Emailconomy identifies Angel Michelangelo Lopez as owner of the company on its website.

Lopez is based out of Florida, which corresponds to a corporate address in Tampa provided in the footer of Emailconomy’s website.

Michelangelo Lopez (right) appears to have made a name for himself in Empower Network circa 2014.

By 2014 Empower Network was already in decline, but it wasn’t until 2017 that the company imploded entirely.

Since Empower Network Lopez has been pitching himself as an internet marketing coach. He also appears to have been promoting Valentus.

On his LinkedIn profile Lopez cites himself as the author of “The Art of Being Stupid Online”.

Alrighty then.

Read on for a full review of the Emailconomy MLM opportunity.

Emailconomy’s Products

Emailconomy has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market Emailconomy affiliate membership itself.

Emailconomy affiliate membership provides access to a various digital marketing materials.

Emailconomy’s Compensation Plan

Emailconomy affiliates sign up, pay fees and are paid to recruit others who do the same.

  • Inner Circle costs $500 and pays $200 per affiliate recruited who also buys Inner Circle
  • Diamond costs $1000 and pays $400 per affiliate recruited who also buys Diamond
  • Master costs $2500 and pays $1000 per affiliate recruited who also buys Master

Residual commissions are referred to as “team sales”, and appear to be commissions paid on purchases by affiliates recruited by those you recruit (your level 2).

  • Inner Circle team sales pay a $100 commission
  • Diamond team sales pay a $200 commission
  • Master team sales pay a $500 commission

Joining Emailconomy

Emailconomy affiliate membership costs $500 to $2500 payment.

The more an Emailconomy affiliate pays in membership fees, the higher their income potential.


Emailconomy presents itself as a simple pyramid scheme, with a mail spam marketing backend.

100% of commissions paid out by Emailconomy are tied to recruitment, which makes anything bundled with participation fees irrelevant.

Seeing as what is bundled is marketing focused though, I wanted to draw attention to Emailconomy’s recommend marketing strategy.

LISTEN!!! Here’s the absolute KEY to your success in Direct Mail.

You don’t go wasting your profits on some Tahiti vacation trip or some expensive purse or watch. You ramp up your business.

Order 5,000 letters now!

Sending out spam in the mail and hoping people who don’t know any better sign up.

Putting aside that using the mail to promote pyramid schemes in illegal in the US, would you take an unsolicited pitch asking for up to $2500 seriously?

I can only imagine the quality tier the rest of Emailconomy’s bundled marketing comes in at.

As to the content of the sent out mail spam, expect the usual disingenuous spam that pyramid scheme scammers come up with:

Is this business legal?

Yes, absolutely. The Education direct sales industry has been around for decades.

Irrespective of the legal status of “education direct sales”, there’s nothing legal about pyramid schemes with no retail.

As with all MLM pyramid schemes, Emailconomy will chug along until recruitment is exhausted.

When that happens the scheme collapses, leaving the majority of participants with a loss.