The Get7Up Terms and Conditions provides James Manning of 4dollar7up Sites as “company information”.

A residential address in the US state of Alabama is also provided.

Elsewhere on the internet James Manning (right) claims to have

more than 10 years of internet marketing experience with advertising sites, downline builders, list-builders and traffic exchanges.

Earlier this year Manning launched Emerald City Ads and Highway Mails, both collapsed recruitment schemes.

In May Manning also signed up to promote the Leased Ad Space cash gifting scheme.

Read on for a full review of the Get7Up MLM opportunity.

Get7Up Products

Get7Up has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market Get7Up affiliate membership itself.

Get7Up affiliate membership provides access to advertising services, which can be used to display advertising to other Get7Up affiliates.

The Get7Up Compensation Plan

Get7Up affiliates are paid to recruit new affiliates via a 1-up compensation structure.

A Get7Up affiliate signs up for $10 and proceeds to recruit other affiliates who do the same.

The first affiliate they recruit generates a $7 commission which is “passed up” to the affiliate who recruited them (first upline).

This includes and subsequently recruited affiliates by the passed up affiliate.

From the second recruited affiliate a $7 recruitment commission is paid out.

In turn, every second recruited affiliate onward must also “pass up” their first recruited affiliate (and the $7 commission).

This continues on to infinity, with every newly recruited affiliate generating a $7 commission for an existing Get7Up affiliate.

Joining Get7Up

Get7Up affiliate membership is $10.


With a few failed scams under his belt, James Manning is trying again with Get7Up.

No retail and 100% of commission tied to recruitment makes Get7Up a pyramid scheme.

Once affiliate recruitment dies down so too do commissions. The break-even point in Get7Up is three recruited affiliates (one can be indirectly recruited), which at any given time the majority of Get7Up affiliates are not going to have.

That means that when it collapses, the majority of Get7Up affiliates will lose money.