GreatLife Worldwide hides ownership and upper executive information from consumers.

I say “hide” because while GreatLife Worldwide provides executive information on its website, it caps out at COO David Knappert.

Further research reveals GreatLife Worldwide marketing citing Greg Gunderson as founder of the company.

Funnily enough Gunderson is presented on GreatLife Worldwide’s website, but only as a “network marketing consultant”.

Why Gunderson is hiding ownership of GreatLife Worldwide is unclear.

In any event, Greg Gunderson is known to BehindMLM as founder and CEO of American Dream Nutrition.

BehindMLM last reviewed American Dream Nutrition in 2018. Across our first (2012) and second American Dream Nutrition reviews, autoship recruitment remained an unresolved compliance issue.

At time of publication American Dream Nutrition’s website is still up. For December 2023 however, SimilarWeb tracked just ~23,000 monthly visits.

A visit to American Dream Nutrition’s website reveals GreatLife Worldwide is a reboot.

Read on for a full review of the GreatLife Worldwide MLM opportunity.

GreatLife Worldwide’s Products

GreatLife Worldwide markets a range of nutritional supplements and digital subscriptions.

Nutritional Supplements

  • PhytoZon – anti-aging formula, retails at $45 a bottle
  • Stem Cell Release Factor – “release millions of stem cells” for an “anti-aging process”, retails at $49 a bottle
  • TransferFactor – “cellular immune support”, retails at$45 a bottle
  • Cherry Blaster – energy drink powder, retails at $45 a tub
  • Pure-O2 – “activated liquid oxygen”, retails at $45 a bottle
  • AcaiPlus – antioxidant supplement, retails at $45 a bottle
  • Keto Fat Burner – “metabolic ketosis support”, retails at $45 a bottle
  • ProCleanse – “healthy gut cleanse”, retails at $45 a bottle
  • Clear Heart – “promotes healthy circulation”, retails at $45 a bottle
  • Get Juiced – “high-orac cellular nutrition”, retails at $45 a bottle
  • Wild Conk – “super immune concentrate” essential oil blend, retails at $45 a bottle
  • PureAquaMins – “cellular hydration”, retails at $45 for two bottles
  • Nu-Derma Gold – “anti-aging serum, retails at $45 a bottle
  • 6-In-One Cellular Superfoods Complex Formula – “super greens” supplement, retails at $45 a tub

Digital Subscriptions

  • Personal Fitness Digital Subscription – “You have 24/7 Access To Your Professional Fitness Trainers & Workouts on any device, via your app, smart phone, tablet, laptop or computer”, retails at $45
  • Financial Education Digital Subscription – “provides a number of e-books, audiobooks and courses designed provide information only”, retails at $45
  • Personal Chef Digital Subscription – “a digital culinary treasure trove for food enthusiasts and aspiring chefs alike!”, retails at $45
  • E-Library Digital Subscription – a “digital treasure trove offers an extensive range of on-demand content”, retails at $45
  • Womens [sic] Group Digital Subscription – “a specially designed program to empower Women around the globe”, retails at $45
  • Celebrity Life Coach Digital Subscription – “Reggie Cochran.Reggie will help you achieve success in all areas of your life”, retails at $45

Although there’s no indication on GreatLife Worldwide’s website, I believe its subscriptions are billed monthly.

GreatLife Worldwide’s Compensation Plan

GreatLife Worldwide pays on recruitment and product/subscription sales to recruited affiliates and referred retail customers.

GreatLife Worldwide Affiliate Ranks

There are six affiliate ranks within GreatLife Worldwide’s compensation plan.

Along with their respective qualification criteria, they are as follows:

  1. Affiliate – sign up as a GreatLife Worldwide affiliate
  2. Silver – recruit three affiliates and generate 30 BV or more a month
  3. Gold – recruit five affiliates and generate 60 BV or more a month
  4. Platinum – recruit nine affiliates and generate 90 BV or more a month
  5. Diamond – recruit twelve affiliates, maintain 90 BV or more a month and generate $10,000 GV a month
  6. International Diamond – recruit twenty affiliates, maintain 90 BV a month and generate $25,000 GV a month

BV stands for “Business Volume” and is generated by product purchases. 30 BV essentially equates to one product purchase.

