’s new company iBoss Global start stocking similar hocus pocus products – it probably won’t be long before they attract the attention of the FDA.

It was only a few weeks ago that we saw the FDA target two essential oils MLM companies because their affiliates were making erroneous health claims about the products.

Here with MGH Global Vision we have the company itself doing it.

As with all pyramid schemes, once the recruitment of affiliates and their purchasing of packages slows down, so too will the company’s commission payouts. Both the binary and matrix commissions are dependent on the constant recruitment of new affiliates.

Once that happens, the owners of such companies either run off with the money or gear up to launch a new opportunity. They do this in the hope of suckering those at the bottom of their last pyramid with promises of positions at the top of their new one (in addition to early adopters of their old scheme carrying over and starting again).

That might be what we’re seeing with iBoss Global and it’s purported headquartering in the US state of Texas. I couldn’t find any information on iBoss Global’s business model and compensation plan though, so I can’t say for sure right now.

In any event, probably best to avoid MGH Global Vision. Their products aren’t going to protect you from radiation and cure disease, and participating in pyramid schemes is illegal the world over.