Jewel Sanitary Napkins provides no information about who owns or runs the company on their website.

In researching Jewel Sanitary Napkins’ website, I came across this line in the non-linked compensation plan section of their website:

Upon joining as an Independent Distributor you will pay an enrollment fee of $50. This fee includes your replicated website ( and your ( back-office which tracks all your sales and volume.

For some reason the only way to access that page is through a Google search. It isn’t linked anywhere on Jewel Sanitary Napkins’ public-facing website.

Anyway, naturally I visited 6 Star’s website. It’s pretty much a 1:1 clone of Jewel Sanitary Napkins’ website, although it does provide some extra information.

Despite having an “about” section headlined with “get to know us here” though, all that’s there is a Bill Gates quote and generic company description.

Further research lead me to a series of marketing videos featuring Demond Crump:

In these videos, Crump is cited as Jewel Sanitary Napkins’ CEO.

Crump’s name in turn lead me to a March 2018 blog post on Nspire Network, which claimed Crump, along with several partners, co-founded the company.

Founded by Demond Crump, along with partners Spencer Iverson, Joel Medina and Demond Coleman, Nspire offers a wide range of high-quality health products for men and women.

BehindMLM reviewed Nspire Network in January 2017. The only executive we were able to confirm was Spencer Iverson.

By late 2018 Nspire Network was on the rocks. It was sold off to Wakaya Perfection in November 2018.

I was unable to determine whether any of Demond Crump’s Nspire Network partners are involved in Jewel Sanitary Napkins.

Read on for a full review of Jewel Sanitary Napkins’ MLM opportunity.

Jewel Sanitary Napkins’ Products

Jewel Sanitary Napkins markets a range of premium sanitary napkins and panty liners.

  • Very Light Pant – $6 a pack
  • Heavy Flow – $6 a pack
  • Super Heavy Flo – $6 a pack
  • Moderate Flo – $6 a pack
  • Panty Liners – “a very light, ultra thin, panty liner for everyday use”, retails at $6 a pack

Jewel Sanitary Napkins’ do have an online store front, however it’s clunky and doesn’t specify how many pads or liners there are in a pack.

A “monthly subscription bundle” is also available for $24, however no details are provided.

Jewel Sanitary Napkins’ pads contain a “graphene infused strip”, which the company states “may provide” the following health benefits:

  • relief from painful abdominal cramps
  • body PH balance
  • eliminate harmful bacteria
  • help with aroma
  • help fight fatigue
  • boost metabolism
  • boost immune system

According to Jewel Sanitary Napkins, the graphene infused strip “moves heat away from your core and contains vibrational energy”.

Note that Jewel Sanitary Pads do not have FDA approval for any of the above claims.

At the time of publication there is no FDA disclaimer on either Jewel Sanitary Napkins’ or 6 Star’s websites.

Jewel Sanitary Napkins’ Compensation Plan

Jewel Sanitary Napkins’ compensation plan pays affiliates to sell their pads to retail customers.

Residual commissions are offered via a four-level deep unilevel team.

A monthly bonus pool is also detailed, however it’s unclear whether the bonus is actively paying out.

Commission Qualification

To qualify for commissions a Jewel Sanitary Napkins affiliate must purchase $30 or more worth of products.

Ongoing qualification requires a Jewel Sanitary Napkins’ affiliate to maintain a $30 monthly autoship order.

Retail Commissions

Jewel Sanitary Napkins splits retail commissions into confusing “wholesale” and “retail sales” categories.

According to the company,

a Wholesaler is an individual who has the option to simply sell our products online and/or “hand to hand,” but prefers not to benefit from team building.

I have no idea what the difference is between this is and making a sale to retail customers. One possibility is that Jewel Sanitary Napkins affiliates without a downline are counted as “wholesalers”.

In any event, “wholesalers” are paid receive $1.50 per per pack of sanitary napkins they sell to retail customers.

A 50 cent retail commission is also paid to the first upline affiliate (the affiliate who recruited the affiliate who makes the sale).

Retail sales (???) pay out less but also have a residual component (unilevel).

Selling a pack of sanitary napkins to a retail customer (???) generates a $1 commission.

On the residual side of things commissions are paid via a unilevel compensation structure.

A unilevel compensation structure places an affiliate at the top of a unilevel team, with every personally recruited affiliate placed directly under them (level 1):

If any level 1 affiliates recruit new affiliates, they are placed on level 2 of the original affiliate’s unilevel team.

If any level 2 affiliates recruit new affiliates, they are placed on level 3 and so on and so forth down a theoretical infinite number of levels.

Jewel Sanitary Napkins caps payable unilevel team levels at four.

Residual retail commissions are a flat 25 cents per $6 sale across all four levels.

Commercial/Bulk Sales Commissions

Jewel Sanitary Napkins defines a commercial/bulk sale as an order of 5000 or more sanitary napkins.

The commission split on these orders is 60% to the company and 40% to the compensation plan.

Of the 40%:

  • 50% is paid to the affiliate who makes the sale
  • 25% is paid to the first upline (the affiliate who recruited the affiliate who makes the sale)
  • 12.5% is paid to the second and third uplines

Note that no actual commission amounts (even examples) are specified.

Recruitment Commissions

Jewel Sanitary Napkins’ pays a commission when newly recruited affiliates purchase a “Distributor Package”.

There are two Distributors Packages available:

  • Standard Kit – $100
  • Advance Kit – $250

Commissions on both kits are paid out down four levels of recruitment:

  • Standard Kit recruitment generates $15 on level 1 and $5 on levels 2 to 4
  • Advance Kit recruitment generates $35 on level 1, $20 on level 2 and $10 on levels 3 and 4

Residual Commissions

Jewel Sanitary Napkins pays residual commissions via the same four-level deep unilevel team as everything else.

