Alagenex provides no information on its website about who owns or runs the company.

The only executive named by Alagenex is Chief Marketing Officer, Pavol Krkoska.

Two Alagenex corporate addresses are also provided, both in Slovakia.

Alagenex’s website domain (“”) was privately registered back in 2015.

As always, if an MLM company is not openly upfront about who is running or owns it, think long and hard about joining and/or handing over any money.

Alagenex’s Products

Alagenex make a big deal about Alaptide, a key ingredient in all of their products.

Alaptide is a very small, biologically active substance capable of activating regenerative processes in human body.

On their website Alagenex claim Alaptide

  • increases collagen production
  • heals gastric ulcers
  • regenerates skin, hair, nails
  • slows aging
  • enhances brain functions
  • suppresses allergies
  • eliminates allergic reactions
  • boosts the immune system
  • restores skin after burns and bruises
  • improves healing after surgical procedures
  • has beneficial effects on internal organs
  • helps treat skin diseases and bedsores
  • promotes correct functioning of the nervous system
  • protects from lifestyle diseases (???)
  • regulates oncoprotein levels
  • fights viruses and
  • treats bleeding gums and inflammation

No medical studies are provided to back any of Alagenex’s claims.

Alagenex market a range of health and wellness products that contain Alaptide:

  • Casket Alagenex – “contains all the right nutrients for the cells”
  • Alaskin&Care regenerating gel with Alaptide – “provides excellent care for damaged skin”
  • Alaskin&Care hydrating gel with Alaptide – “your hands can be soft and smooth even if the skin is overstrained”
  • Alaskin&Care regenerating day cream with Alaptide – “provides sufficient nutrition for the skin”
  • Alaskin&Care regenerating night cream with Alaptide – “appropriate cell nourishment thanks to alaptide in harmony with the highest quality natural ingredients promotes cell restoration, which helps smooth out wrinkles”

Alagenex do not provide retail pricing for any of their products.

Alagenex’s Compensation Plan

Alagenex affiliates purchase €400 EUR worth of products to qualify for commissions.

Commissions are paid out across two levels of recruitment: 20% on level 1 (personally recruited affiliates) and 10% on level 2.

Alagenex’s website does state that there is “payment of commissions up to 10th level” and “6 types of commissions paid up to 54%”, however only the two-level commission structure above is detailed.

Joining Alagenex

The only cost associated with Alagenex affiliate membership appears to be a €400 EUR product order.


In doing some quick research an Alaptide, it seems to have been around for thirty years or so.

The only medical use for Alaptide I came across was as a transdermal penetration modifier. I.e. it helps other actual medicine penetrate the skin better.

Oh and apparently if you give it to rats they’ll sniff the floor more (Nobel prize when?).

Short of making them up, I have no idea where Alagenex are getting their medical claims from.

I did note a bunch of testimonials on their website. I sincerely hope Alagenex haven’t put together their list of Alaptide medical benefits based on testimonials.

In any event, as far as I can tell no regulator has approved Alaptide for the treatment and cure uses Alagenex are marketing for.

There are Alaptide patent documents provided on Alagenex’s website for several jurisdictions, but that’s not the same as approval for medical use.

Oh and speaking of marketing…

Alaskin&Care hydrating gel with Alaptide – Hands are the first thing we notice about someone, let us give them the care they deserve.

Uh, who are these people walking around staring at people’s hands?

Yeah you’ll probably eventually notice someone’s hands if there’s something wrong with them, but I don’t recall ever focusing on someone’s hands first.

I hope there aren’t Alagenex affiliates running around parroting that marketing spiel (and if there are, please let there be recordings).

Moving on to Alagenex’s compensation plan, the company cannabalizes retail customers based on how much they order.

Spend €400 EUR, congratulations you’re now an affiliate.

This lends itself to Alagenex being a product-based pyramid scheme, of which “pay to play” is a typical foundation.

Recommend your family and friends what you personally believe in and are satisfied with.

Make money on every purchase within your structure and enable others to build passive income.

You buy €400 EUR worth of products and recruit others who do the same. Hence no need for retail pricing on Alagenex’s website.

Between the faceless corporate image, unsubstantiated medical claims and lack of retail focus, Alagenex’s MLM opportunity leaves a lot to be desired.