There is no information on the Edelweiss5 website indicating who owns or runs the business.

A Bundesrepublik Deutschland incorporation certificate for TI. Edelweiss GmbH is provided. The certificate lists Dietrich Hildebrand as the sole Director of the company.

The date of incorporation certificate is May 12th, 2015. This is suspicious as the Edelweiss5 website domain was only registered on April 4th, 2016.

The Edelweiss5 domain is privately registered and provided no information about who is running the company.

Outside of the incorporation certificate, there’s also no information connecting Hildebrand to Edelweiss5.

Of note is Dietrech von Hildebrand was a well-known German Roman Catholic philosopher and theologian. So there’s a good chance that Edelweiss5’s Dietrech Hildebrand doesn’t actually exist.

Marketing videos on the official Edelweiss5 website are in Russian. Posts on the official Edelweiss5 Facebook profile are also a mix of English and Russian.

Funnily enough, if you punch “Edelweiss5” into Google the company is described as an “investment service in Kiev, Ukraine”.

All of this suggests that whoever is actually running the company is of Russian or Ukraine origin.

There’s one video in English that has a guy who calls himself Phil something claim to be the Edelweiss5 CEO. The video has footage of the guy awkwardly walking in front of various green screen renewable energy stock footage.

No information about Phil is provided on the Edelweiss5 website.

As always, if an MLM company is not openly upfront about who is running or owns it, think long and hard about joining and/or handing over any money.

The Edelweiss5 Product Line

Edelweiss5 has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market Edelweiss5 affiliate membership itself.

The Edelweiss5 Compensation Plan

Edelweiss5 affiliates invest $50 or more on the promise of a 0.5% to 3% daily ROI for 365 days.

Referral commissions are availableĀ on funds invested by downline affiliates, paid out down two levels of recruitment (unilevel):

  • investor affiliates earn 5% on level 1 (personally recruited affiliates) and 2% on level 2
  • representative affiliates (invest $1000 or more) earn 7% on level 1 and 3% on level 2

Joining Edelweiss5

Edelweiss5 affiliate membership is tied to a minimum $50 investment.

Joining Edelweiss5

There’s a lot of mumbo jumbo on the Edelweiss5 website about renewable energy.

The company claims to generate ROI revenue via wind turbines;

Our wind turbines contain unique science technologies and differ from others by competitive price.

Guaranteed lifetime of the support hubs and unsupported hubs on the neodymium magnets, ceramic bearings and composite impellers is 10 years in compliance with the procedural requirements of the conditions of maintenance and operation.

Tesla’s Powerwall and selling electric power to “large industrial facilities” also get a mention.

Of course no proof of any of these claims are provided.

Edelweiss5’s claims also fail to pass a simple logic test.

If the company was able to legitimately generate a passive 0.5% to 3% daily ROI, why do they need affiliate investment for? Why share guaranteed profits with affiliates in the first place?

In reality the only identifiable source of revenue entering Edelweiss5 is affiliate investment. The use of which to pay a 365 day ROI with makes Edelweiss5 a Ponzi scheme.

As with all Ponzi schemes once new affiliate investment runs out Edelweiss5 will collapse.

The 365 maturity period for Edelweiss5 investment means affiliates are unlikely to realize there’s no money left until it’s too late.

Even at 0.5% a day, Edelweiss will generate a ROI liability equal to roughly 175% of what is actually invested.

Alexa traffic statistics show an uptick of traffic to the Edelweiss5 website in June, 2016. That means the Ponzi is roughly 6 months in.

Using a conservative estimate of 0.5% * 182 days (91%), initial investment deposits are likely to exceed a 100% ROI over the next few months.

With the system running at a definite reserve deficit beyond that, a collapse is inevitable.