  • level 1 (personally recruited affiliates) – 16.5%
  • level 2 – 6.5%
  • levels 3 and 4 – 5%

First Family Bonus Pool

Jewel Sanitary Napkins takes 10% of company-wide profits and places it into the First Family Bonus Pool.

The First Family Bonus Pool is split into ten smaller pools, which correspond with Jewel Sanitary Napkins affiliate ranks.

  • Believer (acquire and maintain 25 active retail customers or generate $500 a month in downline volume) = one share in a 15% pool
  • Conqueror (acquire and maintain 50 active retail customers or generate $1000 a month in downline volume) = one share in a 10% pool
  • Trailblazer (acquire and maintain 100 active retail customers or generate $2500 a month in downline volume) = one share in a 10% pool
  • Warrior (acquire and maintain 250 active retail customers or generate $5000 a month in downline volume) = one share in a 5% pool
  • Diamond (acquire and maintain 500 active retail customers or generate $10,000 a month in downline volume) = one share in a 5% pool
  • All Star (acquire and maintain 1000 active retail customers or generate $25,000 a month in downline volume) = one share in a 5% pool
  • Ace (acquire and maintain 2500 active retail customers or generate $50,000 a month in downline volume) = one share in a 5% pool
  • Champion (acquire and maintain 5000 active retail customers or generate $100,000 a month in downline volume) = one share in a 10% pool
  • Gladiator (acquire and maintain 10,000 active retail customers or generate $250,000 a month in downline volume) = one share in a 15% pool
  • TBA (actual rank name, acquire and maintain 25,000 active retail customers or generate $500,000 a month in downline volume) = one share in a 20% pool

Note that Jewel Sanitary Napkins states

our goal to begin this form of commission after the completion of our first year as a company.

Jewel Sanitary Napkins’ website domain was registered in December 2018. Whether the company is currently paying out the First Family Bonus Pool is unclear.

Jewel Sanitary Napkins also states that if company-wide revenue exceeds $5 million annually, they will bump the pool percentage to 20%.

Joining Jewel Sanitary Napkins

Jewel Sanitary Napkins affiliate membership costs $50 annually.

Two optional Distributor Packages are also available:

  • Standard Kit – $100
  • Advance Kit – $250

These kits come with Jewel Sanitary Napkins products, however specific details are not provided.


Nspire Network and Jewel Sanitary Napkin’s flagship product are sanitary napkins.

Nspire Network marketed its napkins as having “negative ion technology”. Jewel Sanitary Napkins’ markets a range of pads that contain a graphene strip.

A quick Google search reveals multiple articles linking improved negative ion release to graphene.

For all intents and purposes, it appears Jewel Sanitary Napkins is a reboot of Nspire Network.

I’m not really sure what’s going on with 6 Star, but it appears in some instances Jewel Sanitary Napkins uses this name to refer to their MLM opportunity.

Most of the company branding however is Jewel Sanitary Napkins so that’s what I’ve gone with.

With respect to the graphene pads, Jewel Sanitary Napkins makes a bunch of health claims. There isn’t any hard evidence though to back any of them up.

About as close as Jewel Sanitary Napkins gets is this video where, apparently, a light bulb is able to be powered by the graphene strip.


Update 20th October 2020 – As of October 2020 Jewel Sanitary Napkins has deleted the referenced video previously linked here from their YouTube account. /end update


Cool if you’re a lightbulb, I guess. Does this benefit a menstruating vajayjay though? No idea.

Out of curiosity I punched “graphene sanitary pads” into Google, which invariably lead me to Alibaba.

Can you spot the difference between this Nice Day pad and the one from Jewel Sanitary Napkins’ marketing material?

Other than jewel making it greyscale and upping the contrast, neither could I.

Although the visual evidence is compelling (also the 5000 min order), I can’t say for sure whether Nice Day are supplying Jewel Sanitary Napkins.

What we do learn from the similarities though is an idea of actual wholesale price, 8 cents a piece.

Once shipping is factored in ($375.12 per 5000 lot), we get a rough 15.5 cents per pad wholesale cost.

Value is largely determined by how many pads Jewel Sanitary Napkins include in their packs.

Why this isn’t disclosed in the packaging or on Jewel Sanitary Napkins website is unclear.

Moving onto Jewel Sanitary Napkins’ compensation plan, although retail is present it plays second fiddle to recruitment.

First up the most glaring red flag of Jewel Sanitary Napkins’ compensation plan is mandatory autoship:

To be a Qualified Distributor and earn commissions from your Downline and Customer orders, your First Order must be a minimum of $30 before applicable taxes ( separate from a Monthly Autoship package).

As an Independent Distributor you must maintain a Monthly Autoship of a minimum of $30 to be qualified to earn commissions.

This is pay to play and is typically the foundation of a pyramid scheme.

With respect to Jewel Sanitary Napkins, this would see the majority of commissions generated on required monthly affiliate autoship orders.

Inventory loading is also a concern. How many $6 napkin packs do you get in a $250 Advance Kit?

The only instance where retail volume is a qualification criteria in Jewel Sanitary Napkins’ compensation plan, is for the First Family Bonus Pool. And even then it can be ignored in favor of downline volume.

Underscoring this is Nspire Network’s failure and eventual sell off.

If these graphene negative ion pads are so great, where are all the retail customers?

I know we’ll probably get a few Jewel Sanitary Napkins’ affiliates raving about the pads below in the comments, but surely if these pads weren’t just a gimmick there’d be widespread adoption.

Certainly graphene doesn’t seem expensive to include in pads, so why haven’t any of the big players adopted it yet? I mean cmon, even as a premium cost side range?

Something doesn’t add up with these graphene pads.