BV can be generated either by an affiliate’s own product purchase or that of a personally referred retail customer who places an order.

GV stands for “Group Volume”. GV is PV generated by an affiliate and their entire downline.

Note that for Diamond and International Diamond, up to 60% of required GV can be counted from any one recruitment leg.

Recruitment Commissions

GreatLife Worldwide affiliates earn $20 per affiliate recruited.

Residual Commissions

GreatLife Worldwide pays residual commissions via a 2×16 matrix.

A 2×16 matrix places an affiliate at the top of a matrix with two positions directly under them:

These two positions form the first level of the matrix. The second level of the matrix is generated by splitting these first two positions into another two positions each (four positions).

Levels three to sixteen of the matrix are generated in the same manner, with each new level housing twice as many positions as the previous level.

Positions in the matrix are filled via direct and indirect recruitment of GreatLife Worldwide affiliates.

Residual commissions are paid as a percentage of affiliate fees and product purchases across the matrix.

  • 3.5% is paid on monthly affiliate fees
  • 30 cents is paid per product purchased

Note that to unlock all sixteen matrix levels, a GreatLife Worldwide affiliate must recruit three affiliates and generate 30 BV a month.

GreatLife Worldwide affiliates who don’t recruit and generate 30 BV a month only earn residual commission on ten matrix levels.

Matching Bonus

GreatLife Worldwide pays a Matching Bonus on recruitment commissions earned by personally recruited affiliate.

This includes direct recruitment commissions and ongoing monthly matrix recruitment commissions.

Coded Bonus

GreatLife Worldwide’s Coded Bonus is paid out via a unilevel compensation structure.

A unilevel compensation structure places an affiliate at the top of a unilevel team, with every personally recruited affiliate placed directly under them (level 1):

If any level 1 affiliates recruit new affiliates, they are placed on level 2 of the original affiliate’s unilevel team.

If any level 2 affiliates recruit new affiliates, they are placed on level 3 and so on and so forth down a theoretical infinite number of levels.

GreatLife Worldwide’s Coded Bonus is paid on product and subscription purchases across the unilevel team.

Tracking the Coded Bonus is a bit convoluted. Coded Bonus tracking corresponds to ranks, which create matrices within an affiliate’s unilevel team.

Coded Bonus tracking starts at the Silver rank. At this rank an affiliate is paid $3 per product purchased down 2 x infinity matrices created.

These matrices start from the third recruited affiliate and covers every affiliate recruited until Gold rank is qualified for.

Qualifying for Gold unlocks Gold tier Coded Bonus matrices, counted from the fifth personally recruited affiliate.

Gold tier Coded Bonus matrices are 4 x infinity in size and pay $3 per product ordered.

Finally we have Platinum tier Coded Bonus matrices. These start from the ninth personally recruited affiliate.

Platinum tier Coded Bonus are tracked across 8 x infinity matrices and again pay $3 per product ordered.

Diamond Revenue Sharing Bonus Pool

GreatLife Worldwide takes 1% of company-wide sales volume and places it into a Diamond Revenue Sharing Bonus Pool.

The Diamond Revenue Sharing Bonus Pool is shared equally each month among all qualified Diamonds.

Note that at time of publication GreatLife Worldwide’s Diamond Revenue Sharing Bonus Pool is marked “coming soon”.

International Diamond Revenue Sharing Pool

GreatLife Worldwide takes 1% of company-wide sales volume and places it into an International Diamond Revenue Sharing Pool.

The International Diamond Revenue Sharing Pool is shared equally each month among all qualified International Diamonds.

Monthly Lifestyle Bonus

GreatLife Worldwide affiliates who generate set monthly GV targets receive a Monthly Lifestyle Bonus.

