2SL-start-living-logo2SL Start Living operate in the travel MLM niche, with the company claiming on its website to be

headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas (and) incorporated both in the United States and Colombia.

James Ward is credited as the CEO and co-founder of 2SL Start Living, with H. Smári Gröndal and Gudmundur S. Jonsson also credited as co-founders of the company.

james-ward-ceo-founder-ibizwaveJames Ward (right) first popped up on BehindMLM’s radar in 2010, as the CEO of LGN Prosperity.

LGN Prosperity marketed travel vouchers, with each voucher generating a position in a matrix 2×2 cycler.

Vouchers could be purchased by affiliates or retail customers, with affiliates paid $600 when all six positions of the matrix they were in were filled.

Following months of affiliates not getting paid, in mid 2011 LGN Prosperity morphed into LGN International.

This name-change brought on the addition of commissions paid on travel services booked through LGN.

LGN International eventually collapsed in mid to late 2013, with Ward heading up iBizWave as CEO and co-founder in early 2014.

During the launch of iBizWave, Ward declared:

iBizWave will greatly surpass what was accomplished with LGN, and change tens of thousands of lives along the way.

iBizWave combined a matrix binary hybrid compensation plan, with an online “marketing software platform”.

iBizWave’s platform appeared to be mostly powered by WordPress, which left a question mark over the retail viability of their $50 to $750 packages.

Ward himself referred to affiliates buying into iBizWave as a “$675 investment”.

The iBizWave website is still online today (rebranded to “MyBiz Toolbox” at some point), however Alexa traffic estimates suggest the opportunity has long since collapsed.

A year and a half later after iBizWave’s launch sees Ward return to the travel niche with 2SL Start Living.

The question: Is retail actually viable in 2SL Start Living, or is this yet another recruitment-driven matrix opportunity?

Read on for a full review of the 2SL Start Living MLM business opportunity.

The 2SL Start Living Product Line

2SL Start Living affiliate membership provides access to “three condo booking portals” and a “hotel and resort booking portal”.

These portals are operated by independent third-parties, with 2SL Start Living not disclosing any company names on their website.

Travel services are bookable through these third-party portals, however 2SL Start Living only market and sell 2SL Start Living affiliate membership itself.

The 2SL Start Living Compensation Plan

The 2SL Start Living compensation plan pays affiliates to sell travel services through a replicated portal.

The MLM side of he business sees 2SL Start Living pay affiliates to sell “Lifestyle Packages”, with commissions paid the same on recruited affiliate and retail customer purchases.

Travel Commissions

Each 2SL Start Living affiliate is given a replicated travel portal.

If any travel is booked through this portal, either by retail customers or the affiliate themselves, any commissions generated are paid to the affiliate.

Note that these are commissions paid out by third-parties and are not part of the 2SL Start Living MLM side of the business.

Package Commissions

When a 2SL Start Living affiliate sells a Lifestyle Package to either a recruited affiliate or retail customer, they earn a commission.

How much of a commission is paid out is determined by how much is spent on the Lifestyle Package:

  • Lifestyle Package ($50 and then $30 a month) – $12.50
  • Ultimate Lifestyle Package ($397 and then $30 a month) – $100

Note that there is a 100% matching bonus on Package commissions earned by personally recruited affiliates.

In order to qualify for the matching bonus, a 2SL Start Living affiliate must recruit three affiliates.

Residual Commissions

Residual commissions in 2SL Start Living are paid out via a binary compensation structure.

A binary compensation structure places an affiliate at the top of a binary team, split into two sides (left and right).


Positions in the binary are filled when Lifestyle Packages are purchased by recruited affiliates or retail customers, with each package sale generating sales volume points.

A Lifestyle Package sale generates 10 BV and an Ultimate Lifestyle Package sale generates 75 BV.

Commissions are paid using a matching volume system, paying $10 per 25 BV matched on either side of the binary team.

Note that if total binary commissions paid out in any given pay period exceeds 75% of total revenue, 2SL Start Living will reduce the binary cycle rate.

Subscription Commissions (Binary)

Both 2SL Start Living Lifestyle Packages have a $30 a month subscription fee.

Payment of this fee pays out through the binary compensations structure detailed above, with $10 paid per monthly subscription fee matched on either side of the binary.

