D&L Goodybag was co-founded by David Ogunshola and his wife Bukola in August, 2014.

The company operates out of Nigeria and is a

subsidiary of Daveshoope Goodybag LTD, a Company registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission with RC number 1416418.

On his Facebook profile, Ogunshola (right) claims he

help(s) people discover where they fit in God’s Mission.

I am a Mobilizer & BAM Entrepreneur.

Whether Ogunshola has any MLM experience prior to D&L Goodybag is unclear.

Read on for a full review of the D&L Goodybag MLM opportunity.

D&L Goodybag Products

D&L Goodybag has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market D&L Goodybag affiliate membership itself.

The D&L Goodybag Compensation Plan

D&L Goodybag affiliates pay a N1000 NGN fee ($2.75) and are paid to recruit others who do the same.

D&L Goodybag pay recruitment commissions via a 5×4 matrix.

A 5×4 matrix places a D&L Goodybag affiliate at the top of a matrix, with five positions directly under them:

These five positions form the first level of the matrix.

The second level of the matrix is generated by splitting these five positions into another five positions each (25 positions).

Levels three and four of the matrix are generated in the same manner and house 25 and 125 positions respectively.

Commissions are paid when each level of the matrix is filled, via direct and indirect recruitment of D&L Goodybag affiliates.

  • level 1 – N1000 NGN ($2.75 USD) plus a kitchen or beverage goody bag (see below)
  • level 2 – N3750 NGN ($10.30 USD)
  • level 3 – N12,500 NGN (34.40 USD)
  • level 4 – N31,250 NGN ($86 USD)

D&L Goodybag’s beverage goodybag contains ‘milk, Milo, cereal (Corn Flakes or Golden Morn), sugar, spaghetti, detergent, dish washer, toilet paper, Nutri-C, toothpaste, noodles and more goodies.

The kitchen goodybag contains ‘5 KG rice, 1kg semovita or wheat, spaghetti, cooking oil, noodles, tin tomatoes, seasoning cubes, detergent, dish washer/hand washer,  salt, firesticks, and other exciting goodies.


D&L Goodybag affiliates are rewarded when they fill levels 2 and 4 of their matrix.

Once level 2 of the matrix is filled one of the following rewards can be chosen:

  • hair clipper
  • hair dryer
  • sandwich toaster
  • Nokia phone

Once level 4 of the matrix is filled one of the following rewards can be chosen:

  • 32″ plasma TV
  • 4 burner gas oven
  • medium-sized generator
  • laptop
  • refrigerator

Jumbo Bag

A few weeks ago D&L Goodybag introduced a new “Jumbo Bag” matrix tier.

Positions in the Jumbo Bag tier are N3000 NGN ($8.25 USD)

The Jumbo Bag tier utilises the same 5×5 matrix compensation structure, adding an additional fifth level with 625 positions.

Commissions in the Jumbo Bag tier are paid out once each matrix level is filled as follows:

  • level 1 – N1500 NGN ($4.10 USD) plus a Jumbo Bag (see below)
  • level 2 – N7500 NGN ($20.60 USD)
  • level 3 – N37,500 NGN ($103.15 USD)
  • level 4 – N187,500 NGN ($515.80 USD)
  • level 5 – N937,000 NGN ($2577.70 USD)

D*L Goodybag’s Jumbo Bags contain ‘rice (10kg), semo/wheat (2kg), macaroni/spaghetti, 70g noodles, tin tomatoes, Maggi (star/knorr), Nutri C/Citrus, 225ml Morning Fresh, salt, 1 matches pack of 10,bottle of groundnut oil, detergent, milk, Milo, Corn flakes/Golden Morn, sugar, toothpaste, pack of sweets, jumbo tissue paper, custard (small), beans (2kg), Gaari (2.5kg), geisha/sardine, butter/jam/mayonnaise, Oxford Cabin biscuit and many more goodies.

Joining D&L Goodybag

D&L Goodybag affiliate membership costs N1000 NGN ($2.75 USD).

If an affiliate wishes to participate in the Jumbo Bag matrix tier, an additional N3000 NGN fee is payable ($8.25 USD).


Under the guise of “claiming goodybags”, D&L Goodybag operates as a pyramid scheme.

D&L Goodybag affiliates pay a fee and are paid to recruit others who do the same. Nothing is marketed or sold to retail customers, with 100% of the company’s revenue sourced from affiliates.

This makes D&L Goodybag a pyramid scheme.

Pseudo-compliance will probably see the company and its affiliates claim the goodybags means D&L Goodybag has a product and isn’t a pyramid scheme, but in reality the bags are irrelevant pseudo-compliance.

Instead of paying affiliates a full lump sum in cash, the bags are a combined recruitment commission on level 1 of each matrix.

As with all pyramid schemes, once affiliate recruitment dies down so too will commissions paid out.

This will see D&L Goodybag’s matrices stall, resulting in the majority of affiliates losing money.