F2S Fund provides no credible information on its website about who owns or runs the company.

F2S Fund does provide a list of executives supposedly running the company, however these are a combination of stock photos and actors.

Two actors appear both on F2S Fund’s website and in their marketing videos; “Nick Wood” and “Michael Le”.

Wood is the more prominent of the two, appearing in more videos.

F2S Fund presents Wood as its Chief Coordinator.

In reality Wood doesn’t exist outside of F2S Fund’s marketing. He’s an actor shooting videos in front of a green screen.

Wood’s last appearance on F2S Fund’s official YouTube channel was three months ago.


Update 7th June 2021 – BehindMLM reader AntiMLM has done some digging and found a bunch of Nick Wood’s work online, predating F2S Fund.

AntiMLM’s research can be found below in the comments (#19). /end update


Alexa currently ranks Bangladesh as the only notable source of traffic to F2S Fund’s website (39%).

As always, if an MLM company is not openly upfront about who is running or owns it, think long and hard about joining and/or handing over any money.

F2S Fund’s Compensation Plan

F2S Fund affiliates invest $150 on the promise of a $55,680 ROI.

The exact payout structure isn’t disclosed but from the information provided we learn a few things.

First all F2S Fund affiliates are required to recruit two affiliates to qualify for payments.

This suggests F2S Fund is tracking ROI payments via a company-wide 2xx matrix (unlimited depth).

Next we can see that ROI payments are directly tied to affiliates placed into the matrix, either via direct or indirect recruitment:

Again, exact payments aren’t disclosed but given we know the total ROI paid out is $55,680, we can see that cross S1 to S13 40,000 recruits are required to generate the full ROI payout.

It’s unlikely that matrix payments are linear, however this comes to $1.39 per position filled.

Joining F2S Fund

F2S Fund affiliate membership is tied to a $150 buy-in.

$120 of this is used to pay existing F2S Fund affiliates, the remaining $30 is retained as an admin fee.


F2S Fund combines elements of a Ponzi and pyramid scheme, run by anonymous scammers.

F2S Fund satisfies Ponzi criteria by way of new $150 investments being the only verifiable source of revenue entering the company.

I did see the usual baloney about cryptocurrency trading on F2S Fund’s website, however no evidence is provided so these claims should be discarded.

The pyramid element is satisfied by way of constant recruitment required to generate aforementioned $150 investments.

Without recruitment there are no new $150 investments entering the system, leading to F2S Fund’s collapse.

In an attempt to justify its Ponzi scheme, F2S Fund refers to investment fraud as “crowdfunding”. This is a common technique used by scams.

What separates legitimate crowdfunding from MLM scams is that donations in legitimate crowdfunding aren’t made with strings attached.

In MLM schemes masquerading as crowdfunding, payments are made for the sold purpose of qualifying to receive payments from subsequently recruited participants.

Sometimes an extra step of adding some garbage to payments is added (ebooks, marketing tools, a token physical product etc.), however this doesn’t seem to be the case in F2S Fund.

As is typical of F2S Fund, it is the owner(s) who will receive the largest amount of invested funds. This happens two-fold, via a mandatory $30 admin fee and multiple admin positions placed on top of the company-wide matrix.

Early top recruiters will squabble over what’s left, ultimately leaving the majority of F2S Fund affiliates with a loss.

F2S Fund’s use of bitcoin further guarantees that recovery after its inevitable collapse will be next to impossible.


Update 24th November 2021 – F2S Fund has collapsed.

Withdrawals have been disabled and the company’s website has been pulled offline.