As with regular binary commissions, if the total subscription commission payout exceed 75% of total revenue in any given pay period, the subscription fee commission rate will be adjusted.

Binary Matching Bonus

2SL Start Living affiliates earn a 10% matching bonus on binary commissions earned by their personally recruited affiliates.

This includes both subscription and package sale binary commissions.

Note that in order to qualify for the Binary Matching Bonus, a 2SL Start Living affiliate must generate and maintain three active monthly subscriptions under them (these can be recruited affiliates or retail customers).

Rank Bonus

Based on total Lifestyle Package sales, 2SL Start Living affiliates are able to earn the following Rank Bonuses:

  • 2 Star (sell and maintain 3 active packages and have 40 active subscription payments in your binary team) = $100
  • 3 Star (maintain 3 active packages and have 200 active subscription payments in your binary team) = $250
  • 4 Star (maintain 4 active packages and have 300 active subscription payments in your binary team) = $500
  • Super Star (maintain 5 active packages and have 400 active subscription payments in your binary team) = $1000
  • Regional Star (maintain 5 active packages and have 500 active subscription payments in your binary team) = $2000
  • National Star (maintain 5 active packages and have 1000 active subscription payments in your binary team) = $3000
  • Presidential Star (maintain 6 active packages and have 2000 active subscription payments in your binary team) = $5000
  • Ambassador Star (maintain 7 active packages and have 3000 active subscription payments in your binary team = $10,000
  • Royal Ambassador (maintain 8 active packages and have 4000 active subscription payments in your binary team) = $20,000
  • Crown Ambassador (maintain 10 active packages and have 5000 active subscription payments in your binary team) = $50,000

Note that an active package is one whose owner continues to pay the $30 a month subscription fee (can be a recruited affiliate or retail customer).

Leadership Bonus

The Leadership Bonus is made up of 7.5% of 2SL Start Living’s company-wide sales revenue.

This 7.5% is split into five bonus pools, which are allocated as per a 2SL Start Living affiliate’s rank (see Rank Bonus above for qualification criteria):

  • National Star – one share in a 0.5% pool
  • Presidential Star – one share in a 1% pool
  • Ambassador Star – one share in a 1.5% pool
  • Royal Ambassador – one share in a 2% pool
  • Crown Ambassador – one share in a 2.5% pool

Joining 2SL Start Living

Affiliate membership with 2SL Start Living requires payment of a $19.95 annual fee and Lifestyle Package purchase:

  • Lifestyle Package – $50
  • Ultimate Lifestyle Package – $397

The primary difference between these packages is bundled travel portals and income potential (see review conclusion below).


Although 2SL Start Living is a travel opportunity, it is somewhat different from LGN Prosperity.

An ongoing subscription fee has been added (to keep funds rolling into the system) and booking has been expanded beyond the LGN travel card.

The problem of retail viability however remains.

The notion that retail customers are going to pay $50 or $397 and then $30 a month for access to travel discounts makes little sense.

Throw in an income opportunity however, and it could very well serve as a front for what is otherwise a chain-recruitment scheme.

The danger as such is that the only people buying 2SL Start Living packages and paying $30 a month are affiliates.

A package purchase is required of all 2SL Start Living affiliates, further compounding the likelihood of this.

Also not helping is the current Team Builder Bonus promotion 2SL Start Living are running, which sees affiliates paid $2400 if they sign up three affiliates on the ultimate package and then those three affiliates sign up another three ultimate packages affiliates each.

This is not going to do anything for retail customer numbers, with there also not being any retail sales qualifiers elsewhere in 5SL Start Living’s compensation plan.

This was the case with LGN Prosperity, with a lack of retail viability the primary reason the scheme collapsed (affiliate recruitment only goes so far).

As a prospective 2SL Start Living affiliate, sussing out the retail viability of the travel portals is easy enough.

Just ask your potential upline how many retail subscriptions they currently have and compare that to their affiliate subscriptions.

If the ratio is heavily in favor of affiliate subscriptions, or worse still retail is all but absent, then you’re pretty much looking at a chain-recruitment scheme.

These types of businesses implode when affiliate recruitment slows down, resulting in the majority of participants failing to recoup their affiliate expenses (initial package + monthly fees).

We’ve already seen this play out twice now with LGN Prosperity and iBizWave and it doesn’t end well.

Given the evident complete lack of retail focus within the 5SL Start Living business model, approach with caution.