1x2-marketing-suite-logo1×2 Marketing Suite recently launched, with the company’s terms and conditions suggesting it is based out of Michigan in the US.

In a 1×2 Marketing Suite promotional video on the company website, Dwayne Golden introduces himself as CEO.

dwayne-golden-owner-blue-bird-bidsGolden (right) first popped up on BehindMLM’s radar in connection with Blue Bird Bids.

Blue Bird Bids launched in late 2012 and was a clone of the Zeek Rewards MLM penny auction Ponzi scheme.

By January 2013 the scheme was on the verge of collapse, amid claims auction bots were being used to generate false bids.

In 2014 Golden surfaced as the CEO of Ingreso Cybernetico.

Ingreso Cybernetico operate a five-tier matrix cycler. Affiliates pay $50 to $3500 for matrix positions, with recruitment of affiliates who do the same paying ROIs of up to $10,000.

Today Ingreso Cybernetico is still in operation, primarily targeting South American countries.

Read on for a full review of the 1×2 Marketing Suite MLM opportunity.

The 1×2 Marketing Suite Product Line

1×2 Marketing Suite has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market 1×2 Marketing Suite affiliate membership itself.

Bundled with 1×2 Marketing Suite is access to an online marketing suite.

Basic ($100)

  • Easy Social Poster
  • Post to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn
  • RSS Publisher
  • Twitter Who Unfollowed Me
  • Mobile Website Builder
  • Add and Manage Forms

Manager ($300)

  • Drag and Drop Page Builder
  • Sleek, Modern Templates
  • Easy Integrations
  • Built In Image Editor
  • Copywriting Library
  • Custom Domains Feature

Executive Director ($500)

  • Funnel Builder
  • Share Codes and Import
  • Add Your Products
  • Create Coupons
  • Invite Affiliates
  • Adaptive Payments

The 1×2 Marketing Suite Compensation Plan

The 1×2 Marketing Suite compensation plan sees affiliates purchase $100 to $500 1×2 matrix positions.

A 1×2 matrix position places an affiliate at the top of a matrix, with two positions directly under them.


Positions in the matrix are filled via direct and indirect recruitment of affiliates. Commissions are paid each time the two empty positions in the matrix are filled (referred to as a “cycle”).

How much of a cycle commission is paid out is determined by what marix tier an affiliate cycles out of.

  • Basic (positions cost $100) – $30 cycle commission ($35 if on Smart Order) and position cycles into another Basic matrix
  • Manager (positions cost ($300) – $90 cycle commission ($105 if on Smart Order) and position cycles into another Manager matrix
  • Executive Director (positions cost $500) – $150 cycle commission ($175 if on Smart Order) and position cycles into another Executive Director matrix

Note that “Smart Order” qualification requires a 1×2 Marketing Suite affiliate to be active in Ingreso Cybernetico ($25 a month).

In order to qualify for commissions, 1×2 Marketing Suite affiliates who aren’t Smart Order qualified must recruit at least one new affiliate every 180 days.

Referral commissions are paid out when personally recruited affiliates and their recruited affiliates (2 levels) cycle out their matrices as follows:

  • Basic – $10 per level 1 or level 2 downline affiliate cycle ($15 if on Smart Order)
  • Manager – $30 per level 1 or level 2 downline affiliate cycle ($45 if on Smart Order)
  • Executive Director – $50 per level 1 or level 2 downline affiliate cycle ($75 if on Smart Order)

Fast Start & Performance Bonuses

The Fast Start Bonus is a recruitment commission, paid out when a 1×2 Marketing Suite affiliate recruits their first two affiliates at any matrix tier:

  • Basic – $10 ($15 if on Smart Order)
  • Manager – $30 ($45 if on Smart Order)
  • Executive Director – $50 ($75 if on Smart Order)

The same payments are made again as a Performance Bonus, once an affiliate has recruited four affiliates at any tier.

Joining 1×2 Marketing Suite

Affiliate membership with 1×2 Marketing Suite is tied to the purchase of at least one matrix position ($50 to $500).

Access to the entire 1×2 Marketing Suite compensation plan requires payment of $850.

Cybernetico Ingreso affiliate membership is required to earn higher commission rates in 1×2 Marketing Suite, requiring payment of an additional $25 a month.


1×2 Marketing Suite appears to have been launched in order to address recruitment slowing down at Ingreso Cybernetico.

As per a 1×2 Marketing Suite promotional video featuring Dwayne Golden;

This is not about Ingreso Cybernetico. The only thing connecting this to Ingreso Cybernetico is we wanted to allow our members to join it first. That’s why we gave time for our (Ingreso Cynbernetico) members to join it, till today.

We wanted the advantage to go to our (Ingreso Cybernetico) members so they could first to start generating money.

No one has been able to recruit from the outside, until today.

The nature of a matrix cycler sees those who join first complete the majority of cycles. The above confirms 1×2 Marketing Suite is preloaded with positions held by Ingreso Cyberntico affiliates, with the idea that the general public will generate revenue for commissions going forward.

roi-payouts-1x2-marketing-suiteThe problem is that 1×2 Marketing Suite operates as a three-tier matrix cycler Ponzi. You invest $50, $300 or $500, with an advertised ROI paid out once two affiliates have been recruited.

Indirect recruitment also pays out, with the Fast Start and Performance Bonus acting as recruitment incentives.

In other words, 1×2 Marketing Site is a Ponzi scheme with an additional pyramid layer to encourage recruitment.

The attached marketing suite is neither here nor there. It’s not available for sale to retail customers and serves only as pseudo compliance for the income opportunity.

As with all Ponzi schemes, once recruitment dies down cycling will grind to halt. Every bonus paid out by 1×2 Marketing Suite relies on cycling so a lack of new affiliates buying commissions will instantly stall it.

Unfortunately due to the math behind such schemes, most 1×2 Marketing Suite affiliates will lose money. A simple way to look at it is every commission paid out in 1×2 Marketing Suite is someone else (usually a newly recruited affiliate) losing money.

Furthermore, should regulators investigate and decide to hold affiliates accountable for promoting a Ponzi scheme – you’re on your own.


Obviously if it comes to that 1×2 Marketing Suite will have bigger problems than you holding them accountable, but it’s there in their terms and conditions nonetheless.

Typically 1×2 cyclers see people get paid initially, before collapsing within a few weeks or months at best. 1×2 Marketing Suite won’t be any different, except it’ll probably drag Ingreso Cybernetico down with it.

The fact that they’ve had to launch a feeder however, likely means Ingreso Cybernetico recruitment is already on the decline anyway.