Just Been Paid was a notorious Ponzi scheme from the early 2000s.

The scheme was run by Frederick Mann, an elusive old white guy from South Africa.

After the initial Just Been Paid Ponzi collapsed, over the years Mann rebooted the scheme as JSS-Tripler, JBP’s Synergy Surf (JSS), JSS-Booster and JSS-Warp.

There were also various clones launched, hoping to capitalize on Just Been Paid’s notoriety.

Last month someone resurrected Just Been Paid to launch a low-effort smart contract Ponzi.

It’s extremely doubtful Frederick Mann is behind the Just Been Paid reboot. He was old back in the last 2000s and hasn’t been seen or heard from since Just Been Paid’s initial runs collapsed.

The 2020 relaunch of Just Been Paid operates from “justbeenpaid.io”, a domain privately registered in August 2020.

Most of the promotional material for Just Been Paid is in Hindi. This syncs with Alexa pegging India as the top source of traffic to Just Been Paid’s website (78%).

It is highly probable that someone in India, likely an investor in the original scam,  is running the Just Been Paid reboot.

Another possibility is an African admin.

On Just Been Paid 2020’s official YouTube account, two admin videos uploaded in December 2020 feature the guy on the right.

Note that the video is geo-tagged Georgia (the US state). This is likely another red herring.

Just Been Paid’s Boris CEO doesn’t reveal his name. He does however have a distinctly African accent and claims to be speaking on behalf of Frederick Mann.

As always, if an MLM company is not openly upfront about who is running or owns it, think long and hard about joining and/or handing over any money.

Just Been Paid 2020’s Products

Just Been Paid 2020 has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market Just Been Paid 2020 affiliate membership itself.

Just Been Paid 2020’s Compensation Plan

Just Been Paid affiliates invest 0.05 ETH investment positions and a multi-tier matrix cycler.

Direct Investment Positions

0.05 ETH investment positions pay a 250% ROI.

Additional direct investment tiers are as follows:

  • Bronze – invest 2 to 99 ETH and receive a 1% daily ROI for 200 days
  • Silver – invest 100 to 499 ETH and receive a 1.5% daily ROI for 135 days
  • Gold – invest 500 to 999 ETH and receive a 2% daily ROI for 100 days
  • Platinum – invest 1000 to 1999 ETH and receive a 2.5% daily ROI for 80 days
  • Diamond – invest 2000 to 2999 ETH and receive a 3% daily ROI for 67 days
  • Ruby – invest 3000 to 3999 ETH and receive a 3.5% daily ROI for 58 days
  • Black Diamond – invest 4000 to 4999 ETH and receive a 4% daily ROI for 50 days

Matrix Cycler Positions

Just Been Paid 2020 runs a 3×1 matrix cycler.

A 3×1 matrix consists of three positions to be filled. Positions are filled via subsequent investment in 0.25 ETH positions.

Once all three positions in the matrix are filled, a return is paid out and the position cycles into the next tier.

ROI payments across Just Been Paid 2020’s cycler tiers are as follows:

  • Tier 1 (positions cost 0.05 ETH) – 0.05 ETH ROI, cycles into tier 2
  • Tier 2 – 0.1 ETH ROI, cycles into tier 3
  • Tier 3 – 0.15 ETH ROI, generates a new Tier 1 position and cycles into Tier 4
  • Tier 4 – 0.3 ETH ROI, generates two new Tier 1 positions and cycles into Tier 5
  • Tier 5 – 0.6 ETH ROI, generates four new Tier 1 positions and cycles into Tier 6
  • Tier 6 – 1.2 ETH ROI, generates eight new Tier 1 positions and cycles into Tier 7
  • Tier 7 – 2.4 ETH ROI, generates sixteen new Tier 1 positions and cycles into Tier 8
  • Tier 8 – 4.8 ETH ROI, generates thirty-two new Tier 1 positions and cycles into Tier 9
  • Tier 9 – 9.6 ETH ROI, generates sixty-four new Tier 1 positions and cycles into Tier 10
  • Tier 10 – 19.2 ETH ROI, generates one hundred and twenty-eight new Tier 1 positions and cycles into Tier 11
  • Tier 11 – 38.4 ETH ROI, generates two hundred and fifty-six new Tier 1 positions and cycles into Tier 12
  • Tier 12 – 76.8 ETH ROI, generates five hundred and twelve new Tier 1 positions and cycles into Tier 13
  • Tier 13 – 153.6 ETH ROI, generates one thousand and twenty-four new Tier 1 positions and cycles into Tier 14
  • Tier 14 – 307.4 ETH ROI, generates two thousand and forty-eight new Tier 1 positions and cycles into Tier 15
  • Tier 15 – 2456.6 ETH ROI

Various “re-entries” are also provided across the fifteen cycler tiers. I’m assuming these correspond with investment positions.

Joining Just Been Paid

Just Been Paid affiliate membership is tied to a minimum 0.05 ETH investment.


Whoever is running Just Been Paid has decided to run with the Frederick Mann backstory:

Only problem is that’s not Just Been Paid’s Mann. The photo used is that of Frederick George Mann, an organic chemist who died in 1982.

Courtesy of a YouTube video uploaded back in 2007, that’s Just Been Paid’s Frederick Mann on the right. Or at least someone playing him.

Just Been Paid 2020 promises to “double your funds without any risks”.

This is obviously baloney. Just Been Paid 2020 was a simple smart-contract Ponzi scheme.

I say was because it appears the original Ponzi has already collapsed. Yeah, it didn’t even last a few weeks.

As per a “new update” on January 14th from Just Been Paid’s Boris CEO;

The management is moving the plan and concept into Tron blockchain.

Visitors to Just Been Paid 2020’s website are also greeted with the following message:

Justbeenpaid is moving to new technology tron based smart contract and launching this Jan 2021.

In other words, Just Been Paid’s admin will repurpose their existing script for tron instead of ethereum.

Anyone who invested in the original ethereum contract Ponzi takes a hit.

As far as I can tell Just Been Paid 2020’s tron reboot reboot hasn’t happened yet. Perhaps it won’t and the exit-scam has already taken place.

Regardless of whether the tron reboot reboot happens or not, it’ll play out the same as every other smart contract Ponzi.

Just Been Paid 2020’s admin and their buddies will steal most of the invested funds. Everyone loses out.