  • generate $5000 GV a month and receive $100
  • generate $10,000 GV a month and receive $200
  • generate $25,000 GV a month and receive $300
  • generate $50,000 GV a month and receive $500
  • generate $100,000 GV a month and receive $1000
  • generate $250,000 GV a month and receive $2500
  • generate $500,000 GV a month and receive $5000

Joining GreatLife Worldwide

GreatLife Worldwide affiliate membership is $49 and then $20 a month.

GreatLife Worldwide Conclusion

GreatLife Worldwide came to me as a suspected clone of Ben Glinsky’s LiveGood. Beyond the obvious LiveGood/GreatLife branding laziness, I can see why.

Both MLM companies charge a fee in exchange for a wholesale discount. While both companies likely operate as pyramid scheme (we’ll get into that in a bit), there is one key difference.

LiveGood affiliate membership is $40 and then $10 a month to remain a member (access to discounted products). There is a also a $10 a month retail customer option, which also provides access to discounts.

GreatLife Worldwide has no retail offering. Everyone signs up for $40 and then $20 a month, which “automatically qualifies you to earn commissions”. There is no discount product retail offering.

As opposed to suspecting the majority of LiveGood memberships being sold were to affiliates, making it a pyramid scheme, in GreatLife Worldwide things are much clearer.

GreatLife Worldwide is a pyramid scheme because why on Earth would anyone sign up as a retail customer when they can see a discount offered to affiliates?

Furthermore, we know GreatLife Worldwide’s products aren’t retail viable because American Dream Nutrition collapsed.

Some of GreatLife Worldwide’s product names have been changed but otherwise it’s the same range American Dream Nutrition stocked.

What prospective GreatLife Worldwide recruits can learn from LiveGood is the inevitable collapse and loss of money.

LiveGood launched in 2022 and initially was primarily active across the US.

Today LiveGood recruitment in the US has completely collapsed. LiveGood recruitment has entered the “bottom of the barrel” phase, scraping gullible victims in third-world countries.

As of December 2023, SimilarWeb tracked top sources of LiveGood website traffic as the Philippines (14%), Congo (14%), the Netherlands (10%), Russia (8%) and Canada (7%).

You think people in the Congo can’t buy supplements cheaper locally? Of course they can. What’s going on is they’re being recruited into a $40 and then $9.95 a month pyramid scheme.

Seeing as GreatLife Worldwide only launched a few weeks ago, I take it these figures on their website carry over from American Dream Nutrition.

82% of the people who have purchased GreatLife Worldwide products and services have done so as an Affiliate or customer.

18% of the people who purchase GreatLife Worldwide’s products or services do so because they joined to be an Affiliate and wanted to build a business and work toward making money.

From those two statements we can ascertain only 18% of American Dream Nutrition affiliates have made any money.

This comes at the expense of the other 82% of product/subscription purchases, an unknown percentage of which are retail customers.

Seeing as American Dream Nutrition was an autoship recruitment scheme, my money is on the undisclosed percentage of retail customers being negligible.

With retail guaranteed to be near non-existent in GreatLife Worldwide, we’re left with an obvious pyramid scheme. And this is reflected in GreatLife Worldwide’s own marketing.

$2866.50 Potential 12 Levels of Life Coach Matrix Pay – Plus $2477.00 (1 product) = $5323.50

If Your Downline Buys 2 Products Each (Nutritional or Digital) = $7,780.00

You earn more if they buy more than 1 product, Nutritional or Digital

Sign up as an affiliate, pay fees, continue to buy a token product each month and get paid to recruit others who do the same.

As with all MLM pyramid schemes, once affiliate recruitment dries up so too will commissions.

This will see those at the bottom of GreatLife Worldwide stop purchasing a token product each month, meaning those above them stop getting paid.

Once enough people stop paying, GreatLife Worldwide will collapse.

From LiveGood we can see that this type of pyramid model doesn’t collapse all at once. Instead, recruitment spreads from country to country until each one runs out of potential victims.

Nonetheless, across the life of any MLM pyramid, the majority of those recruited are guaranteed to lose money.